Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists

Like climate disruption we have politics being the problem.

MitchP85D | November 5, 2017

And you're full of crap Captain Planet! If I moved into a floodplain, I would have been required to carry flood insurance when I bought my first home in 1986, and my second home in 2001. Both homes are within 1.5 miles of each other. They are in the same subdivision. My first home has never flooded. I never bought flood insurance for my first home back in the 1980s because like most folks, I never thought I would flood. Plus, my mortgage company did not require me to buy flood insurance. I was young and did not think or worry about such things. There were flood events in Houston during the 80s and 90s, but my first home was never threatened.

When I bought my 2nd home in 2001, again I was not required to buy flood insurance by the mortgage company. Why? BECAUSE I WAS NOT IN A FLOOD ZONE!!! But there were two events that happened that got me to thinking; Tropical Storm Allison and Hurricane Ike. After Ike in 2008, and learning from the TV commercials that homeowners insurance does not cover flood, I put a call in to my insurance agent. I had no idea how simple it was to sign up for flood. Just call your agent, pay the premium, and that's it! I was covered. My sister moved down from New York to Houston in 2008, and was welcomed by Ike. Her home did OK, but I did not have to do much convincing to get my sister to buy flood insurance after Ike. I did the same for our Mom's home which is just a block away from my current home. So, 3 homes in my family got covered for flood in 2008. My sister sold her home in 2016 and moved to Nacogdoches, TX which is 200 miles inland. She bought flood up there as well, even though there is not as much of a hurricane threat. I sold my Mom's home just last January. MY MOM'S OLD HOME JUST ONE BLOCK AWAY FROM ME DID NOT FLOOD DURING HARVEY!

So, that should give you a perspective that only a low percentage of homes in my subdivision flooded. I noticed that blockheads Captain Planet and 60cc SamO have this erroneous idea that I moved into a flood zone. FALSE!

Remnant | November 6, 2017

@SCCRENDO (November 4, 2017)

<< ... stop knocking government programs that help those less fortunate than you and pay your taxes without complaining. >>

Frightful ignorance!

Insurance against excessive risk was born out of the Free Market.

It provides compensation for unusually large and unpredictable damages, on the basis of risk actuaries.

When overtaken by government or its cronies –– like in Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, or Social Security –– insurance does become a boondoggle, fraught with inefficiencies and corruption. In such cases, "insurance" is a misnomer, used for demagoguing the dupes among us, while the term "profit" is a misnomer for legalized plunder. These are "entitlement" programs and epitomize the socialist deterioration of our economic structures.

SamO | November 6, 2017

oh you have a mortgage, do you? Well Captain Subsidies, you've been at the government tit longer and getting a lot more milk.

You keep admitting to getting your government subsidy and don't even see it.

SHOCKed, shocked I tell you :-)

Your deduction cost me $77,000,000,000 in 2016 you big cheese eating deadbeat.

"Costing at least $70 billion a year, the mortgage interest deduction is one of the largest federal tax expenditures, but it appears to do little to achieve the goal of expanding homeownership. The main reason is that the bulk of its benefits go to higher-income households who generally could afford a home without assistance: in 2012, 77 percent of the benefits went to homeowners with incomes above $100,000. Meanwhile, close to half of homeowners with mortgages — most of them middle- and lower-income families — receive no benefit from the deduction."

SamO | November 6, 2017

The irony: in defending yourself against charges of taking government benefits, you reveal taking more government benefits.


Do you have kids? They are subsidized by me.

Employer sponsored healthcare? Stealing my money.

Long term capital gains? Taking from Peter to pay Paul.

401k, IRA? There you are again, with your hand out and mouth open.

"$1.3 trillion worth of tax breaks that are allowed under the Internal Revenue Code. That’s the total estimated impact for fiscal year 2016 of the nearly 200 major “tax expenditures” – government lingo for tax breaks – that come in the form of exemptions, deductions, credits and other special provisions. Tax expenditures are defined as departures from “normal” income-tax law that benefit particular individuals and businesses."

SCCRENDO | November 6, 2017

@Sam0 +100. When others get government money it is called welfare. When welfare-MItch and Remnant get it it is called the free market.
@Welfare_MItch. You may not have been in a flood plain before but I think Harvey has just put you there. Had you understood climate change you would have realized that you were in a flood plain.

MitchP85D | November 6, 2017

Captain Planet, are you suggesting Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Houston, Beaumont, Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans, Mobile, Pensacola, Tampa, Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Charleston, Cape Hatteras, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston are all in a flood zone? And all of those cities need to stop building now???!!!!!

Let me get this straight. If everybody in these cities "knew" climate change, they would know not to live in these cities?

