how to get $2500 deposit refund after confirming

how to get $2500 deposit refund after confirming

Has anyone been able to get the $2500 deposit refunded after confirming order?

I realized that the payments would be too heavy after quickly confirming the order without thinking it through. It's only been 3 days.

GeekEV | August 25, 2013

Call or email the and ask to cancel the order. Then wait.

mrspaghetti | August 25, 2013

+1 GeekEV

If they haven't started building it they will probably refund your money without any issues.

I got a refund a few days after confirming, but back then there was a longer wait before the order hit the factory. So definitely don't wait.

mrspaghetti | August 25, 2013

Definitely CALL, don't email.

bonaire | August 25, 2013

I notice on the web that the deposit is refundable up to 2 weeks. (has it always been two weeks)? I suppose that this qualifies even after you confirm. Call them, don't post here. Or go into a showroom, but they'll probably just route you to the proper person in California.

I want to go through a configuration of a 60 kWh to check final pricing - but am a little hesitant right now. If stars align, I might do it in a month or two.

jeddi | August 28, 2013

I'm past the two week deadline and may have to cancel my order.
They're saying that they wont refund my deposit. Can't I just dispute this with my credit card company?

mdemetri | August 28, 2013


I feel for you, but I think you are out of luck for your deposit. You may want to consider going ahead with the car anyway and sell it if you think it will cost you less than $2,500.

bonaire | August 28, 2013

Follow the rules and you could get the refund. They should make it nonrefundable from the start. Keeps investors from gaming the system near earnings date. i am glad that they have a short window of refundability now and it is a good business decision.

Mathew98 | August 29, 2013

@bonaire - The reservation deposit is fully refundable anytime before confirming the order. Once you push your order in, you will have two weeks before the website automatically finalize the configuration and forward it to the factory to begin building your car.

The two weeks grace period has always been in place between confirming and finalizing the order. It's only non refundable once the factory gets the order.

AmpedRealtor | August 29, 2013

@ jeddi,

Unfortunately you're out of luck with your credit card company. If you dispute the $2,500 charge, they will ask you for receipts and copies of agreements with Tesla. Once they see that you agreed to your money being non-refundable after 2 weeks, they will deny your dispute. A credit card dispute is not a "get out of jail free" card, your request for a refund is in violation of your agreement with Tesla. When you gave Tesla $2,500, they emailed you to let you know that it is refundable for a limited 2-week period and included a reservation agreement as a PDF file. Did you read those?

If you really don't want the car, then you will probably have to walk away from the $2,500. In the end, it will cost you less to do that than to move forward with your car only to sell it. I think you'll take more than a $2,500 hit on the resale, however you will also get a $7,500 tax credit. Weigh your options and do what's best.

Theresa | August 29, 2013

Don't forget about taxes if you take delivery and sell. You NEVER get that back.

Mathew98 | August 29, 2013

@Theresa - "Don't forget about taxes."

Unless the OP lives in one of the tax free states for EV's (WA & NJ are examples).

slorojo | August 29, 2013

Isn't there a clause about a making a good faith effort to get financing - and if that fails you can get your deposit back? If it truly is out of your financial could be no one will agree to finance you and you might have an out that way. No idea what constitutes a 'good faith effort' though.

Brian H | August 30, 2013

Find a local who intends to buy your exact config and get him to co-purchase. His reward: early delivery. Yours: $2500.

toruonu | August 30, 2013

Tesla (EU) told me when I asked about the refundability that if within said 2 weeks I find that I may need more time to get the financing etc questions settled I can call them and they can stop the countdown clock for a week or two without severly impacting the timing. During that time one can still get the refund.

No clue though beyond just human factor on getting the refund back after you confirm your order (that's the risk you took when you hit the confirm button). So call them and tell your sad story and they might relent.

Dv000 | August 30, 2013

@jeddi You will probably win if you dispute with the CC company since you didn't get the product yet.(dealt with this in my own business with a similar nonrefundable clause) but that doesn't mean that you'd win if they take you to court.

jbunn | August 30, 2013

To the OP, you probably drove the car. Put down a deposit. Got your "time to configure email". You configured your car, picked all your options, signed and sent all your paperwork back. You sent a substantial amount of time and energy to get into this deal without any time limit or pressure from a salesman.

Those of us who are owners, can tell you it's a great car and if you get it, you will enjoy it. You would be going through with an expensive purchase, but not a purchase of a bad product.

But if not the car, then forfeit the $2500. Yes, it's expensive, but perhaps you can write it off your taxes as an educational expense. It's going to pay for itself over time.

Brian H | August 30, 2013

OP didn't just change his mind, external circumstances changed so much he can no longer handle the purchase. "Persuasion" is not helpful or relevant.

Captain_Zap | August 30, 2013


How is realizing that the payments are to high after committing to a purchase an external circumstance? That is how I read it.

In that situation I probably would just swallow and take my lumps. I knew what the agreement said when I signed it.

jbunn | August 30, 2013

Brian, I don't get that out of his post. He says he did it quickly.

mario.kadastik | August 30, 2013

Yup, seems the OP was a bit trigger happy. However the order confirmation conditions say that the 2 week period is the only time you get a full refund if you cancel EXCEPT for special circumstances.

The special circumstances are that even though you made your best effort to find financing you fail to acquire it. If that is the case you let the Tesla rep know and they will feel sorry for you and refund your deposit. However best make this a real sorry letter explaining how the financing came out worse than you had anticipated.