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NKYTA | March 11, 2018

Baby time!

Run4Waffles | March 11, 2018

Can you be #1?

SbMD | March 11, 2018

This refresh is an excellent vintage. It offers raspberry and pomegranate scents on the nose, before changing tack towards hints of iodine and even boot polish. I give it a 92 rating.

Run4Waffles | March 11, 2018

I hate that I have champagne taste. Some prosecco works too.

SbMD | March 11, 2018

champagne wishes and caviar dreams?

PhillyGal | March 11, 2018

@Run - a sweet, sparkling white (be it champs, cava, moscato or something truly offensive like asti whatever) is about the only wine I can tolerate. My supermarket's own brand sparkling apple cider is also quite delicious!

Dad, circa 2006ish: Hey Jen. Mom and and I want to get champagne for new year's eve, what should we get?
Me: Andre.

NKYTA | March 11, 2018

SbMD, “cocktails and dreams”, she must grok Tom Cruise.

Prosecco is especially great at lunch time in Venice. Closer to home PG, you might enjoy a Pinot Gris, like Santa Margarita in this, the summer of your first child.

BUMP! ;-)

SbMD | March 11, 2018

"Prosecco is especially great at lunch time in Venice."
You win the internet for the day with that one!

The quote is the old Robin Leech saying from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Going old school with that reference :)

NKYTA | March 11, 2018


Perhaps PhillyBaby can be educated.

No need to educate me on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

It was pre-trump. :-)

Pleasanton_Ca | March 12, 2018

Let's go over the top: 2003 Screaming Eagle - Cabernet Sauvignon (Oakville) 750ml ...

PhillyGal | March 12, 2018

@NKYTA - I'll have to check out a bottle of pinot gris. It's wholly impractical to bring a bottle of whiskey to a BYO. Well, depending on the BYO that is. Philly is the king of BYO restaurants and I've enjoyed booze anywhere from:

New American with 90s hip hop on the radio to
Russian with lots o' older folks taking shots of vodka to
Pizza with the same chairs that were there when my grandfather moved into the neighborhood 55 years ago, and they still don't take a credit card, deliver, or open before 4pm.

SamO | March 12, 2018

Nobody mentions the cloyingly sweet fragrance of Manishevitz . . .like wine only terribler.

renwo S alset | March 12, 2018

It's biggly bad.

NKYTA | March 12, 2018

Gotta get off 13!

Captain_Zap | March 12, 2018

The word cloying sounds so, um... cloying.

KP in NPT | March 13, 2018

FBOTD - riding out the nor’easter with an extra day in Paris. :)

Any PG baby???

Run4Waffles | March 13, 2018

@KP - safe travels!!! Can we carry your bags?

Run4Waffles | March 13, 2018

We’d be grabbing a bag of goodies from a boulangerie and sit in the gardens at the Le Jardin du Luxembourg.

50 degrees is better than what we’re encountering. Enjoy your extra day!!!

Bighorn | March 13, 2018

Park Meadows II CO SC bump

NKYTA | March 13, 2018

On the move!

Run4Waffles | March 13, 2018

It’s not July yet. Stay away.

Or are you trying to frighten a baby? | March 13, 2018

@Bighorn - Do you live in your car or at Superchargers :)

PhillyGal | March 13, 2018

Tis now afternoon on 3/13 and no signs of PhillyBaby.

I'm headed down for my 4th 15-minute treadmill walk in a few minutes. Last night I did a consecutive hour.

SamO | March 13, 2018
Bighorn | March 13, 2018

Poncha Springs CO SC bump


renwo S alset | March 13, 2018

Tanks, but no tanks. | March 13, 2018

Wait a minute - Tesla Tank! I can't believe no one has suggested it before! (Yes I have heard of "Tesla Tanks" by some wishful stock shorters, but that's a bit different). It would be cool to have my own personal tank - no worries about door dings, ability to take out vehicles in my way. The list of exciting abilities just keeps growing! Might be hard to fit in my garage, but it can create its own opening with a blast of that cannon! With FSD, I can command it to do my dirty work too! Where do I sign up?

KP in NPT | March 13, 2018

Safe travels @Bighorn!

@waffles, a gaggle if stews hit the department stores, chocolateries, patisseries, and cafes. Much money spent and wine drunk.

@PG - soon. ;-)

barrykmd | March 13, 2018

BH - if timing works, call me if you want to meet for lunch, etc.

PhillyGal | March 13, 2018

@KP - That "soon" is my fault. I should not have used Teslas as my pregnancy announcement.

Run4Waffles | March 13, 2018

I thought caesarean was in play since the date had such confidence. Silly girl. Give it a week.

PhillyGal | March 13, 2018

Any ideas on what to do? Last time I reached out to Tesla about our owner's jacket from a long time previous referral program, they said they had shipped it in April 2017. (That was January 2018.) I asked if they could provide a shipping number so I could take it up with the shipper. They said they'd open an investigation.

Again this week, hubs inquired and they said the same but actually provided a tracking number. Crazy enough, FedEx says the package was delivered. Nearly 6 years at this house and a package has never gone missing. It was a Saturday, we were in town. It's too far back to retrieve any footage from our video doorbell so now what? We probably can't take it up with FedEx since we waited so long. Tesla gave no indication whatsoever it was about to ship back when it did, else we could have looked out for it and taken it up with FedEx when it was still fresh.

Bighorn | March 13, 2018

Will do

Half Dollar Bill | March 13, 2018

I had an Amazon package once that the tracking said was delivered that didn't actually show up until two days later. No idea how that could happen.

They're probably out, otherwise I can't see why they wouldn't want to ship you another. No harm in asking.

renwo S alset | March 13, 2018

46 down!!

SbMD | March 13, 2018

Hope all of the Forum folks on the East Coast are doing ok with the weather.

@PG - Might be best to take it up with Tesla to send you a new one, and have them work it out with FEDEX. Besides, they never gave you a tracking number until now, well after the fact that it is lost, so you had no way to confirm if and when it was going to arrive.

PBEndo | March 13, 2018

Birthday announcement! My P85 turned 5 today.

trixiew | March 13, 2018

Anyone want to brainstorm a prototype for a see through wall? Apparently none of the current walls have the wanted transparency.

Shesmyne2 | March 13, 2018

Isn't that called 'glass'?

Still Grinning ;-)

trixiew | March 13, 2018

Good thought. Hard to climb.

SbMD | March 13, 2018

RIP Stephen Hawking. Such a brilliant mind and spirit who illuminated our understanding of the world around us, in many ways.

NKYTA | March 13, 2018

Yes. And thankfully [with science] an extended life.

Go meet your maker dude, and please report back!

Huge fan.

Run4Waffles | March 14, 2018

Such brilliance. RIP

PBEndo | March 14, 2018

It was March 14th in Cambridge when he passed.
π day.

Also interesting that he was born in Oxford and died in Cambridge.

Bighorn | March 14, 2018

Page AZ SC bump

renwo S alset | March 14, 2018

"A Brief History of Time" was one of the best books I have ever read.

PhillyGal | March 14, 2018

"it's been suggested that Stephen Hawking stole his Brief History of Time…from my fourth grade paper."

Legally Blonde

PhillyGal | March 14, 2018

@PBE - Happy 5th birthday, wow! Amazing how fast time can fly in these cars.

Captain_Zap | March 14, 2018

Happy Birthday PBEndo! How long was your wait for the car back then?

NKYTA | March 14, 2018

BH, dam tour?