Horrible Service Response

Horrible Service Response

While I love my Model 3, the response of Tesla to several issues has been very poor. When I took delivery, there was a paint burr on the front bumper, and as I was rushed out of the showroom because they had to contend with other deliveries they told me to schedule service. Unfortunately, when I try to do so on the website, I get an error message. Despite numerous phone calls and promises of follow up, etc, I have received very little - yet I'm stuck with a new car that has this and other manufacturing flaws. Any one have an idea as to how to get in touch with someone who can execute?

Magic 8 Ball | December 6, 2018

Sounds horrible.

zyuaninc | December 6, 2018


Here is some advice based on my experience working in Customer support of an engineering firm.

First of all, by buying the first patch of Model 3, you choose to accept the risk of some manufacturing defects and issues.

Second, you need to identify the importance of these flaws and rank them. Choose which one you are willing to accept and which one are not. My car also have some flaws, and I choose to accept (or willing to accept if Tesla couldn't do anything about it) some.

Third, if you think this paint flaw on the bumper is "absolute" need to be corrected. You need to contact Tesla via phone and e-mail. Put something in writing if they couldn't respond right now. Typically from what I've heard, if the paint issue is big, Tesla will repainted for you. If it is not big, that's an arguable place. Also go ahead schedule an service appointment, and get an official respond from Tesla Service.

Reason is, after delivery, sales and delivery department no longer handles your service request anymore. You need to contact the service department, and get an official response from them.

Last, be patient, enjoy the car.

I hope my perspective helps.

jjt2122 | December 6, 2018

Look at how I received my Tesla at delivery,
But Tesla Service was awesome!! They fixed EVERYTHING that was wrong from paint to my turn signal stall being defective.
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