Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Like climate disruption we have politics being the problem.

MitchP85D | March 14, 2019

Ho hum February is in the headline SCCRENDODO. But you global warming zealots can hang your hat on the Bering Sea. And that's about it!

MitchP85D | March 14, 2019

2 meter rise by 2100 ozone hole mike? My ass! More like 1/2 foot.

Back to realville.

Check out Arctic temperatures. Lots of -30 to -40 C.

Pretty close to normal!

Mike83 | March 14, 2019

Send a letter to stop the anti-science crap.

MitchP85D | March 14, 2019

No! Pay attention to what is actually happening in the world.

The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) is a strong climate driver of North America.

MitchP85D | March 14, 2019

More like 5.6 inches sea level rise by the year 2100!

jimglas | March 14, 2019

Nobody reads your misinformation fool
Idiot troll flagged!

MitchP85D | March 14, 2019

NOAA tide gauge data misinformation to you jimmy flaggie boy?

Mike83 | March 15, 2019

And then there is the ground water contamination but who cares so long as the developers can make a killing selling property

SCCRENDO | March 16, 2019

Bumped over Asian and climate change denier spam

Mike83 | March 17, 2019

The fossil fuel cartel denies this. World lawsuits may be in the works.

El Mirio | March 17, 2019
Mike83 | March 17, 2019

@El Mirio
Thanks for the links. Another reason to avoid Texas besides higher heart and stroke diseases from particulates and cognitive problems with the C02 levels. I wonder what the level of colon cancer is there.

El Mirio | March 17, 2019

@Mike83 depending on the county approx. 45 per 100'000

Tesla-David | March 17, 2019

Thanks @Mike83 for the link, I sent a letter in support of Science based decision-making. Something our resident troll apparently knows nothing about with his garbage posts.

SCCRENDO | March 17, 2019

@El. Mirio. Thanks for the cancer link. Looks like the highest cancer rate is the heart of the red states. But the causes are likely multifactorarial. Populations are not homogeneous throughout the US. But it would be tempting to think that there might be a correlation with areas that ignore the environment and the EPA.

Mike83 | March 17, 2019

@El Mirio Thanks for that link. We'll have to see what happens as the Climate changes and more toxins are released. Perhaps a control point.

The next article is quite convincing about using 100% Renewable Energy even with the Polar Vortex.

MitchP85D | March 18, 2019

Check out the incredible amount of snow across the Sierra Nevada this season!

MitchP85D | March 18, 2019

But yet, you silly global warming zealots will still claim droughts are getting worse for California!

Tesla-David | March 18, 2019

Disgusting weathermoron troll flagged!

sabbia | March 18, 2019

Did you notice that oscillations posted by the foul mouth denier are:
There is no warming * Yes, but it's not man-made
There is no sea rise * Yes, but it's not too bad
There is no arctic ice loss * Yes, but it's only the Bering Sea

Get ready for the next great oscillation. There is no Climate Change * Yes, but it's too late to do anything about it

SCCRENDO | March 18, 2019

@sabbia. I suspect you still have an expectation of logic from the the weathermoron????

sabbia | March 18, 2019

The only expectation I have is verbal expectorate.

Mike83 | March 18, 2019

The Trump/GOP gets it karma. Eh, Climate disruption a hoax? Tell me more BS

dmm1240 | March 18, 2019

You're indeed right, Mitch, that California has a large snowpack. For the first time since 2011, California is entirely free of drought. Much of the SW also benefitted from a wet winter. However, what you're doing is what you always do — confusing weather with climate.

My state is currently drowning as well. Rainfall was 19" above normal last year. The largest river in the state runs a few hundred yards from my house. It is full to the point of overflowing — 2 miles downstream from a dam built to control water flow. It's backed up an is having to release a lot of water that keeps the river right below flooding. The ground literally squishes when you walk around because the earth is so saturated with water.

"Oh, then climate change is over there, too!"

Nope. We've had 6 major droughts since 1980 in an area that's not supposed to get droughts. During the most severe in the mid 00's, we weren't allowed to wash our cars in our driveways for three years.

What we're seeing is increasingly erratic weather.

Here is a sign of climate change. There is a Japanese Cherry tree planted near my house. It's the most confused tree you've ever seen. This year, it bloomed in mid January. It's had its leaves out since early February. I've seen it bloom in January/February/March, lose the blooms, go dormant and bloom again several weeks later. We used to hold a Dogwood festival because Atlanta is famous for its dogwood trees among other things. It used to be the last week in March when the dogwoods would bloom. Not any more. They're all over the place. How do you hold a dogwood festival when the trees bloomed a month or so ahead of schedule?

The argument's over, Mitch. Nobody is interested in "discussing" what 99%+ of scientists have proved is happening versus the counter opinons/cherry picked data of a few malcontents, hacks, ideologues, whatever you want to call them.

Give it up. We apparently know the difference between weather and climate; you apparently don't.

