Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Like climate disruption we have politics being the problem.

MitchP85D | September 8, 2017

Speaking of being busy, that's me! Moved back into my messy house as of yesterday. Got Internet back up today. Moved a whole bunch of flood water furniture out to the curbside today. Listed 59 items in the "contents" claim page for FEMA. The flood adjuster came out last Wednesday. We sent him the paper work for the contents in the house along with photos of the damage. He mainly focused on the dwelling itself, and is authorizing floor and sheetrock replacement while he was out here. Allstate Homeowners insurance came through for me today. They are sending me 10K to help out with the damage to the house. Since I had flood insurance, Allstate was able to do that somehow. Even more of a reason why to carry flood insurance!

I go back to work tomorrow. They gave me 12 days off to take care of my flooded home. They didn't charge me sick or vacation days. Not quite what ExxonMobil does for their flood victim employees, but good enough!

SamO | September 8, 2017

Ah . . . got your hand out for government benefits. Welfare queen. ;-) .

Mike83 | September 8, 2017

Sounds like things are working out for you and your OK. Glad to hear it. We are traveling again on a vacation to the West coast and will be happy to miss the internet for awhile. The news has not been good with all the disasters yet it keeps one's attention.

Mike83 | September 8, 2017

LOL SamO that is funny.

MitchP85D | September 8, 2017

I paid my insurance premiums!!!!!! Big-Ass difference don't ya think???!!!!!

bigd | September 8, 2017

Mitch "don't ya think" that was your 1st mystak, to think that he thinks.

SCCRENDO | September 8, 2017

Mitch. You are a responsible guy. Glad you paid your insurance premiums. So why is a good libertarian taking government handouts from FEMA? Next you may want the government getting involved in ameliorating climate change.

I agree Mitch. That Exxon-Mobil crowd just pollutes the air, raises CO2 levels. They don't care about climate change and don't give employees time off after floods. I guess the weather service doesn't need you for 12 days. They know more hurricanes are coming. You don't need scientists to tell you it has happened before and will happen again.

SamO | September 9, 2017

FEMA premiums? Link or it didn't happen.

Mike83 | September 9, 2017

I got Georgia on my mind.
Good read and some hope.

SamO | September 10, 2017


A person moves into a flood plain,
Then denies that clmate is changing due to human pollution,
Then their house is totally expectedly damaged,
Then this denier sticks his greedy hand out for some government cheese.

Reminds me of Rush Limbaugh:
Rush Limbaugh is safe. After telling his listeners that the warnings about Hurricane Irma were a scam to promote a climate change "agenda" and boost bottled water sales, he quietly scurried away to higher ground. Apparently, climate change is a liberal hoax so potent that not even Limbaugh could escape its reach.

science-isbetter | September 10, 2017

FEMA premiums and 12 days off.

MitchP85D | September 10, 2017

Hey 60cc SamO, I'm NOT in a floodplain! Flood insurance is NOT mandatory where I live! Some places in Houston, you are required to carry it. Not at my location. I got flood insurance by choice. Most of my neighbors don't have it, and they are regretting it!

MitchP85D | September 10, 2017

You also seem to be mystified by flood insurance. You request it through your homeowners insurance. It is considered to be supplemental insurance, and is administered by FEMA. But your private homeowners insurance links you to it. Ask your insurance company to find out about it.

SCCRENDO | September 10, 2017

@Mitch. Have you taken out climate change insurance even if you think you don't need it??

SamO | September 11, 2017

Subsidized premiums for deadbeats who can't or won't take care of themselves.

"Government flood insurance is massively subsidized. So much remains unclear about the situation in Houston, but one thing is already certain: The rest of us are going to be cutting yet another giant check to cover the damage. The reason? The National Flood Insurance Program sells its policies on the cheap as a giveaway to voters — excuse me, citizens — in coastal areas. Even before Hurricane Harvey, the program owed Uncle Sam $25 billion."

