Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Like climate disruption we have politics being the problem.

SCCRENDO | October 31, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. So glad you got your welfare cheese. So let me understand this. If someone does not have enough money to feed there kids and they collect welfare you blow a gasket. But when you cannot afford to buy flood insurance you go to FEMA for your welfare cheese. Now that you got your welfare check I hope you will not go to the poorer neighborhoods yelling at folks for collecting welfare and then waving your check in their faces.

MitchP85D | October 31, 2017

When have I ever blown a gasket over folks on welfare? I blame the economic system for that. Too much heavy-handed taxation and regulation is what leads to welfare recipients. Reduce taxes and regulation, those welfare recipients become tax-paying workers!

SCCRENDO | October 31, 2017

If we reduced taxes and regulation you would have had to pay high private flood insurance rates because FEMA would not have had money to give you your welfare cheese. So take a good look at your welfare check and thank all the US taxpayers who pay their fair share unlike the conservatives and libertarians who got audited by the IRS under Obama because they didn’t want to pay their fair share.

Mike83 | November 1, 2017
Mike83 | November 1, 2017

Back in the US back in the USSR

Tesla-David | November 1, 2017

Regarding flooding, this recent segment (10/29/17) on Joh Oliver's HBO show is highly relevant to the discussion about Houston's recent flooding. He presents an excellent analysis of the flawed FEMA system in place for people living in areas subject to flooding.

SamO | November 1, 2017

Don't let Mitch rebuild. It's the only solution.

Mike83 | November 1, 2017

Conservative right wingers never learn. Recall trickle down economics, war is peace, and building in flood zones. I really don't care but am tired of giving them welfare from the progressive States.

SCCRENDO | November 1, 2017

@Tesla-David. Thanks. This was classic. There was a Mitch in this segment although I don't think he was our Welfare_Mitch. It looks like this show was purposefully written for our Welfare_Mitch.

rxlawdude | November 1, 2017

"Political party aside, do you think that taking care of illegals who come to this country to commit crime...?"
No, but what those undocumented immigrants who came here not to commit crime. You know, the vast majority of them.
Trump and hos whacko base thinks most Mexicans are criminals. Et tu, @bean?

lilbean | November 1, 2017

Isn’t being illegal a crime? xo

rxlawdude | November 1, 2017

@bean, c'mon. Your question was in the same vein as Trump.

lilbean | November 1, 2017

Just sayin’. xo

rxlawdude | November 1, 2017

xo, peace and love!

lilbean | November 1, 2017


MitchP85D | November 1, 2017

Let me get this straight. You snobby elitist California liberals don't want any FEMA funds for Houston, but when it comes to your wildfires, by all means you should get your helping to FEMA funds! Did I get that right?

By the way, HOW ABOUT THEM ASTROS!!!!!!

SCCRENDO | November 1, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. It’s not that we don’t want FEMA funds for Houston. We want people to get helped out when they get flooded. Although repeat flooders should probably move or not be covered. Our concern is a libertarian like yourself who doesnt want to pay taxes, may have been cheating on his taxes to get an IRS audit, is unhappy that others get welfare yet is first in line to get his Welfare cheese from FEMA when his house floods. Floods happen to also use 90% of FEMA funds, not wildfires. Welfare_MItsh please watch John Oliver. I’m sure you will enjoy him

SamO | November 2, 2017


Cheese is really "special" in that he has a special void being able to see his own hypocrisy. Let's make it really clear for this simpleton:

1. You have repeatedly made denigrating comments about welfare recipients, deadbeats, liberals, socialists, takers etc.

2. You have ended up receiving government subsidies for your poor choice of building in a floodplain.

3. You then claim you are not a giant cheese eating socialist, even though you are.

This has nothing to do with not wanting Texans to be able to make a claim. This is only about you being a giant cheese eating hypocrite.

Upton Sinclair said it best "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

SCCRENDO | November 2, 2017

@Sam0. +1000

Mike83 | November 2, 2017

Right on.

MitchP85D | November 2, 2017

Attention: All of you California liberal democrat fruitcakes --

I am the only one in my neighborhood who bought flood insurance. Why? BECAUSE WE WERE NOT IN A FLOODPLAIN!!!!!

