how to jump start other cars?

how to jump start other cars?

Does anyone know if models S has battery terminals I can connect the jump cable to so I can help jump start other cars? Thx

stephen.kamichik | September 15, 2013

Remove the nose cone and you will see the terminals. Jump starting other cars is probably NOT recommended.

judimasters | September 15, 2013

How do I remove the nose cone? Why are we calling it a cone?

Captain_Zap | September 15, 2013

That sounds like a job for a portable jump starter. I certainly wouldn't risk doing it with my car.

I think that someone posted instructions and images of nose cone removal at TMC. You might search the threads there.

NICE | September 15, 2013

I wouldn't try jump starting another car. The MS has a small motorcycle size battery that is just enough to power its own systems. The drain caused by the starter of the other car may damage it. Ask yourself, how often do you see a motorcycle jump starting a car?

soma | September 15, 2013

There's one such video here:

Without knowing what kind of 12v battery the Tesla uses, I myself would not want to subject it to a conventional car starter load.

TikiMan | September 15, 2013
J.T. | September 16, 2013

According to Ted Merendino who did the Tesla Tech Talk events he said that the Tesla can be used to start another car and the Tesla 12v can be jumped from another car.

I, personally, would not offer my car to use as a jumper to anyone, but if a family member was stranded somewhere and other help was not available I'd give it a try.

Thomas N. | September 16, 2013

I have the PowerStation 1000 listed on your Amazon link. Costco always carries them in some incarnation and they are around $60 there.

It has jump-started my completely-dead car a couple times when our other vehicle was unable to provide enough juice via car-to-car transfer.

It also has an air compressor which I have used several times. It ends the hassle of heading to the gas station to use their air to correctly regulate tire pressure.

I have one in each of my cars now and plan to have it in the Tesla as well. Weighs about 25 pounds or so.