hot spot vs premium connectivity

hot spot vs premium connectivity

My Premium connectivity is expiring, I tried during a drive to acces WIFI connecting to my phone Hot Spot, but it was not possible even to start WIFI, till my car was parked

Is there a procedure to activate WIFI during the drive? or I am obliged to pay ...?

thanks renato

redacted | June 20, 2020

I'm curious, what benefit would it have? You still won't get maps or traffic or streaming...

EVRider | June 20, 2020

The car automatically disconnects from WiFi when you switch into gear, but you can touch the LTE icon and reconnect to WiFi. Just be aware that without Premium Connectivity, you will lose certain features — see this page for details:

rxlawdude | June 20, 2020

@EV, the question was regarding using a hotspot. Effectively, the only thing you lose are the traffic maps. Streaming, including video, is available through a hotspot.

It is a bit inconvenient having to manually turn on WiFi while driving, but it's a totally viable alternative to PC.

franzellin | June 20, 2020

@rxlawdude If I touch the LTE icon during the drive it says that WIFI is off and I cannot switch it ON, only in PARK mode. It looks like that Tesla blocks the possibility to use HOTSPOTS during the drive... but perhaps there is a way to activate wifi during a drive

SCCRENDO | June 20, 2020

I often hotspot to my phone particularly to download updates. Click on the LTE. I sometimes have to open my iPhone and enter the hotspot settings to get it to work

EVRider | June 20, 2020

@franzellin: It isn't true that WiFi is blocked unless you're in park. Other people have done what I suggested in my previous reply in order to use their hotspots while driving. Maybe your phone's hotspot wasn't active when you tried.

EVRider | June 20, 2020

@rxlawdude: You also lose the satellite map view without Premium, even if you use WiFi. That might matter to some people.

SamO | June 20, 2020


Per the link above:

Live Traffic Visualization - ✓
Satellite-View Maps - ✓

are available only with Premium Connectivity. All other features are accessible via wifi.

Video Streaming* - ✓
Caraoke* - ✓
Music Streaming* - ✓
Internet Browser* - ✓

franzellin | June 21, 2020

ok, thanks I retry

HeinekenMS100D | June 21, 2020

You own a Tesla, why wouldn't you just buy the connectivity? Do you really want to manually connect to a mobile hotspot every time you drive? Really?

reed_lewis | June 21, 2020

Considering how much I paid for the car, and how much my time is worth, I just pay the $10 a month for the connectivity. I like the fact that it 'just works' and I do not have to do anything. That is worth $10 a month for me!

Just do not go to Starbuck for 2-3 days, or smoke one less pack of cigs, or do not buy a few bottles of water.

It is always amazing to me how people hem and haw over $10 a month yet spend 10-20 times that on small purchases each month.

redacted | June 21, 2020

Since I don't require live traffic or satellite maps, if I didn't have it grandfathered, I wouldn't likely pay the $10. If maps required it, I'd have to pay.

I tested with 2020.20.12 and I was able to switch to my hotspot while driving. Almost hit that old lady though ;^)

SCCRENDO | June 21, 2020

The only reason I have to hotspot is in areas of poor reception when my phone reception is far better. This dos not happen often. At home or at homes where I am on wifi my car connects to wifi. And for downloading updates wifi is needed and I will often switch to wifi to download it on my home from the office

barrykmd | June 21, 2020

It's a shame Tesla has adopted the nickel and dime you to death model like the airlines, rather than continuing to include it. We know the warm feelings everyone has for airlines.

Tldickerson | June 21, 2020


akikiki | June 21, 2020

redacted | June 21, 2020
...I tested with 2020.20.12 and I was able to switch to my hotspot while driving. Almost hit that old lady though ;^)

That likely would cost you most than the $10 a month.

franzellin | June 21, 2020

You are right, 10 eur per month do not change a life and I do not need to change something already good working, but I have already 3 mobilephone lines with a lot of data and disturbs me a little to pay other 10 eur for datas
I do not need spotify and I just want to check first if the speedtest in Tesla is better with the Tesla Carrier or my phone carrier. Once the Premium expires I check 1 or 2 days the hotspot version and afterwards I choose...

HeinekenMS100D | June 21, 2020

If its like my carrier in the US, you may have limitations on your mobile hotspot data. My carrier starts to throttle bandwidth once I hit a certain amount of data. Again, just easier to pay the 10eur. Skip a coffee or two and you'll be thankful you did..

EVRider | June 21, 2020

@barrykmd: I don't think it's fair to accuse Tesla of nickel and dime-ing us for Premium Connectivity. Even without that, you still get free internet access, navigation, and streaming, which most automakers charge extra for (usually up front in an option package).

akikiki | June 21, 2020

And its surely not just $10 a month.

SCCRENDO | June 21, 2020

If you can afford a Tesla you can afford $10 a month. It’s worth just paying it for the convenience. I have never understood people that spend a fortune on items and then inconvenience themselves to save a few dollars. Comparing Tesla to airlines is disingenuous. Airlines charge you $25 for internet for the flight and used to charge something like that for phone calls. These are the same people who call peanuts or pretzels a snack

reed_lewis | June 21, 2020

The service costs Tesla money. That is a given and I defy anyone to tell me that Tesla does not have to pay AT&T for the service. For cars that were purchased before a certain date, Tesla is still giving you free connectivity, including the ability to watch Netflix in the car!

For me $10 a month is hardly worth worrying about. Again, look at what you spend on other things, and you will realize how much money you spend on things that end up costing a lot more than $10 a month!

The convenience for me is simply worth it. Considering I drive at least twice a day, and I would have to connect to my phone at ;east ~100 times a month, even if it took 10 seconds to do that is 1000 seconds which is almost 17 minutes. I can make more than $10 in 17 minutes doing consulting. My time is worth money!

EVRider | June 22, 2020

You can take the $10 from the gasoline budget you no longer need. :-)

franzellin | June 24, 2020

I just checked again, and effectively I was able to use WIFI hot spot during the drive, I also made a SpeedTest with both services , my personal HotSpot and the KPN one( here in europe is the Internet Provider of Tesla) and both are perfectly equivalent, the roaming of KPN works perfectly.
I think after all that despite the fact that hot spot works, it is simpler to pay the 10 eur and not think about...

SCCRENDO | June 24, 2020


pluturi | June 28, 2020

It was a bit of a pain to start it every time after shifting into gear, so I wholeheartedly agree with the ease of use for only $10/month position. However, my test of the hotspot indicates that it provides FULL functionality, e.g. I had satellite-based maps and traffic while using it. YMMV.

Certainly open to others actually testing it vs. just quoting the Tesla website (who might have a reason to suggest otherwise)...

EVRider | June 29, 2020

@pluturi: Maybe you’re still on a trial of Premium Connectivity. You definitely don’t get satellite views or traffic data without it, with or without WiFi. This has been confirmed by many others.

pluturi | June 29, 2020

Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.

EVRider | June 29, 2020

@pluturi: By the way, both the Controls > Software screen in the car and your online Tesla account will show you if you have Premium Connectivity (and when it expires).