How high does the air suspension raise the car?

How high does the air suspension raise the car?

I can't seem to find anywhere on the Tesla website a description of how high the air suspension can raise the car. I might consider air because I do have a farm that I travel to and the roads are all dirt roads that can be quite rugged--because of that I'm definitely getting the 19" wheels and am undecided about air.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

TommyBoy | July 28, 2013

I've heard one inch. Somebody will correct me.

Xerogas | July 28, 2013

Check this thread (found it using

greenmachine1 | July 28, 2013

Can you drive the car in the lowest setting when going 20-40 mph?

ir | July 28, 2013

Only the Normal setting can be used 20-Highway (65?).

You can use all settings when parked, very high (under 10 mph) and high (under 20 mph).

RZitrin1 | July 28, 2013

We tried to measure it on mine. We got about 1.8 inches. Walter Franck, an excellent OE guy, says 1.3 inches. I think it's a bit more. Franck says, on the volkerize thread, 2.1 inches from Low setting to Highest.

It reverts to normal at above 20 mph. I'd like to see a software enhancement allowing to remain High until 35 mph for city driving, especially in SF, where I live.


RanjitC | July 28, 2013

Be careful it sinks back to normal when parked although the screen still says it is in high mode. I found this out when I ripped off my my front bumper backing out in "high mode" which I had used to park.

GeirT | July 29, 2013


Also for snowy conditions like we have in Norway during harsh winters.
In the olden times my Citroen CX had this wonderful function, rising up a couple of inches allowing me to fly through the snow drifts.
But seriously, it should indeed be a function for us snow folks. It will prove to be very useful. Maybe an update when the bitching and moaning rises in force, say Q1 2014...