Oh, one more thing. You keep harping on about Arctic Sea Ice Extent. I just checked the National Snow & Ice Data Center website you're so fond of. According to their chart, Arctic Sea Ice Extent is tracking BELOW 2011-2012. It did reach the same level as 2011-2012 in January, but has since dropped off to below the 2011-2012 track. In fact 2011-2012 actually finished the year right on the 1981-2010 median; there is no chance it will happen in 2018-2019.

SCCRENDO | March 18, 2019

@dmm. +100

MitchP85D | March 18, 2019

Since you mentioned NSIDC dim1240, let's check it out.

17 MAR 2019 - 14,705,000 km^2

17 MAR 2018 - 14,475,000 km^2

17 MAR 2017 - 14,358,000 km^2

17 MAR 2016 - 14,452,000 km^2

17 MAR 2015 - 14,358,000 km^2

On 17 MAR, the Arctic sea ice extent is running higher than the previous four years.

Now, let's check out the Danish Meteorological Institute data.

For 2019, the Arctic temperature is trending COLDER than the previous five years!

Doesn't look like to me that nature is cooperating with the hysterical chants of you global warming worshippers.


Shaking your fists at the sky and demanding that everybody heed your commands for action on "climate change" will get you nowhere fast!

I am laughing at all of you global warming zealots!!!

SCCRENDO | March 18, 2019

He is a lost cause
@dmm just explained to him what the links he posts are actually saying. If he didn't drop out of science at Texas A&M he would be able to read graphs like the rest of us. Cherry picking isolated numbers to try prove a point just ain't science.
@sabbia. You understand him well. You know he had to be heard and thus came up with verbal expectorate. I guess his foul mouth has destroyed your previous crush on him.

Mike83 | March 19, 2019
jimglas | March 19, 2019

more disinformation from the idiot troll

MitchP85D | March 19, 2019

As Dr. John Christy testified before Congress, "science is all about numbers." And the numbers do not support human-caused global warming theory. All you have to do is look at the numbers. It is obvious to me that you global warming zealots don't want to look at the numbers. You much prefer to FLAG 'EM!

jimglas | March 19, 2019

idiot troll flagged

dmm1240 | March 19, 2019

And the numbers do not support human-caused global warming theory.

So every government on earth except ours, every political party conservative or liberal, except ours, ever scientific organization, 99%+ of all scientists in the field in question, every last one of them can't read the numbers?


Mike83 | March 19, 2019

The air in Houston is getting worse but it's ok with the EPA?

Mike83 | March 20, 2019

They seem to have gotten the fire out. A Tesla with BioHazard filter would be safer than walking there.

El Mirio | March 20, 2019

@Mike83 The toxic cloud pushes exactly where I lived a few years ago, some of the comments I read claim these tanks looked old and in bad shape and missed fire suppression system.

Do not trust if officials claim the air is safe, they did so after 9/11 and we now know this was a cruel diabolical lie.

MitchP85D | March 20, 2019

Complete delusional nonsense dim1240. Only those scientists complying with the government declaration (and taxpayers funds) that humans are causing climate change are the ones who spout such tripe.

SCCRENDO | March 20, 2019

Government declarations are complying with the science. Except of course the Trump Crime Syndicate and his Republican lackeys

Mike83 | March 20, 2019
Mike83 | March 21, 2019

Schools closed, stay indoors and maybe they should say use SCUBA gear to breathe.

MitchP85D | March 21, 2019

Quite the opposite SCCRENDODO. Al Gore and Dr. Hansen proclaimed the theory as a fact, and awarded those who could support it. Spencer and Christy saw what was happening at NASA, and got the hell out!

dmm1240 | March 21, 2019

Complete delusional nonsense dim1240. Only those scientists complying with the government declaration (and taxpayers funds) that humans are causing climate change are the ones who spout such tripe.

We've posted the list for you numerous times, not gonna do it again. You are one sick puppy. See a vet.

MitchP85D | March 21, 2019

I'll put Dr. Judith Curry up against any of your favored "scientists" dim1240. Anytime, any day!

Mike83 | March 21, 2019

Shelter in Place Alert. National Guard called in. BTW Benzene causes cancer but who needs regulations anyway.

SCCRENDO | March 21, 2019

Judith Curry
Looks like our weathermoron gets his cherry picked short term change in Arctic ice from Judith Curry and is easily refuted by skeptical science

lukasbaran455 | March 22, 2019

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MitchP85D | March 22, 2019

Hey everybody, here is SCCRENDODO's hero, John Cook. He is the man behind the curtain of that stupid-ass skeptical science site!!!!

When you see, "the science says," that is actually John Cook says.

MitchP85D | March 22, 2019

John Cook is a cartoonist. And goofy SCCRENDODO bows down to him as if he is some sort of climate expert!

SCCRENDO | March 22, 2019

Besides being a science ignoramus our weathermoron is also dishonest. It is amazing how these deniers go dumpster diving to dig up fake conspiracy theories and fake news. Here is the Wikipedia page on John Cook.

MitchP85D | March 22, 2019

Oh, Wikipedia is an unbiased source? The 97% consensus is bogus!