How many women are here who bought their own M3?

How many women are here who bought their own M3?

I keep seeing a lot of people talking about having bought a Tesla for their wives, and it seems these forums might be primarily made up of men, but perhaps not.

Any other women here who bought the Model 3 on their own?

What do you like about it?

Tuning In | June 2, 2019

My wife makes up over 1/3 of our total income and wouldn’t need me to “buy it for her” if she were single and without my income. We had a day 1 reservation. She wanted the car based on me telling her all about it and after going to the showroom. So in a way she did make the decision and bought it on her own. She loves the RWD LR and wouldn’t want any other brand or car, not even the P3D I got later.

Magic 8 Ball | June 2, 2019

I know many wives who would gladly become single if they could get a TESLA.

Tuning In | June 2, 2019

Accidentally hit save.

She likes the handling, the acceleration, and styling. That’s isn’t a gender thing. But something that I never considered was the benefit of not having to go to the gas station. She charges at home. For her, she always felt on alert whenever she was at a gas station pumping gas.

lahnm6 | June 2, 2019

I have a husband, but he did not purchase the car for me. I did all the research, etc. I read a lot on the Tesla Forms before purchasing. I have the M3 and am exited every time I drive it. It is fast. Get up and go is fantastic. No gas stations, no emission testing, no oil changes. I love the style, I got the white with black and white interior with sports wheels. It is always getting software updates. So your car always has the most current technology. I love the Dog Mode. We take our dog to work with us, so often times I need to make a quick stop on the way home. Now I can do this and the interior of the car remains at the temperature I set so my best bud is comfortable. I have not met or talked with a single person who was disappointed after their purchase of the M3. BUT - very important! Make sure you see and drive one in person before you purchase. I had to go out of state to do so (no dealerships in New Mexico). I have already come across 2 people that purchased solely online without going to a dealership, and when they saw my car, said "I wish I would have seen how the white paint looks, I would have purchased white." I can only comment on the M3, have no experience with S or X.

j.nichol | June 2, 2019

One other woman at least! Nice to meet you. I preferred the black personally but love the white interior. And no pet hair shall ever touch my precious

I drove the S around for a couple of days as well, and it just made me miss my M3. It felt surprisingly 'busy' inside after the simplicity of the M3.

Magic 8 Ball | June 2, 2019

"No pet hair"

Probably why you are single

j.nichol | June 2, 2019

Pets are gross. And who said I was single?

Magic 8 Ball | June 2, 2019

I see, I do have a model 3 and me and my dogs are not available. We have a family already.

kr22427Tess | June 2, 2019

I have a Särbo, not a husband. I also have a lovely M3 for which I paid. I went from Saab to Prius to Tesla. I enjoyed each car, but nothing compares to the M3. Every drive is a joy. I've come to think of my daily commute as a little trip to the Tesla-spa.

Magic 8 Ball | June 2, 2019

My niece has a wife. I don't think they bought a TESLA for each other yet.

j.nichol | June 2, 2019

@kr22427Tess: I had a Prius before as well. I loved it until I gave it to my son and bought myself the M3. After driving it for a relatively short time and then trying to drive the Prius again, I realized I no longer loved the Prius...

kr22427Tess | June 2, 2019

Yes, M3 has ruined pretty much every other car for me...they all seem clunky, loud, and dirty with terribly busy interiors.

jd4714 | June 2, 2019

My wife purchased her own white, LR RWD about 3 weeks ago and loves it. I tease her about not RTFM and she replies "That's why I have you!" I took delivery of my silver, LR AWD in October 2018 and it's the nicest, coolest car I've ever owned.

hokiegir1 | June 2, 2019

I'm the primary earner in our house, so I bought our Tesla, but it was a joint decision.

Magic 8 Ball | June 2, 2019

Only one joint?

hokiegir1 | June 2, 2019

@M8B - I prefer booze to shrubbery.

Magic 8 Ball | June 2, 2019

Not a fan of booze myself, my father in law was killed by a drunk driver.

Before that, even as a kid, I was an outcast because I would not power down a six pack with the everyone else on Friday and Saturday night.

