Hotel with charging in San Luis Obispo

Hotel with charging in San Luis Obispo

Does anyone know of a hotel (hopefully a decent one) in the San Luis Obispo area that provides EV charging? Doing a weekend trip there from OC and would really like to stretch the legs on my MS. I plan to check out the supercharger at SpaceX on the way to top off. From there, it's 192 miles to SLO so I really need overnight charging.

bob | May 11, 2013

We recently took our MS on a leisurely trip down the California coast and one night, stayed in Paso Robles, just 30 miles (1/2 hour) from SLO. We stayed at The Oaks Hotel and Suites. They have a parking space dedicated to Model S with it's own 14-50 outlet. They made a point of telling me that the spot was only for Tesla Model S. Be sure to call in advance to reserve it when you make your hotel reservation. There is only one spot but it's a good one. When we arrived there was another car parked there (not electric). The hotel staff took care of it and when we returned to the hotel after dinner it was available. The hotel is new, and the staff were very nice. I've been making a point to tell the management at every hotel I stay at that they should provide similar accommodations for EV travelers and they should list it in the amenities on their websites and in other advertising just like Wi-Fi as a means to attract travelers like us.

EVTripPlanner | May 11, 2013

Target in SLO has J1772 chargers and it is a short walk to the Marriott Courtyard. not perfect...but should work.

Schlermie | May 11, 2013

There's an SLO hotel listed on Dan's map of hotels with EV chargers:

GettingOldFast | May 11, 2013

There's a Bed Bath & Beyond with (I believe) J1772 chargers right in front. Two doors over is an Embassy Suites, maybe an 80 yard walk. I have not verified whether or not these chargers work, but Recargo should know.

bioengr | May 11, 2013

Thanks Bob and Cliff. Both good options.
FYI, Madonna Inn says they have charging but it's a 110 outlet.

Earl and Nagin ... | May 12, 2013

Madonna Inn and a few other hotels are easy walking distance to the Promenade chargers ( This was the preferred approach in the EV1 days when the Promenade chargers were the only ones in SLO.

bioengr | May 21, 2013

Earl and Nagin,
Do you have to sign up to use the Promenade chargers like you do at a ChargePoint station?

Jamon | May 21, 2013

@bioengr - I just used the promenade chargers last week and had the same concern. There's nothing to sign up for. Just drive up, plug in, and walk away. What a beautiful world!

DouglasR | May 21, 2013

If you know of good charging hotels, please submit them on this map (which I think is the same as the one linked above, but this one has a link to the submission form: