HOW TO: Reset your Slacker Radio login to factory defaults

HOW TO: Reset your Slacker Radio login to factory defaults

To reset your Slacker Radio credentials to factory defaults, tap Controls, then Settings at the top, then Apps on the left side, then Media Player. Once you’re at this screen, replace both the Slacker Email and Password fields with fake information, and click the login button. You'll get a pop-up window asking you to re-enter it. Close both that pop-up and the Controls window. Tap on the Tesla T logo at the top of the touch-screen, which will bring up a window with the vehicle’s VIN number. This requests the factory Slacker login information, and will populate it in the Media Settings. Return to the Media Settings and click login. You should now be good to go.

sellnout | February 20, 2014

Thanks for this post, I've been locked out of slacker for months. Now it works again! | February 21, 2014

As a new owner and all that, I'm having some difficulty identifying the problem fixed by the OP. Perhaps my time will come.

Slacker Radio activated within a few hours of delivery on 2/19. The "credentials" for my car are "[seemingly random 10-number sequence]", and a masked password. I assume those are the factory-default credentials. Slacker is working just fine for me, but sellnout's comment suggests that something or other can cause the factory credentials to go away, causing Slacker to stop slacking. Is that the problem that GeekEV's procedure corrects? If so, does anyone know why the factory credentials would evaporate or otherwise go bad?

Brian H | February 21, 2014

Kozmik Rayz.

Haeze | June 4, 2014

For the most part, you should never see the login info your car has disappear. Some owners have their own slacker account that they log into with their car so they have access to their premium stations, or simply just to maintain their favorites they have had on their computer.

When the password on that actual Slacker user account changes, or the account get closed, the car will now be left with no valid login.

This fix puts the car's default login info back into those boxes and allows you to use "the car's" Slacker account again.

plusplusjames | June 4, 2014

I recommend to all setting up your own Slacker account (on your own laptop), create a few customs stations, and then log into that in the car. Works great, just like Pandora.

I have noticed that if I create new stations in my laptop, they are NOT reflected in the car unless you log out and then back in again.

mrdaniel | June 4, 2014

@Pettifogger When I picked up my car last year I was told the Slacker account would expire within 60 days (or something like that was conveyed). I proactively purchased a Slacker account in part because I thought spending $9.99 would allow me to play albums (it does not) and started hearing about how others had continued using their Tesla-issued accounts without expiration. So personally I'd use the free service even if it means having to skip Oasis every 10 minutes.

mrdaniel | June 4, 2014

Sweet! This works. Thanks GeekEV, +beer.

mxb172 | June 4, 2014

I have considered setting up a premium account to allow me the ability to search for specific songs and albums. Can anyone confirm that this will actually work in the vehicle?

hcwhy | June 4, 2014


It actually finds rare and unusual stuff too. The only problem with it is that if you ask for an album, it will play some songs from the album, but even more songs it "thinks you might like similar too what you requested"...mostly by different artists too.

Same if you ask for a specific artist or group.

mrdaniel | June 4, 2014

The biggest issue for me is the inconsistency between the web app and the car app using the premium account. With the web app if I play an album the album plays. With the car app if I play an album a song or two would play and then Oasis would start playing and ruin the experience. It is work to have to think about hitting the [next] button and deciding whether the next song is acceptable.

People think being able to play a single song is an advantage, and that's great if you are in that camp. I'd prefer to play an album and enjoy the ride rather than spending time thinking about what songs to play or skipping four songs I dislike in a row.

Another thing: if I ban Oasis in the web app, it does not translate to a ban in the car app. (Or at least this has been my experience.)

socalsam | July 31, 2014

Does slacker come activated with a premium membership? Or do you have to activate it on your own after delivery. I have a feeling I'm not getting the full slacker experience cause I'm not logged in. | August 6, 2014

There now seems to be (5.12) a Reset to Default button for the slacker username/password.

sberman | August 6, 2014

@socalsam, I received my Model S in late June with 5.11. My Slacker came with a Tesla supplied username and password. Viewing them shows they are present, but the contents of the password and most of the username are hidden.

It is my understanding this Tesla-supplied login information is in between the premium membership and no membership at all in terms of capability. | January 31, 2020

I was logged out of my premium account and slacker radio asks for login information and it keeps saying that my Tesla login is invalid. How can u set up a slacker account password as I am paying 9.99 a month for streaming??

EVRider | February 1, 2020

@becker: If you have a Slacker Premium account, why not use that one? If you don’t have Slacker Premium, ask your service center for your Tesla Slacker account credentials.

plusplusjames | February 3, 2020

My Slacker account no longer logs in in the car. It works fine on my laptop. Is there a way to reset Slacker in the car while on v10.2 (2020.4.1.4a etc)?

EVRider | February 5, 2020

@plusplusjames: Do you have your own Slacker Plus or Premium account or were you using the Tesla account on your laptop? I don’t think there’s any way to reset Slacker other than doing a factory reset, but you’ll lose all your personal settings that way. Do you have Premium Connectivity?

plusplusjames | February 6, 2020

@EVRider: I had Slacker Premium which I have downgraded to free (since I now use Spotify premium). My 2014 S85 has free Grandfathered connectivity.

EVRider | February 7, 2020

@plusplusjames: You can only use a Slacker Plus or Premium account in the car. Slacker Basic (or whatever the free version is called) won’t work, as you’ve discovered.

plusplusjames | February 11, 2020

@EVRider: Who knew?! Thank you for clarifying so I can focus on the umlaut on Spötify (which has since disappeared after a software update).

theresastraughter | June 30, 2020

im trying to log out of slacker but cant. tell me how to get the log out page.

EVRider | June 30, 2020

@theresastraughter: There's no separate log out page as far as I know. Just select Slacker as the source and if there's a log out option, it should be on that panel. There's where the sign in option is if you're not currently logged in.