Magic 8 Ball | June 2, 2019

Oh, my wife drinks beer and wine ; ).

nico.modyn | June 2, 2019

I'll be buying my own when they offer the config I want in right-hand-drive; purchasing just opened here this week. I'm looking forward to it, but hey, I've waited three years already, so what's a couple of months more to get the car I want?

vmulla | June 2, 2019

What a thread :)

If only @PhillyGal was active to adjust your thoughts :)

@hokiegal, I'm glad you're here to represent

jimglas | June 2, 2019

probably not fair to say I bought my wife her Tesla
We both work and make shared decisions
Just the normal mysogyny of an aging american male

Lonestar10_1999 | June 2, 2019

@jimglas +100

moabchick | June 2, 2019

Female buyer here! My neighbor (also a female buyer) got hers in Feb 2018. After riding in it, I had to have one too. Made my reservation and got it in Oct 2018. I had been driving my Honda Accord for 15 years, it was my “turn” to have a new car - lol.

I love everything about my M3! And I drive it very fast!

wildblue | June 2, 2019

My son reserved mine on day 1 as a birthday present for me. I had previously told him that if my car (a 2013 Mini Cooper) was a little older, I'd be buying one because I liked the model S but didn't need that much car. I love my Model 3 almost as much as I love my son, who allowed me to pay for the car myself ;-)

j.nichol | June 2, 2019

lol--how old is your son?

ODWms | June 2, 2019

@Jimglass, cut yourself some slack. I disagree its misogyny -- if you bought it, you bought it. If you didn't you didn't. There'd be no question about who bought what if it were the other way around.

ywang | June 2, 2019

My husband bought my Tesla 3 in full $ 63000 last June, but I bought him Lexus 565000 in cash as well four years prior on Valentine's day, so we broke even. We are not car person, my previous one was Lexus and had it for 13 years, never gave me any problem, it is just to common on the road. I wanted something different, placed order as soon as Model 3 opened for configuration last June, I have loved car ever since and it continues to improve and brings me surprise. Love Tesla!

ywang | June 2, 2019

My husband bought my Tesla 3 in full $ 63000 last June, but I bought him Lexus 565000 in cash as well four years prior on Valentine's day, so we broke even. We are not car person, my previous one was Lexus and had it for 13 years, never gave me any problem, it is just to common on the road. I wanted something different, placed order as soon as Model 3 opened for configuration last June, I have loved car ever since and it continues to improve and brings me surprise. Love Tesla!

NSL | June 2, 2019

Had to respond--I've been reading for years but this is my first forum post. I replaced my 2008 SMART car which also put a smile on my face. I didn't really have a need for a new car until I found Tesla. Day 1 reservation holder. I've been driving my 3 for almost a year now and still grinning. Spent yesterday washing, waxing, and massaging. The dog (a non shedding borderdoodle) rides nicely in the hammock style back seat cover. And I much prefer the 3 over the loaner S I drove. Husband tried to dissuade me but has to admit it's a really nice car.

SoCalDriver | June 2, 2019

I’ve been eyeing Tesla’s for years now, and finally got one in April with my husband’s encouragement. I did all the research too, learned all about them before buying one. It’s not my husband’s style at all, he prefers high end muscle cars. He hasn’t driven it yet (doesn’t really want to) but does say he thinks it’s pretty cool.

4barkie | June 2, 2019

Although it was my all my decision, my husband's income was supposed to help. Unfortunately, we lost his income after his stroke. So its my income and my car. Best decision ever!

Dig-n-Tesla | June 2, 2019

I have been buying my own cars for years including this one. Had been eyeing since the talk began in 2016. Received in November 18. I like just plugging it in. I’m not sure how good any vehicle can be for environment overall, including materials, manufacturing and the like but it is so convenient not to go to gas stations.

I love it but have one issue which service center 280 miles from my house has attempted to fix twice but to no avail. I need to escalate the issue since it involves water running into areas where it shouldn’t be. Wish me luck!

Dig-n-Tesla | June 2, 2019

Oh, to add....I was driving a Prius....still own it...true mileage is 51mpg. I drive a bit now and then but look for excuses to drive M3.

wick | June 3, 2019

Where is the water coming in?

rxkcm | June 3, 2019

My husband's business partner let me drive his Model S in 2013-ish and I've been drooling over Tesla ever since! My husband passed away in 2015. My decision to buy the M3 was the right car for the right price at the right time. I did get help from my boyfriend to figure out the logistics of charging, etc, but I'm paying for it on my own.

I love the instant torque, no gas, glass roof and over all styling. I just love to look out over the hood and see its curves. What a car!!

