How to have Tesla in any state including NJ, AZ, etc.

How to have Tesla in any state including NJ, AZ, etc.

For those states that are strongly anti-consumer, such as New Jersey, that have banned Tesla stores, Tesla should just hang a small sign below the Tesla logo as “Museum”. The Tesla Museum would provide a wonderful interactive experience for the museum attendee. The Tesla Museum would offer free admission, as it is sponsored by Tesla Motors.

Attendees can try the “Select your options” app to build your dream car. Sit in one of the static display cars so see what everyone is talking about. Learn how electric cars are better for the environment. With an appointment, go for a thrilling ride in one of the museum’s stable of cars. It even has a gift store where you can by hats and shirts. Visitors are shown the Tesla website that they can access from the safety of their own home. Attendees are also shown that sophisticated buyers from around the world can buy a Model S through the website without having to be assaulted by the pain of dealing with a car dealer.

With the Tesla Museum, Tesla no longer has a store and should be legal in any state!

sbeggs | March 12, 2014

@TeslaTap, absolutely brilliant!

Captain_Zap | March 12, 2014

A fine tribute to Nikola Tesla would be an make for a great interactive educational experience too. I'd volunteer!

Roamer@AZ USA | March 12, 2014

I purchased and received two Model S Tesla's in Arizona. Made both purchases 100 % online. The first delivered to my driveway and the second from the newly opened service center. Not hard to buy one in Arizona. Some day I will make a social visit to the actual Arizona store, but so far have had no reason to visit the actual store.

The first time I touched a Tesla was when the first one unloaded off the auto hauler in front of my house. This is such a great car you don't need a test drive.

It is not hard to buy and register one in Arizona. The Arizona Service Center is fantastic.

jackhub | March 12, 2014

Hey! That's great. Including Nikola Tesla would be neat.

SD Supercharger | March 12, 2014

I would like to spend a 'night at the museum"

Mathew98 | March 12, 2014

+100 @TeslaTap, @Captain_Zap

Great ideas. They should be Nikola Tesla "museums" with detail history of how Edison screwed him on some of his earlier inventions.

thranx | March 12, 2014

@Roamer; +1; did likewise.

Brian H | March 12, 2014

The Future Museum?

jordanrichard | March 12, 2014

Roamer and Thranx, not to sound like a snob, but we are not the general public. Personally I drove 1 1/2 hours to the nearest store to test drive one. in 2 1/2 weeks I will be driving 1 hour to the nearest service center to pick my car up. With that said, the average Joe 6 pack that Tesla plans on selling the Gen III car to, isn't going to do that. For the general public it really does come down to "out of sight, out of mind".

Word of mouth will only go so far. Hell, even after all the national news about the fires in Teslas, the great news from Consumer Reports, Motor Trend, countless Youtube videos, most people don't know what a Tesla is. Tesla can't expect to sell 100,000 or whatever, Gen IIIs if no one has ever heard of the company.

tes-s | March 12, 2014

And of course, the Museum is set up as a not-for-profit...

jordanrichard | March 12, 2014

They could also just call them education centers, to teach people about the advantages of electric cars. They could even put a Nissan Leaf in showroo.....I mean classroom. Since they wouldn't be able to discuss price, there would be an issue of having to explain the price difference between the Leaf and a MS, eventually the Gen III.

thranx | March 12, 2014

@jordanrichard; no argument with your observation...but given how sophisticated today's kids (for me, anyone under 40) are today about the Net, and how Tesla's recognition factor continues to accelerate, I'd think the company will sell oodles of model E's via the web, if necessary.

Not to dispute that storefronts are necessary, of course.

CT-Greg | March 12, 2014

What's sad to me is that my insurance agent hadn't heard of them. "Tesla Model S? Who makes that?" Actually he said "Telsa" a few times.

bevguy | March 12, 2014

I just got insurance today for my Tesla to be delivered in a couple of days. The State Farm clerk making out my application had never heard of Tesla. This is in a decent but not fancy neighborhood. The computer at State Farm gave me a price but Tesla but the car wasn't listed under manufacturer - Tesla but under some miscellaneous category.
But I have found that most but no means all who could afford a Tesla S have heard of it, particularly younger people. Which definitely does not describe me.

Captain_Zap | March 12, 2014

Governor Christie just might be the key to increasing some of that Tesla awareness.

Plugged In | March 12, 2014

Maybe in a couple of prime locations they could copy the idea of a shopping center in either Danville or San Ramon, CA (not sure which - anyone in the East Bay is welcome to clarify) in which they have a very large auto museum along with their (high end) stores. It's a real museum, complete with cars from every era. They even have an electric car from the 1970's that Consumer Reports tested.