None of my neighbors thought about it because they didn't have to buy flood insurance. Plus, our neighborhood never flooded. Houston has many flood events in the past, and my neighborhood NEVER flooded in the 30+ years I've lived out here. On the evening of 29 AUG 2017, my EX called me, frantically inquiring if her house (my ex house) was going to flood. We only live one mile from each other. MY EX DIDN'T HAVE FLOOD INSURANCE! I told her there was no way I could tell her if her house would flood or not. Just that it would be really close. My ex was giving me all kinds of grief because I HAD FLOOD INSURANCE AND SHE DIDN'T! And that I was a meteorologist, and I should know these things about whether her home would flood or not. I had to sternly tell my ex to get a hold of herself. The only thing I could tell my ex was that the rainfall rate had diminished that evening, and that might be just enough to spare her home.

Well, as it turned out, HER HOME WAS SPARED BUT MINE WASN'T! It is funny in a way. Usually it works out that the one WITHOUT flood insurance floods, and the one WITH flood insurance does not flood. My ex and her husband were sweating it out bigtime! They dodged a bullet! I think they now have flood insurance. I'll ask them next time I see them.

When I decided to buy flood insurance, I contacted my private insurer. My private insurer said no problem, set it up for me, and I paid the bill about 10 years ago. I've been faithfully paying my flood insurance premium since then - hoping I would NEVER have to use it!!! Not once did my private insurer say, "OH, THIS IS A GREAT WELFARE PROGRAM FOR YOU, AND YOU WILL HAVE LOTS OF BENEFITS HEADING YOUR WAY!!!!"

The flood insurance program is what it is. I didn't make it that way. I made a good decision ten years ago. The more people who sign up for flood insurance, the less money will be needed from the federal treasury to support it. That is why you will sometimes see television ads for it!

Only a sick, decrepit, feeble, pathetic liberal California democrat fruitcake like 60cc SamO, Captain Planet, and Ozone Hole Mike will try to make the case that anybody who files a flood insurance claim is applying for welfare benefits!

Hypocrite? I'll tell you who the hypocrites are. It is the likes of you three who would file an insurance claim to repair the damage to your home. Yet, you can't stand the fact when somebody else files a property damage claim!!!

60cc SamO, Captain Planet, Ozone Hole Mike = AHOLES!!!!

MitchP85D | November 2, 2017

Furthermore, I bet you are pissed off that my Astros beat your Dodgers in LA!!!! Hot diggity dog!!!!!

SCCRENDO | November 2, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. You don't get it like you don't get many other things. We have nothing against people claiming from FEMA. They exist to help people out. And indeed we are all pleased the government was able to help you out. What amazes us is your hypocrisy in that you complain about taxation, you even had the IRS looking at you, you demean others for claiming welfare, yet you were first in line for your welfare cheese. And then you blow a fuse when we point this out to you. However we do think that FEMA needs to modulate their policy for cities like Houston that allow people to build in flood zones and in wetlands. Perhaps we shouldn't pay for repeat offenders who ignore environmental issues when building.

Congrats on your Astros. Personally I could care less who won the world series

MitchP85D | November 2, 2017

I have been paying into the flood insurance program for 10 years now. I have been assisting others when their homes flooded during the past decade. My contribution to the flood insurance program has provided support to other flood victims in the past. Now that I am a flood victim, it is my turn for some relief, especially since I have been paying into the system! Not everybody does that!

Only the likes of you liberal California fruitcakes would try to make a case that I am "on the take" in some way!

I think I know why you are trying to make that case. You were all giddy and jubilant over the fact that I flooded. You were all wishing great financial harm against me! When I informed you that I was insured for flood damage, it was like a big major downer for you fruitcakes. So, to assuage your disappointment that I did not suffer great financial harm, you started this campaign to tell everybody that I am a welfare recipient. In a sick, perverse way, that makes you feel better about yourselves!

Mike83 | November 2, 2017

Maybe just cognitive issues.

SCCRENDO | November 2, 2017

@Mike. We have been seeing the correlation between pollution and cognitive issues of late. I agree with you as regards welfare-Mitch.

Hey Welfare_Mitch. You keep repeating yourself and we understand your argument. The sad part is that you don't. You feel entitled because you paid your premiums and have now suffered a loss. We are also pleased that FEMA is making you whole after your loss. It sounds like a wonderful government run insurance plan that is taking care of you as promised. It is delivering. So you don't have to be in the same shape as the Puerto Ricans who our president doesn't like because they are not as orange or blonde as him or Ivanka.

All we are doing here is pointing out your hypocrisy. The same government welfare programs that you vote against and trash have come through for you. You have your welfare check to wave at the poor folk of Puerto Rico.

SamO | November 2, 2017

I love this thread. Mitch just showing why he could never be a scientist. Barely graduated from cow college. His main work tool is a thermometer and thinks he's Einstein.

