HOV application online (CA)

HOV application online (CA)

Just got my license plate today.
I remember seeing HOV application online, I don't seem to find it anymore.
Can someone please point me to the link to apply for California hov sticker online.

stangel | July 13, 2013
shop | July 13, 2013

FYI, while some people have reported getting their stickers within a few weeks, it took 3 months for me, so be patient.

petero | July 13, 2013

I went through the whole process, it took the DMV a month to cash the $8 check and the stickers arrived a month or so later. My suggestion, check out a model S with the stickers in place and see how it looks to you.

I have the stickers, couldn't sully our beautiful car... and my S is white!

soma | July 13, 2013

Has anyone come across a way to attach the sticker in a non permanent sticking way that won't be ugly removal after the HOV allowance probably expires in a few years?

Maybe putting the sticker itself on some kind of vinyl backing that does the kind of "fake sticky" to surfaces and can be removed easily again?

On a side note, I really get frustrated with CA's lack of policing of these HOV lanes. What's the point of buying a car partly for the HOV benefit, if anyone basically can drive in the lane without any repercussions if they're not entitlted to?

create | July 13, 2013

Looks like the law will be extended until Jan 1, 2019 ( so they are going to be on there for a while. For me not worth the hassle to try stuff to make it less permanent. They don't bother me on my grey s. Just glad they are not green like what the pzevs have or the old yellow ones.

satyer | July 14, 2013

Thank you everyone, this forum is awesome.

shop | July 14, 2013

The police do pull people over from the HOV lanes - a few Tesla owners who didn't want to put the stickers on have been pulled over already.

earlyretirement | July 14, 2013

@ soma,

But don't these people get ticketed via the cameras installed? I have friends that have driven in the HOV lanes and they said they got a ticket in the mail. So it's not as if there is no penalties. Right?

soma | July 14, 2013

In the history of time, I have never seen it happen - at least not on the 101 Palo Alto side.

SevenOfNine | July 14, 2013

I've definitely seen the cops bust people for driving in the carpool lane on 85 in the south bay - perhaps once a week. And as one who is sitting in the parking lot of non-carpool lanes, I actively watch the drivers, and almost never see anyone violating the carpool lane rules. Can't wait to get in that lane when my car arrives later this month (and I wait the few months for the sticker).

By the way, are there any tricks for getting the sticker faster? Such as showing up in person, or applying before your car ships somehow?

kidjay | July 14, 2013

I applied for the stickers right after I received my Vin # from Tesla. DMV sent my application and check back to me stating the vehicle had not been registered in my name yet! I received this about 2 weeks after receiving my MS. I would wait till you receive the car before sending it in. I lost 2+ weeks by trying to get them faster! I still don't have them till this date! :(

JPPTM | July 14, 2013

I mounted my stickers on the black plastic skirt, below the right rear bumper and below the rear quarter panels--not pretty but a badge of honor. And, yes, the CHP will stop and ticket if you do not have the stickers applied. Their argument is that you could be moving them between vehicles.

cablue | July 17, 2013

I sent in my application in on 6/22 and received my stickers on 7/10. Not too bad! I have a silver car, so it's hardly noticeable. I just put the smaller one on the rear right area. A motorcycle CHP passed me while in the carpool lane and was okay with that, along with my tinted windows - front tinted, also. It's the best driving in the HOV lane! This is definitely a much quicker turnaround than they had been doing.

SevenOfNine | July 25, 2013

Do I have to wait until I receive my plates, or can I apply as soon as I've received my car and have applied for my plates?

Schlermie | July 25, 2013

The application form for the HOV stickers requires you to specify your license plate number. If you already know your number somehow, then you can apply now.

laalan | July 25, 2013

For each of my electric vehicles, I have obtained the plate number long before actually receiving registration and California plates. AAA, local friendly police and others can usually put it from the DMV computer 10-14 days after you take possession of the car. Then 2-4 weeks from mailing date of application and $8 till stickers.

ir | July 25, 2013

I've heard rumors that using certified mail helps expedite the process because it must be handled by a real person on delivery instead of at the bottom if a mail bag.

I learned about that trick after I mailed my application. Took 4-6 weeks.

Can anybody confirm?

laalan | July 25, 2013

I tried it once of the 4 times I had to do the process. Made no difference. A few weeks ago, it took a week to cash the check and a week to get the sticker in the mail. Pretty good for DMV

shop | July 25, 2013

Mine took 3 months in the spring this year, so YMMV.

Land of Texas | November 29, 2014

I just send mine in last week to the DMV. Anyone have any other times available for when we get the sticker from the time we send in the check?

SoCal Buzz | November 30, 2014

In CA? About 3 weeks.