How long to get free year of super charging applied?

How long to get free year of super charging applied?

I purchased my M3 at the end of Sept., actually intended to pick up early October. At the time Tesla was doing everything to get cars shipped and impress investors and critics. Long story short, I spoke with my delivery and got them to give me a free year of super charging if I picked up before the end of September. Now two months later the year of super charging still hasn't been applied. I'm wondering other peoples experience with this. I've been told they are just "backed up" in getting these processed, but it seems like it should be a "quick"account adjustment. Is it normal for this to take 2+ months?

EVRider | December 6, 2018

If the free year of supercharging was something you negotiated, did you get it in writing? I don't recall any supercharging promotions offering a free year of supercharging for non-P Model 3.

buddha | December 6, 2018

Yes, it was negotiated and I have a series of email exchanges with my delivery advisor starting with one that says that he can get it applied pending pickup before the end of September (which it was), and then series of email exchanges to check on the status. Again what I'm really wondering is for others who've somehow received super charging in the past how long has it taken for you to actually get it applied? Days? Week? Months?

wfickas | December 6, 2018

I just picked up my 3 last week, purchased via a friend's referral code and am also waiting to see when my 6 months credit appears.

Yodrak. | December 6, 2018

We know that Tesla is understaffed and slow in many 'back office' aspects of the business. It concentrated on production to stay alive and now has to catch up in the other areas.

We don't know that local Tesla people have the authority to offer things like free supercharging for a year that are not the 'official' company offerings. Maybe they have that authority, maybe they don't.

Please let us know if you receive the free year.

buddha | December 6, 2018

FWIW, this was not the delivery advisor at my local Tesla. This was the person from out of state who was coordinating my vehicle delivery, I don't know enough about Tesla's organization structure to say where this person sits in the hierarchy, so not too worth speculating. While I appreciate the thoughts and insights on who might or might not have authority to do this, or whether or not Tesla offered broad non-P Model free super charging, I'm really still looking for insight on timeframes people have experienced. I'd love to hear examples of how long it took for Super Charging to be applied to your account if you were promised it and it was not applied immediately. Thanks.

EVRider | December 7, 2018

As long as you have it in writing you should be okay. Lots of owners have had to wait weeks or more to get free supercharging applied to their account, and when that happens Tesla will refund anything you’ve been charged. It will happen eventually.

Riichi Mahjong 21 | December 7, 2018

I'm in the EXACT same situation. My understanding of it was that the free supercharging was for performance models only. But that was BEFORE they went on the late September push to sell more of their inventory models. I was also one that made sure that I was going to get the free supercharging through email with my representative.

I called several times and have an open ticket, but no updates from them for about 2 months. I called again and they said they would escalate the ticket so it will be more visible to higher managers, but still no update.

I'm being patient as well, but it has been lagging to be honest.

But at the end of the day, I still love my Model 3, and I would have gotten the car anyway. I just feel a little weird since they said they would give free supercharging, but haven't followed up from their side.

buddha | December 7, 2018

Thanks, EVRider and Riichi. Sadly, it does sound like this may not be an unheard of situation and that it may just take time. My worry has also been that they will try to make it tied to the date of purchase and not when it is actually applied, so that I actually get less than a year. I've been checking in every few weeks to see if there is an update, but will probably start increasing my checks as this goes on. I'm guessing that this has to go through some bureaucracy, but it's still really surprising. I would think that once offered and requested by someone internal that it would be a relatively easy account update to make.

EVRider | December 8, 2018

@buddha: I would expect the free year to start when you took delivery, and that Tesla would refund any charges for supercharging since that time.

mudba | May 12, 2019

Same problem here. I picked up at the end of September and had my first super charging yesterday and I was charged. Hoping to get it resolved this week.

neilhamrin | May 12, 2019

My model 3P stealth was ordered when it came with unlimited supercharging. It showed up on my page as pay-per-use. Went to a sc and no charge was registered and several weeks went by and the web page changed to unlimited.
Try a sc and see.

ham1668 | May 13, 2019

Thanks for posting your experiences here...the promo when I signed up was for 1000 miles of free supercharging (4/22). I've used the sc twice...once at delivery time and one time afterwards while waiting for my 6-50 adapter to arrive. Still waiting for it to show up on the account...that said, I love this car.