Keep eating your cheese and remember that California gives a lot more than it gets.

State/Outlay to Tax Ratio/Ranking
New Mexico/$2.03/1
West Virginia/$1.76/5
North Dakota/$1.68/6
South Dakota/$1.53/8

8 of 10 are run by "conservatives" in "red states" when they are really just a bunch of welfare queens who are paid by the State of California (and others) to lay around all day and give money to asshole billionaires like the Koch Bros.

Educate yourself Cheese, about who are really the makers and who are the takers.

MitchP85D | November 2, 2017

Welfare programs will not be needed if free people are allowed to freely engage in commerce.

Those without education or skills will be permitted to learn on the job, thus eliminating unemployment!

The high-tax-regulatory environment prevents small business from hiring the uneducated and non-skilled. It is too costly for them to do so. So, they only hire those with education and/or experience. This leaves the unskilled and uneducated out in the cold, so they go on welfare.

Release the burden of big-government on small business, and small-business will hire the unskilled for a "training wage." After the unskilled acquire a skill, then small business can pay them a "living wage!"

SCCRENDO | November 2, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. You had the option to partake in free market flood insurance. But you did not want to pay the price for free market flood insurance commerce. You were quite happy to take the FEMA government insurance program funded by us taxpayers and happily claimed your cheese. HYPOCRITE

@Welfare_Mitch. The weather bureau hired you despite being unskilled in science. The problem is that you have succeeded in learning anything about climate on the job.

MitchP85D | November 2, 2017

That is where you are off your rocker yet again Captain Planet! I called my private insurer and he set up my flood insurance. I DID NOT make a request to put me on a government program. END OF STORY DUMBASS!

MitchP85D | November 2, 2017

I don't work for the weather bureau Captain Planet. I work for a private corporation. If I suck, I get fired!

Geeeyyyaaawwwwd you're an AHOLE!!!

Tesla-David | November 3, 2017

@Samo, +100 for your 11/2 post! Those inconvenient facts say it all!

SCCRENDO | November 3, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. Glad your skills are adequate for your employer. Ignorance is no excuse as far as government payouts. You were only able to get your flood insurance because of FEMA that the rest of us pay for. So don't knock government payouts. You are boasting about your check that you just got.

MitchP85D | November 3, 2017

I'm not boasting about anything Captain Planet, not anymore than I would about filing a claim for a car accident! Since I live in a part of the country that is prone to hurricanes, (in fact, anywhere from Brownsville, TX to Long Island, NY is prone) I made a decision ten years ago to buy additional home insurance to cover my home in case it floods. I think it is just common sense to buy flood insurance. Especially after going through Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 and Hurricane Ike in 2008. My home did not flood during those two storms. But, I thought how awful it would be if my home flooded and my homeowners insurance did not cover it!!!!

So, in 2008, I put a call in to my private insurer and the rest is history. I didn't make any particular requests to my insurer; inquiring about how the flood insurance program worked. I just wanted to make damn sure that if my home flooded, I would be covered to make the repairs. That is basically the story. I was surprised how cheap the premium was, around $400 to cover $200,000 in dwelling and $80,000 in contents. I am surprised not more people carry flood insurance! And I highly encourage everybody to buy it, especially if you live anywhere near the aforementioned coastline. Most people don't have flood insurance, because they don't think they will ever flood. I'm glad I'm not one of them!

But is that the story for you California fruitcakes? Not only no, but hell no!! You are desperately trying to make the idiotic case that I signed up for flood insurance for the sole purpose of receiving government benefits! Nothing can be further from the truth! But that doesn't matter. You dumbass liberal fruitcake democrats still try to make that case because it makes you feel better about yourselves. Pathetic!

SCCRENDO | November 3, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. You are again a little confused. I don’t blame you buying flood insurance in a flood plain when the government is prepared to bail you out. The point we are all trying to make is that you complain about these programs and you complain about other welfare recipients. Yet you remain quite happy to accept your FEMA cheese when you need it.

MitchP85D | November 3, 2017

MY HOME WAS NOT IN A FLOODPLAIN DUMBASS!!!! How many times do I have to keep telling you that? Geeeyyyaaaawwwwddddd your skull is dense!!!!!

SCCRENDO | November 3, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. Did your house get flooded with Hurricane Harvey??? DId you collect FEMA welfare cheese? You are now in a flood plain.