But as someone pointed out, they could discuss "past, present, future" and "why we need an electric car?"

Followed by another room in which you can learn about "how to get one. Today!"

Brilliant ideas here, absolutely brilliant.

Anything to tell His Royal Immenseness to go stick it where the sun don't shine.

rodmael | March 12, 2014

I love this: "Anything to tell His Royal Immenseness to go stick it where the sun don't shine."

Sadly, you know the NJ crooks (not talking about the Mafia, THEY have some principles) would quickly pass a law against car museums that had the letter "t" anywhere in the filing papers. Or outlaw the word "Tesla" being used anywhere in the state.

Velo1 | March 12, 2014

Post of the year! | March 12, 2014

As for history, Tesla could include the Tesla Roadster. It's a perfect fit for the Tesla Museum. No need for other cars.

When a visitor asks for a price, the docent only needs to tell them that Governor Christy will not allow the price to be discussed as he feels it harms the consumer. Governor Christy feels it's important for every consumer in New Jersey to be screwed by the existing dealer network and ensure lots of funds from these dealers flow back into his political pockets.

Shesmyne2 | March 12, 2014

I have many friends/family in NJ & the education is getting there, but there is still a fair amount of
ignorance-and I don't mean that badly, but a fair amount of people STILL don't know what Tesla is, or stands for. Even when I tell them of our trips, fun, etc.

That being said, + 1 Captain Zap

Still Grinning ;-)

huzz1970 | March 12, 2014

The New Jersey decision is disappointing. We lived in central NJ in the 80's. It was the brunt of a lot of jokes, and recent petty politics have not helped it's image. But, it was a nice, green place to live. Very sad. Interesting to reflect on the fact that they would turn down tax revenues as well... I do like the museum concept- brilliant!

edfinn | March 12, 2014

+1 Teslatap
A museum of the future.

negarholger | March 12, 2014

that is how the dealers must be feeling these days...

negarholger | March 12, 2014

another great idea... why not put the incentives in the dealers pocket.

Brian H | March 13, 2014

Disagree with your observations, assumptions, and conclusions. When people are involved, interested, and excited they can really 'get into it'. Word of mouth will continue to work just fine. | June 12, 2014

Let's see now.

I believe that it is possible to order a Tesla vehicle from one's home via the Internet.

Therefore, as Starbucks for example provides free Internet access via wifi in their stores, one may order a Tesla from Starbucks. You could probably ask for help there, if needed.

Conclusion, Tesla should include a Starbucks presence in its galleries with someone to help you order a car, if you need help.

Vente mocha latte and a Model S, please...

Tom A | June 12, 2014

Actually, there will be an interactive Tesla Science Museum that has been talked about before - they are taking volunteers and money, now that they have secured the land of Nikola Tesla's old laboratory grounds:

I became a member and donated, and I'm seriously considering taking a small vacation up there to volunteer on one of their weekends.

ModelSv2 | September 17, 2018

CT-Greg | March 12, 2014

What's sad to me is that my insurance agent hadn't heard of them. "Tesla Model S? Who makes that?" Actually he said "Telsa" a few times.

LOL what hick town you live in? Or was your insurance guy a ostrich?

Mine not only knew it as do all in my city and surrounding, but also warned about getting a P because those are classified in the Ferrari league bu insurance companies. Vancouver the cost of insurance is double on P models those $700-$800 a month!

tes-s | September 17, 2018

A lot has changed in 4.5 years - most insurance agents have at least heard of Tesla by now, and probably written insurance.

What has not changed is Tesla still can't sell in CT. For a while they were delivering cars in Milford, but that got squashed by the state as well. If they can't get legislation passed this year, maybe they should try the museum approach.

Rocky_H | September 17, 2018

Yeah, this is odd, reviving a four year old thread to criticize an insurance person's lack of knowledge about Tesla from back then.

bish | September 17, 2018

Museum approach??

NOLEK SUM | September 17, 2018

We have stores in Az, but they are not allowed to “sell”. They give you all the info you need, however. When I bought my first as in 2013, just before ordering, I went back to the store to have one more look. The manager asked me what I was going to order, and I showed him. He checked off three options and said “those are completely useless and a waste of money.” He saved me about $7000. When is it the last time that happened at a dealership?

The process of buying/taking delivery here is the easiest of any car I have ever bought. From my point of view, having an actual dealership would be no advantage whatsoever.

NOLEK SUM | September 17, 2018

“...bought my first S ...”

GD Apple dictation...