HPWC Control

HPWC Control

I have my HPWC on a 100 A circuit. If I wanted to limit charging to, say 50A, is there any difference between setting the DIP switches in the HPWC and controlling it from the Model S?


RZippel | July 20, 2013

From how I understand it if you set the dip switches the HPC will tell the MS to charge at lower amps. The charge will not ever happen at more than you defined.

If you set it on the MS before plugging in the outcome would be the same. If you set it after (if that is possible, I think down yes, up no) you will charge at a higher rate in the beginning. If you want to make sure you never accidentally charge at higher amps (maybe you cranked it up at a mobile charger, etc.) I suggest to set it in the HPC.

mikeah007 | July 20, 2013

More practical and convenient to change the Amps in the car.

lolachampcar | July 20, 2013

and the car should remember your settings (Geo-referenced).