Whether you know it or not, that is basically your argument!

SamO | November 6, 2017

WE know it, numbnuts. It's you that doesn't understand. Read about the Netherlands.

"In December, the government approved a $20 billion increase in spending on water defenses and water quality improvements over the next 20 years. That was on top of $4 billion in extra projects already in the works this decade against the threat from river floods, as Dutch climate models predict global warming will lead to more abrupt showers in the Rhine catchment area, whose water ultimately funnels through the Netherlands on its way out to the sea.
The country also spends $680 million annually on maintaining its intricate existing system of sea and river dikes that have been built and improved for a millennium."

2009 Dutch Prepare for Rising Waters

2012 Assesment of Climate Change on the Netherlands

2017 The Dutch Have A Solution To Rising Seas
"The project is among dozens in a nationwide program, years in the making, called Room for the River, which overturned centuries-old strategies of seizing territory from rivers and canals to build dams and dikes. The Netherlands effectively occupies the gutter of Europe, a lowlands bounded on one end by the North Sea, into which immense rivers like the Rhine and the Meuse flow from Germany, Belgium and France. Dutch thinking changed after floods forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate during the 1990s. The floods “were a wake-up call to give back to the rivers some of the room we had taken,” as Harold van Waveren, a senior government adviser, recently explained.

“We can’t just keep building higher levees, because we will end up living behind 10-meter walls,” he said. “We need to give the rivers more places to flow. Protection against climate change is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain, and the chain in our case includes not just the big gates and dams at the sea but a whole philosophy of spatial planning, crisis management, children’s education, online apps and public spaces.”

You have to SPEND money to SAVE those cities. No more building to current code. It is a failure and recipe for bailing out dipshits who build in flood plains.

Tesla-David | November 6, 2017

@SamO, +1000, well said as usual!

SamO | November 6, 2017

It's like trying to catch up a toddle on quantum mechanics.

First, you burn a bunch of shit that's been burried for millions of years. Then, you heat the planet, which melts the ice and the raises the level of the oceans. Then, you either have to spend money to save those cities or you have to move inland. And that's why the flying spaghetti monster said he'd never flood the earth again. because: love.

The end.


I feel like this is either really easy to understand or someone is being paid to make this hard to understand.

pakpakss | November 6, 2017


pakpakss | November 6, 2017


pakpakss | November 6, 2017
pakpakss | November 6, 2017


pakpakss | November 6, 2017


MitchP85D | November 6, 2017

Hey 60cc SamO, let's put your global warming hysteria to the test around the Netherlands.

Zeebrugge, Belgium sea level is rising at the rate of 0.77 foot per century.

Cuxhaven 2, Germany sea level is rising at the rate of 0.83 foot per century.

Looks like to me the folks in the Netherlands went a bit too hysterical. Kinda like 60cc SamO!

SamO | November 6, 2017

Looks to me like there's village in Texas missing an idiot who just took a bunch of government $$$ to rebuild in a flood plain.

SCCRENDO | November 6, 2017

@Sam0. If he went back to the village and started believing in climate change and chose not to live in a flood plain we could save some of our tax money.

SCCRENDO | November 6, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. This is the situation in Netherlands
Perhaps you could save Houston the same way Hans saved the Netherlands from flooding

MitchP85D | November 6, 2017

Actually, it was insurance money that I contributed to over a ten year period! Not only for my house, but for my Mom's house and my sister's house. Mine was the only one that flooded, but my family paid 3 times for flood insurance over the past 10 years. If I didn't pay into it. I wouldn't have gotten it!

Apparently, that concept is too advanced for the likes of Captain Planet and 60cc SamO to comprehend!

My house was damaged. I paid for coverage. So, I filed for getting my house repaired. The sanctimonious Captain Planet and 60cc SamO would do the exact same thing if their homes were damaged!

Captain Planet and 60cc SamO are desperate. Their weak argument is failing them. They are doing all they can to show that my case is "unique" in some way!

SamO | November 7, 2017

Your case isn't unique. You are taking FEMA cheese. So do lots of people. But those rational people don't makeup fairy tales about how it's really private money. And they don't get credit for paying insurance for multiple houses when they eventually make a claim. Only 4-year-old children try those weak moves.

MitchP85D | November 7, 2017

60cc SamO, your narrative is false! Flood insurance is a National Insurance Program run by the Feds. It is both public and private. The private aspect comes from people like me who contribute to the flood insurance program via our insurance premiums. You declined flood insurance, so you don't contribute to the program. My Mom (until I sold her home), sis and I contribute to it. This is what makes the program work. People like me who buy the flood insurance. The more people who do, the less backing will be needed by the Federal Treasury. There have been years in the past when the Flood Insurance Program was self sufficient, and ran on private insurance premium funds alone.

