How do you like "Tuosule"?

How do you like "Tuosule"?

Seems like Tesla found a way to deal with chinese problems.

Tesluthian | August 20, 2013

Still not sure what Tousule means ?

For a Chinese Tesla name I like "Teshua" (Tes-wah). I believe it translates to "Tes Blossom".

teslaver | August 20, 2013

read a few different meanings of the same word... well whatever it may be I think shareholders will love it for the saved $$ and Chinese will love it so they can save on gas & enjoy the ride..
so it very well may be "Tes Blossom!"

Brian H | August 20, 2013

It's Hong Kong dialect: Develop-Speed-Happy.

David Campbell | August 20, 2013

Tuosule is simply the transliteration into Hongkongese, that is how someone from china pronounces TESLA, it is meaningless.

olanmills | August 20, 2013

Is this a legit article though? Look at this bizarre, made up quote:

Musk paid great attention to China market as usual. He said, “TESLA China pricing won’t be unreasonably high because of numbers of Chinese riches but will be the same with America and Europe. Besides, considering the specific requirements of China market, there will be some specific designs on the back row.”

teslaver | August 21, 2013

Not specific to China though, I believe I have heard a statement in line with the above statement (unless I am dreaming it up) on one of the earnings call.

Brian H | August 21, 2013

translated English to Chinese and back again?

olanmills | August 22, 2013

Yes, that seems what has happened, based on other articles I've read lately, it seems like the various quotes in the article aren't just Engrish, but Engrish paraphrasing of things that were said.

Rocky_H | July 10, 2014

And this is now a thing again why? This was decided last year in 2013, and now there's a big thing because of someone suing over the anme in July 2014, and the stock is dropping because people don't seem to realize this was settled last year.

And the point of your new lawsuit is what? Flagged!

ElectricSteve | July 14, 2014

Rocky, it is the very same Chinese Gentleman (Gentledick?) that is suing again. Yes it was settled, but he smells money so he is trying again. Greed is a nasty thing.
He is just another untalented *sswipe that thinks he can get rich quick.