How many Model 3 pre-order to date

How many Model 3 pre-order to date

Can we know how many Model 3 have been pre-oder yet? There is no official information on that since the 400k mark in april or so...

ssteffy | January 19, 2017

You answered your own question :) There is no official info.

PhillyGal | January 19, 2017

Enough to get excited!

The future is here.

hugoo4705 | January 19, 2017

And why there is no update on that then?

ssteffy | January 19, 2017

Could be lots of potential reasons, mostly marketing probably. Like if the number isn't much bigger than 400k people might think thats all the demand there is...or if the number has gone down that looks bad, or if its way larger, then people might stop pre-ordering because they think they are too far back in the line or it might make TSLA stock dive because investors might speculate that they cant make that many cars, etc. Safer just to concentrate on delivery numbers from here on out.

andy.connor.e | January 19, 2017

Releasing the number of reservations would not be in the interest of Tesla. News media will tear them out every which way they possibly can. Knowing how many reservations there are isnt going to do anyone any good. Tesla is already getting slammed by medias biased negativity about how much the M3 will cost, their stock price, and meeting their deadline. The last thing that Tesla needs, is media outlets ripping on them about how many reservations they have.

JeffreyR | January 19, 2017

+1 @PG & @ssteffy

Tesla reports how much money they have on deposit for reservations. But, they do not break down what deposits are for. Last report people estimated ~600K M3 pre-orders.

Things we know:
1) M3 most successful product launch in history
2) First year of production is sold out
3) Reserve now or you will be even further back in line after Reveal, Part II
4) @ssteffy's point that there is no advantage to Tesla to be more specific about reservations day-to-day

JeffreyR | January 19, 2017

+1 for @andy.c.e too. Posted at the same time.

ssteffy | January 19, 2017

"Things we know:
1) M3 most successful product launch in history"

This is something we definitely do NOT know.

dyefrog | January 19, 2017

1) M3 most successful product launch in history"

This is something we definitely do NOT know.
I guess it would depend on your definition of successful. Care to elaborate?

andy.connor.e | January 19, 2017

+1 dyefrog

slasher0016 | January 19, 2017

I think by that he means by number of pre-orders. Not that the "launch" itself was successful. He means most successful product announcement in history.

ssteffy | January 19, 2017


Mostly because it hasn't launched yet...its just an announcement.

Having the most pre orders definitely does not mean a successful launch. Say Tesla goes bankrupt tomorrow before one Model 3 is delivered. Was it a successful launch? Having the most pre-orders potentially makes it a worse risk of failure, it all depends on how quickly Tesla fills the orders and how well the final cars live up to the owners expectations.

JeffreyR | January 19, 2017

"Tesla Says Model 3 Is The Most Successful Product Launch. Ever"

From the post:
"In a report issued by Tesla on April 7, the 325,000+ pre-orders for the vehicle correspond to about $14 billion in implied future sales – making it the single biggest one-week launch of any product. Ever."

"Okay, maybe the statement is farfetched, as a lot of other companies achieved the same (or greater) performances in their field, but Tesla’s success is impressive nonetheless."

So we know that Tesla believes it's the most successful 1-week product launch in history. I guess others may quibble a bit about "launch" vs. "reveal + pre-order" and "implied sales" vs. "actual sales" so granted.

How about:
3) Model 3 launch was far more successful than even Tesla anticipated, and has forced Tesla to accelerate their already aggressive plans

Does not have the same punch, but I guess is less subjective.

dyefrog | January 19, 2017

I think when most hear the term "successful product launch", you think in terms of pre-orders (reservations), e.g. 1957 Citroen DS, (80,000 first week), 64 Mustang (22,000 first day, 400k first year), Apple Watch (7 million ordered, 2.5 million shipped. Where Tesla leads is in dollar value. The Apple watch would be approximately $2.5 trillion in sales ($350x7 million if all orders convert to sales delivered), whereas, 400k Model 3's at $42k avg= $17 trillion and counting.

dyefrog | January 19, 2017

oops, billion, not trillion

jordanrichard | January 19, 2017

Nobody, to include Tesla employees have "pre-ordered" anything. How do you order before you order..........

bmwgs | January 19, 2017

"The future is here". That's the 1st personalized plate I ever requested The FUTR .
Should be here in ~30 days to use for 2 years until my 3 arrives.

bmwgs | January 19, 2017

Always nice for a glass half full person to chime in.

Badbot | January 19, 2017

I gather from a few sources that about 600,000 now and adding about 50,000 a month.
Than will likely jump way up after the full reveille about march

sbeggs | January 20, 2017

I like how you substituted "reveille" for "reveal".

Reveiller is the French word for wake up. I think a lot of people are going to wake up!

mntlvr23 | January 20, 2017

sbeggs +1

KP in NPT | January 20, 2017

Ha nice @badbot.

patrick.oppong3790 | April 21, 2017

Mntlvr23 January 20 17 GOOD

KP in NPT | April 21, 2017

A little birdie told me around 600IK.