Since I have been paying into the program for 10 years, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why I can't file a claim to repair my home. MY FAMILY HAS PAID OUR FAIR SHARE! Apparently, 60cc SamO and Captain Planet's infantile minds can't grasp that.

Those two were jumping up and down with glee when I first announced in the forum that my house got flooded. They thought I suffered great financial harm. This is what I've always noticed about liberals. They wish harm onto those whom they politically disagree with!

Once they found out I was covered for flood, these silly ones became angry. They went on this goofy campaign of theirs to mischaracterize my flood insurance coverage as receiving welfare.

By the way, I highly recommend anybody who lives in a place where it rains hard to buy flood insurance. The program works. if you flood, your damages get covered!

SCCRENDO | November 8, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. We understand what you are trying to say. However you fail to understand the parts that don't suit you to understand because you feel entitled. We know you are paying some private insurance companies. But if the government was not subsidizing it your rates would be very high. So the reason you are getting affordable rates is because of FEMA welfare for you which you proudly accepted. We understand the need for the government to take care of its more needy citizens like yourself even though we don't advantage of the FEMA welfare system for those who live in flood plains. And we have not complained about our tax money that has helped you out. But I believe that it is important to point out that you have benefited from our welfare and the least we could ask is perhaps some respect and gratitude for providing you with your welfare cheese.

Tesla2018 | November 8, 2017

Isnt the only way to get flood insurance through either Fema or Lloyds of London?

Cant really blame anyone who might need it for taking it. Its like taking Obamacare if you arent working and it is the only thing that will cover you if you have a preexisting condition. It too is subsidized by the government.

I dont think the government should subsidize these programs but insurance companies are theives and would charge crazy prices and try to demy as many claims as possible.
But people want free healthcare in the US and dont realize that it would be government subsized by taxes too if it was offerred.

SCCRENDO | November 8, 2017

@Tesla2018. So you think just like Welfare_Mitch. You don’t want to pay taxes to provide these programs but you would be quite happy to get your piece of government cheese if it saves you money. So I guess libertarian and tea party folk believe taxes and welfare are bad except for the ones that you guys need or think you need. Everyone else who collects are lazy individuals who should go get jobs. Then you can go to the front of the line like Welfare_Mitch and collect your cheese.

MitchP85D | November 8, 2017

Captain Planet, you don't have the faintest friggin' idea what my flood insurance rate would be if flood was offered by private insurance. FYI, I am in Zone X. Zoom out and read the legend.

MitchP85D | November 8, 2017

My first home is outside the 0.2% annual chance for flood. My current home is in that 0.2% zone, or Zone X. That means I am in the 500-year flood zone. FEMA has very detailed maps. Just plug you address in and you can find out what zone you are in.

SamO | November 9, 2017

Send me a copy of your address, social security number and mother's maiden name. I'll find some excellent insurance offered by my friend, the Nigerian Prince.

SCCRENDO | November 9, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. You may not have been in a flood zone before but your friend Harvey and that climate change you don’t seem to understand has just put you there. Looks like you are going to remain on FEMA welfare and will keep collecting your cheese.

MitchP85D | November 9, 2017

60cc SamO has an opportunity to explore the truth. He scampers away like the cockroach that he is!

Sedona, AZ is at the top of my list for retirement Captain Planet. Selling my current home in 5-8 years. Experiencing another flood in the meantime is extremely unlikely. I will keep you posted if I do!

SCCRENDO | November 9, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. Your track record for understanding hurricanes, the impact of climate change is pretty dismal so I would go to an expert who knows science for a better prediction. Well I guess we have you on FEMA welfare for the next 5-8 years. Don't worry pal. We love you. We have your back when Harvey's beligerant kids visit Houston.

MitchP85D | November 9, 2017

As long as I continue to pay the annual insurance premium! That is the main issue SASOT1 and SASOT2 continue to ignore.

MitchP85D | November 9, 2017

SASOT1, you still haven't addressed the issue that 98% of US counties have flooded in the past. According to your silliness, 98% of America is a flood zone!!!!

Mike83 | November 9, 2017

I believe Houston was built on a swamp so the Real Estate Developers like Don Trump could make some big bucks.
It is a shame they covered the marsh land that could have prevented the damages but of course they listen to developers and ignore those snowflake scientists, right?
We should stop funding these stupid people

SCCRENDO | November 9, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. This is the same nonsensical statement like your usual one that the earth was hotter and had higher CO2 levels 840,000 years ago. Houston flooded quite recently and that included the Welfare_MItch abode that he thought wasn't in a flood zone. Nobody is accusing you of not paying your premiums. You are just not paying the unregulated free market premiums that you love to talk about. You pay affordable premiums because you are accepting our taxpayer funded FEMA welfare cheese.

