How Long Should It Take To Install Paint Protection???

How Long Should It Take To Install Paint Protection???

Appreciate any feedback on this one. I did not opt for the factory installed paint protection, but now regret that slightly as I would like to have a clear bra installed on the vehicle. I was told the installer will need my car for at least 4-5 days. Is this typical? The entire car was built in about 4 days. How could adding a bra take as long?

carlk | August 7, 2013

I dropped my car in the morning and picked it up in the evening last time it was done on a different car. The installer you talked to may have planned to get some free joyrides. ;)

TikiMan | August 7, 2013

No more than eight hours, unless you are doing a full body-wrap.

mjs | August 7, 2013

I was told by an auto body shop that new paint should cure for thirty days before applying paint armor.
Has anyone else heard that before?

Jesse K | August 7, 2013

@carlk My fears exactly.
@TikiMan Just doing a hood, partial fender, and door edges.
I think I will ask again if they really need the vehicle for 4-5 days.

earlyretirement | August 7, 2013

Here in San Diego to install XPEL protection, many people use a guy named Evan Rowe and he said he only needs the car a full day. He prefers overnight as he seems to be a perfectionist but 4-5 days seems like a long time

I plan to use him for this. I can't see why it would take 4-5 days?

jeffaa | August 7, 2013

I just got a quote for Xpel (full hood, full fenders, full bumper, headlights, full a-pillar, mirrors) and he said 3 days.

markapeterman | August 7, 2013

Mine took a day and a half for a full wrap.

I am unsure about the wait for the paint to cure advice. I had mine done 3 weeks after I got it and already had 2 small paint chips. Also be sure you get the car detailed well right before it's wrapped.

jeffaa | August 7, 2013

My installer said he washes and uses a clay bar before wrapping.

olanmills | August 7, 2013

Mine took six days I think, maybe even seven, I can't remember exactly. It depends on how exactly they do it, what you chose to cover, how meticulous they are, etc.

This is something you're going to have for years. I would worry more about the quality of the job, not so much about whether it will take two days or seven days.

OffPeak | August 7, 2013

Full body wrap (XPEL Ultimate) was 5 days for me. They need time to prep each section of the car (wash, clay, etc..) before applying the film. I had to do it in over multiple visits for scheduling reasons. Agree with @olanmills - make sure you have somebody who has experience and does the job right. Spoke with a couple of guys who do vinyl wraps at the Menlo Park event last weekend and they admitted the clear bra stuff is challenging.

Terry and his guys at Mr. Tint in San Jose did a great job on mine.