How many reservations for the Tesla Model S are there currently in China? Do Chinese fans keep track of development / progress?

How many reservations for the Tesla Model S are there currently in China? Do Chinese fans keep track of development / progress?

How large is the community of Tesla fans in China?

Maybe some of our Chinese Tesla friends could keep us informed on the development / progress in China?

That would be nice.


Brian H | January 19, 2014

State secrets.

Benz | January 20, 2014

Apparently, this thread has not yet been read by one of our Chines Tesla friends.

Keith72 | January 20, 2014

There's another thread by a Beijing Tesla friend who indicates that he has a reservation, but I don't believe anyone else from China mentioned having a reservation in the thread. I believe there may be a few in Hong Kong from some comments in a few other threads. Tesla can't sell them until the government decides on the import fees, but it sounds like that's getting close. There are also still some annoying issues with the trademark, but they're working around those. The Beijing showroom is ready to open, and apparently you can see some Teslas inside the showroom. Tesla is even talking Superchargers between Beijing and Shanghai, so my guess is that they'll take off pretty quickly at some point. That's the way things tend to happen here in China. Things move slowly until the government makes a decision, then once the decision is made things move very quickly. Lots of money to be spent in China, and lots of expensive cars driving around. I spend most of my time in Shanghai and Nanjing, and there are high end showrooms everywhere - Maserati, Lamborgini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari - you name it and they are here - even with the high import duties. Lots of Porsche Panameras on the roads, and Tesla is killing them everywhere else that they compete with Porsche.

Benz | January 20, 2014


Thanks for posting.

Elon Musk was interviewed by CNBC lately, and there he said that the cars would be put on the boat in February, and that the first deliveries would be in March or April.

Keep us informed when the Chinese government decides on the import fees. That info will be very helpful.


Mathew98 | January 20, 2014

The TM showroom in Beijing has been opened since November.

@Benz, perhaps if you posted your thread in Chinese then they'll respond to your question...

There are about 40 active TM job postings for Beijing. What do you think the reservations look like to prompt TM to post these jobs?

Dang it, I've convinced myself to pick up more stock!!!

bradslee | January 20, 2014

In October 2013, I had a conversation with one of TM Beijing Showroom representatives and was told that the paid reservation holders (each paid 250,000 RMB, about $41,000) well exceeded 100. I would not be surprised that the number of reservation holders in China would be close to 400 now. Delivery of first MS in China seems to be getting very close to reality in March 2014, even though there is still no confirmed price for MS (expected price range between 1.2M RMB and 1.5M RMB). The trademark issue is still unresolved but TM seems to be confident that it will settle before the car is delivered in China.

shop | January 20, 2014

See - looks like paid reservations is in fact about 400 in just HK. Presumably more in China.

Mathew98 | January 20, 2014

There should be some interests from Singapore as well since it is a top 5 wealthiest "country".

NomoDinos | January 20, 2014

Awwww, man... and here I was all happy about buying in again at 120. Might have to go in with you, Mat!

Mathew98 | January 21, 2014

@NoMoDinos - Your baby has 17 more years to go till college. There plenty of time to divert the college fund to TSLA...

jasonbrockwell | January 21, 2014

I'm in Hong Kong, where we are still waiting for RHD models. Hong Kong is a tiny place with lots of chargers and EVs enjoy a complete waiver of the very high First Registration Tax which adds about 100% to luxury vehicles (it is stepped from 30% to 110%). There are about 400 reservation holders in Hong Kong, and in his recent policy speech, the Hong Kong Chief Executive stated that the Government would use more EVs - so they will possibly replace the VW Phaetons used by senior officials with MS's - I can't see that there is any other suitably luxurious/prestigious and environmentally friendly vehicle on the market.
Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, but from the point of view of the car market, it is a different country - LHD cars, completely different laws (duties/regulations/safety standards etc etc) and is a huge place. I agree with the other posters - when it gets going in China it will probably happen suddenly and probably in a fairly big way.

Brian H | January 21, 2014

Yeah, can't envision HK bigshots driving around in FITs, Thinks, or Leafs. Highly unsuitable. ;)

SamO | January 21, 2014

The Model S is a technology as well as a luxury good.

Perfect intersection of money and status in the green zeitgeist.