MitchP85D | November 9, 2017

Hey, Ozone Hole Mike ventured out of his realm. Houston is not a swamp!

SCCRENDO | November 9, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. You seem to have become the local Houston purveyor of fake news. Houston was indeed build on a swamp as is the Trump administration. And both are failing to drain the swamp.

Mike83 | November 9, 2017

Some of it used to be swamp. Look it up

Mike83 | November 9, 2017

SCCRENDO +1000 Draining the swamp, sure. LOL

MitchP85D | November 9, 2017

Metaphorical swamp. Not a real swamp like coastal Louisiana. We do get a lot of rain here. And we are doing the best we can to deal with it.

But guess what? 98% of all US counties have flooded in the past. I wonder if Ozone Hole Mike and SASOT1 think 98% of America is a flood zone!

SCCRENDO | November 10, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. This is the same nonsensical statement like your usual one that the earth was hotter and had higher CO2 levels 840,000 years ago. Houston flooded quite recently and that included the Welfare_MItch abode that he thought wasn't in a flood zone. Nobody is accusing you of not paying your premiums. You are just not paying the unregulated free market premiums that you love to talk about. You pay affordable premiums because you are accepting our taxpayer funded FEMA welfare cheese.

Remnant | November 10, 2017

@Mike83 (OP, September 2, 2017)

<< Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists ... Like climate disruption we have [identity] politics being the problem. >>

Truth is that our society has been invaded by the Reason-Denying SASOTs (Sanctimonious Socialist Turds) who are Neo-Marxist/Fascist Body Snatchers. Once they occupy your body, they turn your brain into a Reason Denying, AGW-Worshiping slime. At this point, you have been zombified into a SASOT yourself and feel compelled to deny reason, to practice identity politics, and to burst out into seizures of anti-Trump roaring and fascist violence.

We should pray for the SASOTs in our midst and direct them to the best hospice care in the world, apparently in the UK, soon to become the United Kalifate of the West where hospice care will be designed to include beheading as an accommodation for SASOTs.

Mike83 | November 10, 2017

Although Scifi is fun lets get back to reality. Flood plains in Houston and development made it catastrophic.

find your flood zone

As Climate Change gets worse the flooding will simply get worse. Perhaps too difficult for fossil fuel worshipers to comprehend.

SCCRENDO | November 10, 2017

@MIke. We have just seen a fine example of a word salad that results from missing frontal lobes. And I think it is not useful to confuse the remaining Remnant with facts. But thanks for the links. I appreciate them.

Mike83 | November 10, 2017

@SCCRENDO my pleasure. Have a great day.
Remnant gives me a belly laugh.

MitchP85D | November 10, 2017

Hey SASOT1, what nonsense are you yakin' about? This is from FEMA!

See it? See the comment about 98% of US counties being affected by flood events in the past? Check out a bunch of states from the drop-down menu. If floods everywhere!!!!

SASOT1, SASOT2, and Ozone Hole Mike are all making a false argument that Houston is the only place in America built in a flood zone! Well, check the facts. You three are fulla crap!!!!!!

By the way, your high-tax state is being subsidized by Texas because we don't have an income tax in Texas! You get a Federal tax deduction that we don't get. Your complaints about subsidizing my flood insurance are faint! By the way, you can buy flood insurance in California if you want to. You chose not to. And you silly socialists are mad at those who do!

SCCRENDO | November 10, 2017

@Welfare_Mitch. I didn't say flooding was confined to Houston. I understand climate change. However I am smart enough to realize that you you shouldn't build over wetlands and behind dams in a flood zone like Houston. It is best to try reduce the the risk of future flooding instead of rebuilding and waiting to collect your welfare cheese with the next flood.

El Mirio | November 10, 2017

@Mitch, Houstons whole economy is subsidized by the whole planet! O&G even fosters despots.

Mike83 | November 10, 2017

California the world's 6th largest economy is giving a free ride to Texas and the slow states. Attempting to mess with this will not be pretty.

El Mirio | November 10, 2017

@Mike, it's not whole Texas! Dallas and St. Antonio don't rely on O&G, TX economy is also large and very significant not just because of O&G.

MitchP85D | November 10, 2017

Captain Planet, you have a way too high appraisal of yourself! I suppose you think you know better than the US Army Corp of Engineers!