Houston is in a Flood Plain

SamO | September 11, 2017

"It creates its own problem. Cover people with cheap flood insurance and you make it more attractive to build in flood zones. No wonder so many people have, congregated along coastal areas. And that, in turn, creates more risk. As Munich Re, a reinsurance company puts it, “the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) shows how government subsidies over decades result in insufficient insurance coverage, incentives to build in highly exposed areas and multibillion-dollar deficits.”

In case you refuse to click the link (again).

SamO | September 11, 2017

More government cheese for Mitch and his fossil fuel fellatees.

MitchP85D | September 11, 2017

Hey 60cc SamO, MOST people don't have flood insurance! Why? Because they don't think they will ever get flooded. This is my first in 60 years. First in Houston in 37 years. Glad I was ready! And FYI, anything from government is subsidized by the taxpayers. Your own Tesla is subsidized by the taxpayers you dumb-ass democrat!

SCCRENDO | September 11, 2017

Mitch. We know that and encourage government subsidies for disasters and climate change etc. You are the libertarian who doesn't want to pay taxes and see government handouts. But it looks like you got to the front of the line this time. Time to be honest Mitch. Pay your fair share of taxes without complaining so flood victims in other places can get FEMA help. Also admit that you are full of crap and climate change is real and has bad consequences. You got your first taste of more severe hurricanes with climate change. But do you even give a hoot about the flooding in Asia. This will only get worse

SCCRENDO | September 12, 2017

MItch. Here is some more stuff on Asia
Check out this article from USA TODAY:

As Texas copes with Harvey aftermath, more than 1,000 die in India monsoon

SamO | September 12, 2017

Guess the internal inconsistency of:

1. Denying climate change , and

2, pretending he doesn't accept government cheese

Was too much for Mitch. His poor head appear ready to explode. Good. Understand that you are no different from the proverbial Fix news welfare queen with her legs spread and her hand out.

sabbia | September 12, 2017

Where are the Mitch acolytes when we need them? Please stand up for Mitch...deny more frequent, more powerful storms. Deny there is some benefit for accepting socialized help. Call out the moochers who are weak and who cannot fend for themselves.

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

I've been paying taxes all of my life! I pay through the nose to our bloated Federal Government. I did NOT set up FEMA. I am opposed to government monopoly of our industry. But the reality is that if you want to buy flood insurance, there is only one game in town - FEMA! That really doesn't leave anybody a whole heck of a lot of choice! Are you goofy dumb-ass democrats trying to blame me for FEMA? I'm just an ordinary American who buys insurance for protection against a catastrophe. Living in Houston, I know flooding is a problem here. So, after Ike, I thought one of these days my home might flood. So, I contacted my homeowners insurance and they linked me into their flood insurance program. I was paying 3K per year for homeowners insurance, and flood added $425 to my annual premium.

Again, I did not establish FEMA. I did not set the program up. Our legislators did that. And if FEMA is the only entity that covers flood, what else are you going to do? I asked Nationwide Insurance for flood insurance coverage, and they got me set up with FEMA. Why? Because FEMA is the only organization that covers flood!

Ya got it now you dumb-ass democrats??!!!

By the way, do you limousine liberal Californians have earthquake insurance?

SamO | September 12, 2017

The reason you can't get flood insurance is that Houston is a welfare-state for stupid people. Don't build in a floodplain. Then you won't need flood insurance subsidized by the rest of your fellow citizens.

We have seismic retrofit mandated by the state. If you own an apartment building, you have to build so that it won't collapse.

But in Texas . . . nope. Go build again in the same spot.


You are lower than the lowest hypocrite Mitch. You are a clueless hypocrite, even in the face of your own cheese eating.

You talk about how you paid taxes. So what? Big deal. So does everyone else in this country, legal and illegal. Or have you not heard about sales tax?

You are taking money from my pockets because of YOUR BAD CHOICES. Deal with it.

sabbia | September 12, 2017

FEMA government teat. Mitch, check out

SCCRENDO | September 12, 2017

Methhinks he protests too much. You bitch about the government and their systems. But guess what?? The system really came through for you. You got to the front of the FEMA line. If you became disabled you would get to the front of the disability line. When you turn 65 you will get to the front of the Medicare line. And soon after you will get to the front of the social security line. And it could happen that if you or your family lose health insurance you will be annoyed at Trump and the Republicans for pulling out of Obamacare. And when we piss off Kim enough and he gets more belligerent with his missiles you are going to be glad that your taxes pay for a great military.

No I don't have earthquake insurance. The premiums are ridiculous and not worth it. I wish the government would offer subsidized earthquake insurance.

SamO | September 12, 2017

Remember the old joke:

A man asks a woman if she would be willing to sleep with him if he pays her an exorbitant sum. She replies affirmatively. He then names a paltry amount and asks if she would still be willing to sleep with him for the revised fee. The woman is greatly offended and replies as follows:

She: What kind of woman do you think I am?
He: We’ve already established that. Now we’re just haggling over the price.

El Mirio | September 12, 2017

Funny Nuclear Power Plants can also only get government insurance, why is that? because enterprises know the risks are too high.Which parties support Nuclear again?

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

So Captain Planet, you don't pay for earthquake insurance? Typical liberal Californian democrat!

Flood insurance rates vary on the location in the Greater Houston area. It isn't just one flat rate. I know this because my wife is a real estate agent, and she had a deal fall through because the buyers did not realize how high the flood insurance premium was on the house they wanted to buy. My house is considered a low risk area. So, my flood insurance premium was only $425. The premium goes up into the thousands in higher flood risk areas.

By the way, my neighbors across the street DID NOT FLOOD! Their house is elevated 1/2 foot above mine, and that was enough to make a difference on who flooded and who didn't.

Got a construction crew in my house right now, tearing up the floor, sheetrock and insolation.

sabbia | September 12, 2017

How you continue to insist on "insolation" is exactly the point Mitch. It's greenhouse gases that are causing the problem. Not matter how much you insist.

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

Make that insulation sabby. At 60, my spelling has been deteriorating.

sabbia | September 12, 2017

No Mitch. As Freud pointed out, slips point to unconscious wishes. Your slip is showing. You wish it was "insolation." It's not.

sabbia | September 12, 2017

And misspelling doesn't excuse hypocrisy. You (Mitch) chose FEMA while railing against any government help (for those other than you).

There's instruction for you today from Conservative David Brooks. And it has to do with floods and the lesson of Noah. What does Noah do when he is told that the flood will wipe out humanity? Nothing. Builds an ark for himself and the rest be damned. Sound familiar?

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

Meanwhile, check out what is going on with the Arctic ice. The 2017 Arctic sea ice extent is nearing the minimum for the year.

10 SEP and 11 SEP 2017 are reading 4.649 X 10^6 km2. That is 1.169 X 10^6 km2 ABOVE the 2012 minimum year on this date! This makes 5 years in a row that the Arctic sea ice is closing ABOVE the 2012 sea ice minimum.

You global warming worshippers are claiming the Arctic ice is melting away to oblivion. The data does not support human-caused global warming theory. As the late, great Dr. Richard Feynman has stated, "if the obsevations don't match your theory, then your theory is flawed!!!

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

Hey sabby, I paid my insurance premium. Now that catastrophe has struck me, (a flood - first one in my life) I filed a claim for help like anybody else does who has insurance coverage. And for some silly reason, you goofy, dumb-ass, worthless piece of dog-poop democrats are pissed off about it!

I did not produce FEMA. It was the only system available to me to acquire flood insurance. End of story!

El Mirio | September 12, 2017

a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

You call David Brooks a conservative sabby? Geeeyyywwwaaaad, you are out there in the ozone hole with Mike! Also, your silly psycho-babble about Freud and Noah is just supporting evidence of your lack of grounding.

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

And guess what Miro, the trend is slowing down and now showing signs of leveling off! By the way, this happened once before from the 1920s through the 1940s. There is nothing new about a multi-decadal warming trend. We now have an instrumental record to indicate that.

sabbia | September 12, 2017

@Mitch. Reminds me of the Chad Mitchell (your namesake?) ditty:

Oh Dr. Freud
Oh Dr. Freud
How we wish you had been differently employed
For the threat of global warming
Shows the storm clouds that are forming
For those exposed by Dr. Sigmund Freud

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

Hey Miro, got a question for ya. How many years in a row of the Arctic ice closing above the 2012 minimum will it take for you to come to the realization that the Arctic ice is going through a natural multi-decadal cycle? We are on year number 5. Will it take 8 years? 10 years? 15 years? 20 years from now, if the Arctic ice continues to close above the 2012 minimum, will you continue to squeal, "the ice is melting, the ice is melting, and we are all going to drown!!!"

I asked Captain Planet the same question, and he just flipped and flopped around, avoiding the direct and simple question, being the typical liberal democrat that he is. I have a prediction Miro. You will be the same way as Captain Planet! You will NOT directly answer my question. Wussy-pus liberals like yourself can't handle it!

sabbia | September 12, 2017

And then:

Oh Mr. Mitch
Oh Mr. Mitch
How accepting aid is such an awful bitch
For the facts of changing climate
Makes you hide beneath the blanket
Of the government's FEMA social in-time stitch

MitchP85D | September 12, 2017

Got a swing shift today. I will be back to answer your goofy, dumb-ass liberal democrat nonsense later!

sabbia | September 12, 2017

Don't hurry.

El Mirio | September 12, 2017

Mitch, here as for the global glaciers, are these going thru a cycle too?

i will concede once that blue line points upwards, deal? Again average overall TREND still going down, no ifs or buts.

El Mirio | September 12, 2017

Mitch a fluctuation does not break a trend, Glaciers have been retreating pretty much thru all last century and continue to do so.

rxlawdude | September 12, 2017

@Mitch, for the record, I do have earthquake insurance. It has a high deductible of 15% and very specific limitations on what's covered (building, not contents) but it's all of $400 a year.

@SCCRENDO, I STRONGLY recommend you reconsider purchasing earthquake insurance. We are overdue. Having been through Sylmar, Landers, Northridge and smaller earthquakes my entire life in SoCal, you won't want to rely on people like @Mitch's tax dollars to bail you out. :-)

SCCRENDO | September 12, 2017

Mitch. Trying to change the subject are we? You keep posting the same Arctic stuff. 2017 looks pretty much like 2016 which did not regain as much ice as 2012. Plug in the last 10 years and each year is way more than 2 standard deviations below the mean. The only outlier is the 2012 minimum. Seriously Mitch. Don't you wish you knew some science and also how to read graphs. We do. It's getting tiresome continuing to explain the same thing to you. Perhaps you have a science learning disability.

@rxlawdude. I want to see Mitch flip out when I go for my post earthquake government handout. It probably is stupidity not getting earthquake insurance. Many recommended not getting it based on cost vs overall risk to the home. I believe most Californians do not carry earthquake insurance but perhaps I should re-explore it. Who do you get your insurance through?

rxlawdude | September 12, 2017

@SCC, all earthquake insurance is from the California Earthquake Authority, but only available through homeowner's insurance companies. For our home, I use Auto Club of So Cal. (ACSC is cheaper than Ameriprise for home, but much more expensive for cars. Go figure.)

Please see:

It's well worth the premium to know your worst-case outlay in case of severe damage.

SCCRENDO | September 12, 2017

I have Auto club for home and cars. They really came through for me when my Tesla was T-boned in 2014. They have always delivered on car and home and that is why I am sticking by them. I think they offered earthquake insurance to us last year and I was thinking about it. But we decided against it. I cannot remember why> But someone talked us out of it. I guess that makes me ineligible for 2 years

SCCRENDO | September 12, 2017

@rxlawdude. Just saw a patient whose husband is a retired insurance agent. I asked him whether earthquake insurance was worth it. He said no. The deductible is high and in a major earthquake they are likely to run out of money. Also the loss of use is limited to $1500. Looking forward to more earthquake insurance "experts" weighing in.