Homelink question

Homelink question

Greetings Tesla Family!

Currently, I live in a condo with a garage. I’d love to use homelink to open the door. However, upon examination of the lift unit...there doesn’t seem to be a learn button. My question is can I still program my car to open the door? If so how? Thanks in advance!

CASEMAN | December 16, 2018

Have you read the manual? Seems there is a way to try and program without using a learn button. Mine was super easy to program but I did have to buy a repeater for the Homelink to work. It's an awesome feature. Hope it works for you.

coleAK | December 16, 2018

If it dosnt have a learn button it isn’t revolving code. So you may only have to do step 1. Have you tried programming it yet?

gmr6415 | December 17, 2018

Find out the manufacturer of the garage door opener and go to Homelink's web site for (1) to see if it is compatible. (2) how to set it up.