How do you sign up for the group testing the new full self driving program?

How do you sign up for the group testing the new full self driving program?

I am not sure how to sign up for the full self driving project. My wife and our dog are about to take a long road trip. We are planning to take our X from just south of Boston to Peoria,Ill then off to Denver for a family event. That seem somewhat easy (except for weather issues). However driving from there we will head out to El Paso,Tx. and most likely leave the car there to visit our son who lives in Ciudad Juarez. He does not think we should bring the car into Mexico and the Police may try to shake me down not to mention there is little charging opportunities.
Then of course we will head back to Boston.
I have the 75 so my driving distance is limited to 200+/- depending on the temperatures etc.
My biggest concerns were between Albuquerque and El Paso then between El Paso and Dallas. The Tesla Trip Map had me going via Arizona which is way out of my way and not necessary, as I found Supercharging stations that are available in places like Truth or Consequences that are not on the map but are on the list of stations when I look them up.
Any thoughts by folks would be really appreciated. We are leaving lste January which is not the most ideal month but we have to be in Denver by Feb. 7th.
Thanking all in advance,

bp | December 30, 2018

To participate in the first round of FSD trials:

Step 1: Apply for a job at Tesla
Step 2: Get hired
Step 3: Move to wherever Tesla wants you to work
Step 4: Start working at Tesla
Step 5: Place an order for a new Tesla, and sign up for the FSD program

And do all of the above before Tesla fills up the limited number of FSD trial slots they've allocated for employees.

Tesla will likely have a non-employee FSD trial program later. In the past, this has been invitation only - Tesla reaching out to specific customers and inviting them to participate in a closed testing program.

Though... What's also likely to happen is for the FSD functionality to be rolled out in a software release as a "driver assist" feature, like we saw with the V9 NOAP (Navigate On AutoPilot) that works only on limited access highways for vehicles with EAP activated. Even if Tesla is claiming to be testing FSD with employees next year, it's likely to be "driver assist" and not FSD, because operating any vehicles without a human driver requires government approval - and to get that you need to do enough testing to demonstrate the software can safely operate the vehicle - hence the need to get people to use FSD (as NOAP).

Appears unlikely you'll be able to get any additional EAP/FSD features before the upcoming road trip. Though NOAP on the limited access highways should make the driver easier...

mathwhiz | December 31, 2018

The simple answer is:

You don't.

ScooterJim | January 1, 2019

Forget the FSD aspect, look at the following website for Tesla supercharger locations ( destination chargers ( Early in 2017 I traveled from Atlanta to Albuquerque over the southern route I-10 and beyond to LA when Ft. Stockton was not completed. Now that Ft. Stockton is finished there are not problems on I-10. Pecos supercharger is also completed so there is no problems going to Dallas from El Paso. There are 4 hotels in Ciudad Juarez and you find them at

ScooterJim | January 1, 2019

Distance between Albuquerque SC and Truth or Consequences SC is 150 miles. Socorro, NM Best Western has a destination charger (J-1772) if you have to stay overnight there.

ScooterJim | January 1, 2019

One more website to use