How to charge on a road trip Nashville to Atlanta?

How to charge on a road trip Nashville to Atlanta?

Heading 120 miles east of Atlanta. The return trip is about 360 mies 1 way. I called koa but they do not allow cars to charge there yet. Public stations seem to be at a recharge rate of 9-12 mies per hour and do not want to stop for so many hrs on a return trip. (Also its on a Sunday so tesla Atlanta is closed). Where can I find a 50 amp charge between Atlanta and Chattanooga? Sure would be nice if the supercharging network was fully implemented. Also, what convention plugs might be useful to have?

Any updates on built in radar detectors?

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | August 7, 2013

Keep looking at other campgrounds. I recently used a KOA enroute from Dayton OH to Pittsburgh and back. Absolutely no problems. I paid $5 per hour for a 50amp circuit. The local KOA staff told me that KOA headquarters had sent out information to their sites encouraging them to consider allowing short term plug ins for temporarily vacant campsites.

PilotPlugIn | August 7, 2013


I know of some people that are doing a x-country trip with some EVs and have reported using KOA sites to charge, but not sure if it was on a 30AMP or 50AMP circuit. I know they are still in route to California, but they maybe able to offer some info as they did go through Atlanta and Chattanooga. ( or on Facebook)

On the subject of NASHVILLE, if you live around Nashville please contact me regarding National Plug in Day. We are planning on a great EV event at Centennial Park and are looking for more Tesla owners to be involved. (

My email is

Hope to hear from you!

KarlB | August 7, 2013

Have you tried some of the residential chargers on (need to register, but it's free) ? There's bound to be a private user willing to let you use their high-power charger.

pratik.pandharipande | September 15, 2013

Hey Nashvillians!
I am picking up my Model S on the 28th of September in Atlanta (so sorry- will miss plug in day this year!). I have to drive back to Brentwood, TN (230 miles or so) on the 29th in my 85KW car. Based on your experience can you tell me of some places on the way to charge- 50 amp preferable. I looked at some of the plugshare options but cant tell whether any have the tesla chargers. BLINK dosent seem like a great option.
Would love to chat- email me at please

frankviaje | November 19, 2013

Tesla can charge any common electric outlet: they give you a bag full of adapters. You can easily make the 230 mile trip in your Model S without recharging at all, IF you are willing to moderate your speed. If you go fifty miles per hour, you should make it with room to spare. I regularly get over 230 miles on a charge driving highways at 50-55 mph. You will use up a lot of juice driving up the mountains near Chattanooga and Manchester, but you will get a lot of it back driving down those same mountains! If not, go on and find a spot to charge. Or take a lesson from the guy who claimed he went over 700 miles on a single charge: he averaged 18 mph, and the Tesla folks said it was possible. But consult with the good folks at Tesla in Marietta, GA: they can tell you with confidence how to insure you will make it.

frankviaje | November 19, 2013

Sorry, I just realized you make your trip two months ago...

willardb | November 20, 2013


All CRACKER BARREL restaurants in Tennessee have chargers, I am told and have used several.