How to search Forum Topics?

How to search Forum Topics?

How does one search older topics?

It would be nice to search if a question has already been asked and run through..


lilbean | September 12, 2017
Rocky_H | September 12, 2017

There is another one, and for some reason the two pick up different topics sometimes.

BellevueWAModelS | September 12, 2017

@lilbean , @Rocky, thanks guys.

Could Tesla add this feature to this Forum? Would not be that difficult.

akikiki | September 12, 2017

Although there is not a very good search method on this forum, you can help yourself.

First, download and install the Chrome browser.
Second, move up to the three dots in the right corner, to access the browser "Customize and Control" options.
Third, move down to "More tools" and select "Extensions"
Look for and install the extension called "Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite"
To make sure they work, close and reopen the browser, connect to Tesla forums.

Now, you will see a search option from inside the Chrome browser.
It works very well compared to most of the other search methods we can use.
Don't expect private flagged treads results to appear though.
Thanks to JeffreyR and bdrathburn for the "Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite"

Some of the things the Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite does include:

Blocks spam, trolls, etc. by searching for selected text and filtering out posts and
comments that match. Improves styles for blockquotes and preformatted text.
Adds links to "1st Comment", "Make a Comment" and conditionally to "Last Comment"
to the top of each post. Finally it adds a Google Site search bar to the top of each
page—Forums Home, Thread Lists/Main Sections (for example, General or Model S)
and each individual thread/Original Post (OP).

Rocky_H | September 12, 2017

@BellvueWA, Could they add that to the forum? Of course. Have we been asking them for it for four years or so? Yes. They aren't interested.

Captain_Zap | September 12, 2017

Well over 4 years...

EVRider | September 14, 2017
BobGarrett9 | December 1, 2019

It is ridiculous that Tesla does not provide a way to search to forum topics. | December 2, 2019

@Bob - Plenty of ways to do it. See the link above. For an integrated search (i.e. appears on each page), you can use my free Chrome extension:

It includes a lot of additional features too. The link has screenshots to see how the forum looks with the extension.

barrykmd | December 2, 2019

BobGarrett9 | December 1, 2019
It is ridiculous that Tesla does not provide a way to search to forum topics.

Farts are more important.

Go to TMC and search there. Much more active forum.