SamO | November 4, 2017

Developers who want to build in Houston floodplain show contempt for facts, city

MitchP85D | November 4, 2017

Hey Captain Planet, according to you and 60cc SamO, anybody who lives within 75 miles of the coast from Brownsville, TX to Long Island, New York IS IN A FLOOD ZONE!!!!!!! According to your logic, the entire cities of Houston, New Orleans, Miami, and New York should not be allowed to build homes!!!!

But those aren't the only places in America that flood, though! The Midwest has flooding events as well, not from hurricanes! The same for those in the low level areas in the Appalachians.

According to FEMA, floods are the number one cause for property loss. Why more people don't carry flood insurance is beyond me. A lot of folks just don't think it can happen to them. Ten years ago, I thought it could happen to me! So, I took a precaution. AND THE LIKES OF CAPTAIN PLANET AND 60cc SAMO are pissed off about it!!!

If I didn't have flood insurance, Captain Planet and 60cc SamO would be "getting off" to that!

FYI Captain Planet, I am in a 500 year flood zone. I checked. The flood insurance rates are based on risk. I am considered low risk. My neighbor across the street DID NOT FLOOD during the massive flood event.

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. You are no longer in a 500 year flood plain. Hurricane Harvey changed that. Deniers like you can either cough up taxes so FEMA can continue to bail you out or you could address climate change and perhaps make hurricanes less severe and drop sea levels. Some more facts for you to chew on

MitchP85D | November 4, 2017

Here is a link from FEMA that provides what they call "Preferred Risk Policy."

I was in the Low-Risk zone. The new maps will be available 06 JAN 2018.

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

@Welfare_MItch. Harvey has ensured that you are now in the new flood plain zone as of Jan 2018. The price of your cheese to us taxpayers is going up.

MitchP85D | November 4, 2017

Nothing alarming about CO2 Captain Planet! Climate data does not support your hysteria.

When the updated flood zone maps come out, perhaps I will no longer be in the 500 year flood zone. We will have to wait on what FEMA comes up with. Before I made my flood damage claim, I paid my flood insurance premium of $425 for next year. I BET THAT PISSES YOU OFF CAPTAIN PLANET!!!!

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

@welfare-Mitch. Read the article and try comprehend some of it.

No I am not pissed off. I’m glad your are taking advantage of the system. I just wish you would stop being a hypocrite and stop knocking government programs that help those less fortunate than you and pay your taxes without complaining.

MitchP85D | November 4, 2017

Just because I think the Free Market does a much better job of taking care of the poor than Government does, doesn't mean I am knocking the poor and less fortunate!

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. If you are such a believer in the free market why did you not go to the free market for your flood insurance? You didn’t complain when FEMA sent you your welfare check. In fact you proudly boasted about it on these forums.

MitchP85D | November 5, 2017


I called my private insurance agent 10 years ago. He told me to send him 400 bucks, and I would be covered for 200K dwelling, and 80K contents. The hows and whys and particulars of all that was involved was not my concern. He did not tell me about a whole bunch of options. In fact, there were only two options I recall. The other option was 250K for dwelling and 100K for contents which would cost 450 bucks. I chose the cheaper option because that was sufficient to cover my home and contents. And that is all there was to it!

My insurance agent did not tell me anything about a free market flood insurance program vs. a government insurance program. He just told me the two flood insurance options that were available, and I chose the cheaper one. Apparently, Captain Planet is having a great deal of difficulty understanding this.

SCCRENDO | November 5, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. Ignorance is no excuse. Bottom line. Government funded FEMA serves a purpose. It helped you. You were quite happy to take advantage of a government funded program that us taxpayers paid for. So be grateful and stop knocking Government programs.

MitchP85D | November 5, 2017

Take advantage? After paying into the flood insurance program for 10 years, you call that taking advantage? I assure you. I would have much preferred to NOT FLOOD!! This flood event knocked me on my ass! It has been a major setback in my life. I am grateful that there is flood insurance available. And the flood insurance funds have prevented me from suffering from great financial harm.

I have health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and homeowners insurance supplemented by flood insurance. I've paid a great deal of insurance premium in my lifetime. When I tally everything up including this last event, I think I've just about broken even.

Yes, I am grateful insurance is available to cover you and me in case of a catastrophic event.

SCCRENDO | November 5, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. If you preferred not to take advantage you would not have moved into a flood plain. And if you looked at the science behind climate change you would have realized you were living in a flood plain. In order to protect your property you took advantage of a government welfare program that protects those stupid enough to live in a flood plain. So accept your check and stop complaining about the taxes you pay to support government programs such as this one that bailed you out because of your stupidity in living in a flood plain.