How we know the Model S is the Greatest Car Ever

How we know the Model S is the Greatest Car Ever

Let's see:

Prices in US were higher than people expected and upset all the US reservation holders.
Prices in Canada were higher than people expected and upset all the Canadian reservation holders.
Prices in UK were higher than people expected and upset all the UK reservation holders.
Hang in there Australia, your turn to gnash your teeth is coming.
60kw reservation holders feel they are getting screwed in the delivery sequence.
40kw reservation holders feel they are really getting screwed in the delivery sequence.
85kw reservation holders are seeing higher numbers getting cars before they even have a VIN.
Even when the car is delivered, the promised Delivery Experience doesn't exist.
And if you pick up at the factory, what is the delivery fee for anyway.
And we're all going to fall off the fiscal cliff and the tax credit will vanish.
All this anguish for a zillion dollar car that doesn't have all the amenities that all the other cars on the road already have standard.
And don't even get me started on the cup holders.........

I think somewhere in that list, every reservation holder who doesn't have their car yet has gotten upset.

HOWEVER, everyone who has gotten their car is in absolute love, and the reservations keep pouring in. And most promising of all to me, has always been the disproportionate number of Roadster owners who jumped back in line to get another Tesla.

Can anyone think of a product that has pissed off so many people while still being considered a MUST HAVE by so many people? (Can't cite Microsoft, that's too easy.) Tesla had to, and did build an an AMAZING car to overcome all the angst that comes with being an early adopter. Can't wait to find out.

Flaninacupboard | December 28, 2012

The iPhone. Gen1 had no video, no 3G, no copy and paste, no MMS, no push email(!), no multitasking, no camera flash etc, plus it has a proprietary connector and no memory expansion ability. The things it does do, it does really well. The things that it's competitors do that it doesn't? Tough. It's still the best phone and sells by the million.

tork | December 28, 2012

Everything you said was good up until the point that you said the iphone was the best phone. There is no best phone. The iphone is the best phone for you (and me). But it's not the best phone for everybody. Making a statement like that is just bait for fanboys to start talking smack about each other.

Flaninacupboard | December 28, 2012

Actually I have a Blackberry [I like the keyboard], but the iPhone is still the "best" phone if you get my meaning!

Brian H | December 28, 2012

Back on topic, there is a small number of new owners not "in love", because of issues they've experienced. I truly hope Tesla Service is up to coping with the somewhat ramshackle "ramp up"!

trydesky | December 28, 2012

It's clear the S is a great car (well, no first hand experience, as I'm in the screwed 60kwh group) but even if the car was "normal" I'd still be getting it because I'm in love with getting an electric car that has 200+ mile range. And, oh yeah, I've been waiting a long time, and I'm not giving up now!

I guess my point is, it's not "only" because the S is a great car that I haven't pulled my reservation.

randall.einhorn | December 28, 2012

this IS a stellar automobile.I thought that with each drive the buzz and fun would where off. Quite the opposite! I am more in love with this car with each drive. Yes the cup holders suck but are you driving a car, or drinking a cup of tea? The S really is a drivers car.

Brian H | December 29, 2012

But don't you need a place to store the Grey Poupon?