How to reset my 4 digit passcode?

How to reset my 4 digit passcode?

jjgunn | December 3, 2018

Yeah, I didn't get this either until someone posted the solution.

Use your Tesla Login as if you forgot your password. Supposed to be able to change it.

I haven't actually tested it as my 4-digit code is a good one.

Hint: Same as Kanye's! :-)

patswin | December 5, 2018

jjgunn- Read it, laughed and now acknowledged :-)

Triggerplz | December 5, 2018

Please don’t acknowledge/encourage jjgunn more jokes may come :-)

dom | May 4, 2019

How do i recover my four digit code to deactivate the "Speed Limit Mode" on my Model X mobil app?

jjgunn | May 4, 2019

You should be able to "reset pin" on your App.

Go into "Controls" - the option should be there under valet mode & then you can turn off speed limit mode.