HPWC with the NEMA 14-50 plug ... Where did you go?

HPWC with the NEMA 14-50 plug ... Where did you go?

Anyone with any intel on when the HPWC will be available again with the NEMA14-50 plug? That was a most elegant solution for those of us that are willing to sacrifice the slightly slower charging speed for the portability it provided (i.e. for moving). It was available since about mid-December, then last week both the standard silver HPWC (hardwired) and the HPWC with the 14-50 plug went sold out. Now the silver is listed sold out, and the 14-50 HPWC is gone. I know you can just use the extension cord with the NEMA 14-50 adapter, but I am getting my garage ready for my big spring purchase and I want to know if its coming back or should I just go ahead and hardwire the HPWC. Cheers!

PrescottRichard | February 10, 2019

Mine is arriving on Wednesday according to the email I (finally) received from Tesla yesterday.

It is this one-

Wall Connector with 14-50 Plug
24' Cable
SKU: 1050068-01-E
QTY: 1

I ordered it on 1/20/19 and hadn’t really heard anything about it until yesterday.

alsf2 | February 10, 2019

That's great that you ordered one before they eliminated it from the Tesla Shop. Just wondering if its coming back anytime soon...

Yodrak. | February 10, 2019

You can buy a couple of feet of #6 cable and a NEMA 14-50P

PrescottRichard | February 10, 2019

Oh, I don’t think it’s never coming back. Hadn’t thought of that, was that what you’re worried about?

I’m thinking they’ll be back in at some point. It’s a relatively new thing IIRC.

Too bad the site doesn’t take email addys to notify when back in stock!

rxlawdude | February 11, 2019

One negative to the NEMA 14-50 version is it cannot ever be daisy chained like the hardwired versions.

alsf2 | February 14, 2019

I see the corded mobile connector has a NEMA-14-50 plug. I found it under the Model X and S charging shop pages. I wonder why its not shown available for the Model 3. Does anyone have this, and can verify it can charge up to 40A (for Model 3)? I know the second gen mobile connector (with all the attachments) cannot go more than 32A. I see no spec sheet in the downloadable manual. Also a bit turned off that they are charging $520 for this compared to a HPWC at $500.

PrescottRichard | February 14, 2019

Installed it yesterday, very straight forward. Just a plate you mount to the wall and screw the bulk of the connector to it. Lets you loop extra cable around it easily, my S is getting the 40A it should.

For SOME reason Tesla included the new UMC with my pre-owned 2016 90D purchase, so I was down to 32A. Not a big deal really, but it is nice to have the UMC in the car where it belongs. I posted a pic on facebook if anyone is curious, but it's not anything spectacular. | February 14, 2019

All Teslas sold now get the MC 32 amp version. For the M3 LR it's charger can handle 48 amps, and 40 apps with NEMA14-50. M3 medium range may be limited to 32 apps no matter the connection. Perhaps someone can verify the medium range max is 32 amps.

EVRider | February 15, 2019

@TeslaTap: Based on the chart on, the Model 3 MR charges at a max of 32 amps (or apps as you like to say :-), but I’ll confirm that the next time I charge. The next charge will be using my brand new wall connector on a 100 amp circuit.

avesraggiana | February 16, 2019

I hope my question is on topic.

So I just selected the black, Elon Musk-engraved wall charger as my referral prize. Is it the same as my HPWC which I had installed over a year ago, which charges at 72 amps, therefore giving me a charge rate of 44-45 mph?

I know my November 2018-build Model X charges at 72 amps, as does my Model S75D, which I ordered with the then optional and available Upgraded Onboard Charger, or whatever it was called back in March 2017.

Will my soon-to-be-delivered black wall charger allow me to charge at 72 amps or higher, or will I now be restricted to 48 amps, regardless of my cars’ charging capacities?

avesraggiana | February 16, 2019

It was called the “High Amperage Charger Upgrade,” back in early 2017, a $1500 extra cost option.

reed_lewis | February 17, 2019

The referral HPWC is the same is a regular one. It just has a signature on it.

So if you can charge more quickly using your current HPWC, you can charge as quickly using the referral one.

avesraggiana | February 17, 2019

@reed_lewis. Good news. Thanks for clarifying.

EVRider | February 17, 2019

I can confirm that signature black wall connector can charge at 72 amps, because I just installed one and used it to charge my S100D at that rate. I can also confirm that the Model 3 MR charges at a maximum of 32 amps.