4fannings | June 3, 2019

Female here. The research and purchasing of my Model 3 was all me. Hubby didn't mind; just didn't "get it." Now he loves the car and we'll probably get another Tesla when it's time to replace his car. I wish my kids' car was a Tesla, being so easy to drive and safe, but the Model 3 was a stretch financially for me, so we'll have to become an all-EV family gradually.

Taffy | June 3, 2019

Single Woman Here. I bought a M3 LR, picking it up June 6th...Can't wait...A co worker let me drive his and it was all over....I had to have one!!!

Kathy Applebaum | June 3, 2019

Married woman here -- I've always researched and bought all of my cars with my own money. (Including walking away if the sales person starts talking to my husband instead of me.) I love the performance and handling of the car, and love the convenience of never having to worry about stopping for gas during my commute.

CharleyBC | June 3, 2019

Our Model 3 is our first jointly owned car. (Married 7 years.) we decided together, picked options together, scrimped and saved together to make it real. Our salaries were similar (hers slightly more). So it’s really not mine or hers; it’s ours!

PhillyGal | June 3, 2019

Woman here, sorry for the delay.

Read my article, linked below, which still holds true why Teslas are great cars for women. As for me buying "my own"... here's how it went down.

I earned a lot more than hubs when we met and married. We barely touched 6 figures combined.
I had a stable, decent paying job and a house that I bought as a single woman, which allowed him to take a career risk that paid off.
He earned more than I by 2014 and had no student loan debt so he was considering upgrading to a 4-series or some such price range.
I convinced him to buy a Tesla as his primary drive. I'm the car enthusiast. I paid for 1/5 of the payment and had partial custody. I paid fully for my car, which was a Hyundai Genesis Coupe at the time.

Fast forward to Feb 2018 - I bought my M3, pay for it myself, but stopped paying the 1/5 of the Model S loan, which we still have for another 2.5 years.

So yep, I'm a woman who bought my own M3 but much like he'd never have been able to get into a Tesla without me earning what I do, I'd not without him. We're a partnership that splits household expenses fairly evenly and pay for our own cars/student loans/etc.

PhillyGal | June 3, 2019

(Side note: I'm still a bit salty that he makes more money than I do, but that's the price of one spouse keeping the consistent/public/good benefits job and the other chasing the higher pay check with the private company.)

PhillyGal | June 3, 2019

I hope I can add my aunt to this list soon. She recently test drove my Model 3. Fingers crossed.

@Kathy - You're my hero. Damn right you should walk away. I once had a roofer leave an estimate I asked for addressed to Mr. MyLastName (my husband has his own last name) so I called them back to tell them that was the literal only reason I was not going to hire them.

hokiegir1 | June 3, 2019

@kathy and @PG - UGH. One of my biggest pet peeves. I don't talk much in person, so when I do, I HATE being ignored -- and even worse when the answer is redirected to hubby.

geedub1023 | June 3, 2019

Love to see all the ladies who purchased and are thrilled to have their M3s!

@Magic8Ball You commented "Oh, my wife drinks beer and wine." If I knew you better, I'd say she drinks because she's married to you. LOL But, since I don't know you I won't say that! ;)

j.nichol | June 3, 2019

So glad there are so many of you ladies!!

j.nichol | June 3, 2019

And to those in relationships where you put your own career aside to be in a support role: I've been there myself.

I was buying a car with my ex-husband years ago, had done all the research, and I was on the phone with him when he went to the dealership as he wanted to ask me to look things up (this predated smart phones).

The sales guy actually pulled the 'who wears the pants in the family' line to try to pressure him to ignore me as I was spotting too much BS he was trying to sell. The ex caved...which is one reason he's an ex. Lol.

Magic 8 Ball | June 3, 2019

@geedub1023 Ever hear terms like "Opposites Attract"-"Ying and the Yang"- "Sweet & Sour".- "Balance"

Those terms exist because of me and my wife ; ).

geedub1023 | June 3, 2019

@Magic8Ball +100 Good for you both!

Magic 8 Ball | June 3, 2019

BTW, the very premise of this thread sucks and I can't believe some of the stronger women have not put up a fuss.

The question does not challenge the idea, that women are weaker than men, when it comes to purchasing cars, IMO. The question, by its existence, promotes the idea that women are still weaker than men. When these types of questions go away then women win, to allow these questions to go unchallenged, IMO, promotes the idea that women are weak.

geedub1023 | June 3, 2019

I may be wrong but I think the OP is a woman and is just seeking feedback from other women who bought their own M3s and what their likes/dislikes are. I didn't interpret it as "throwing shade" towards one gender or the other.