HW2 AEB Borderline Useless

HW2 AEB Borderline Useless

So Tesla decided not to tell us HW2 owners that the AEB they released was limited to...28mph! It won't work at most normal driving speeds. Its useless. Its also a material fact that they happened not to disclose. It took Consumer Reports, whom people deride around here when they hold Tesla accountable, to continue to shine a light on Tesla. This is appalling.

Tesla has really misled HW2 owners about a critical safety feature. They let everyone think this was the same AEB that AP1 owners have. Its outrageous.

johnfrum | April 28, 2017


luckyj | April 28, 2017

The official Tesla announcements and release notes don't say anything about an AP1 comparison, nor anything related to speed ranges. Since the article cites nothing to prove it's claims...salt...grain. But then again, neither does Tesla.

Tâm | April 28, 2017

I don't know until someone can test AP2 AEB out.

AP1 AEB has not been braking to a full stop. It just reduce driving speed by 25 mph and allow COLLISION at a reduced speed (65-25=40 mph collision).

I am not sure how reliable AP1 AEB has been because people still slam their cars to vehicles in front.

I have been driving AP2 for the past 700 miles and it has consistently brake to a stop so I don't actually need AEB on freeway where I use Autopilot the most.

On slow speed surface streets, this new AP2 AEB would come in handy when I don't use Autopilot.

So the problem would be for those who don't pay for AP2 and they don't have high speed AEB.

croman | April 28, 2017

@Tam -- TACC can't slam on the brakes like AEB. AEB is a last line of defense safety feature. TACC is a lot more proactive. But I expected both with HW2. Not AEB limited to slow speeds (though perhaps that will incrementally increase but we really have no information).

Tâm | April 28, 2017


I certainly do not like AP1 AEB performance with many reports of rear ending vehicles in front and side guardrails.

I certainly do not want AP1 AEB as my last line of defense because of its records.

So far, with the past 700 miles, I have not missed AEB on freeway at all because of autopilot2 but I do miss it on low speed surface street.

croman | April 28, 2017

More details:

They will increase in stages. The 28mph is because its the IIHS test speed. Tesla seems committed to making it the best AEB, so that's good but why don't they tell us this? I haven't gotten the update so my manual hasn't been updated but it seems important (and easy) enough to put in the release notes.

croman | April 28, 2017

More details:

They will increase in stages. The 28mph is because its the IIHS test speed. Tesla seems committed to making it the best AEB, so that's good but why don't they tell us this? I haven't gotten the update so my manual hasn't been updated but it seems important (and easy) enough to put in the release notes.

tpham07 | April 28, 2017

My Lexus AEB never went to a full stop either, it simply "slowed vehicle to reduce the force of a collision"

reed_lewis | April 29, 2017

Why can't tesla do what Subaru already does? They fully stop the car.

croman | April 29, 2017

This isn't about fully stopping the car. It only will do whatever it does below 28mph. If you drive above that speed it won't work. They only disclose this limitation in the manual.

Bill_75D | April 29, 2017

Consumer Reports is not amused ...

Jeff A | April 29, 2017

This is more than a little disturbing. I applaud any car company that updates their technology and works to improve it, but the HW2 roll out has not gone well. It launched last october and it is not even at feature parity with the older hardware. In this case, Tesla is acting more and more like a software company than a hardware company -- push out something that is almost functional and patch it up to snuff after the fact.

jkilch | April 29, 2017

@croman "They only disclose this limitation in the manual." More GENIUS from Tesla!

This does this but this does not do that but the AP1 did but now it doesn't but it does do that. Sounds like we are speeding right along. The Snowball is Rolling!

PedanticOne | April 29, 2017

To not call this out in the release notes is pretty bad. Expectations will not match reality, and with an important safety feature like this it seems very neglectful to not include some disclaimer as they do for other features by calling them 'beta', etc.

Bill_75D | May 1, 2017

Has Tesla stopped sending out the AEB update? I'm still on 17.14.35 and I notice on the firmware tracker only 27 cars reporting 17.16.35. How long until we get a working safety feature that should have been on the car from day one?

dknisely | May 1, 2017

I'm still on 17.11.45, which added AEB. Are 17.14.35 and 17.16.35 bug fixes? They seem to be going to AP2 cars but perhaps just to fix certain bugs on certain cars??

spatters805 | May 1, 2017

I got the AEB update this past weekend. There was no mention of min or max speed. I am not about to test it either.

What is concerning is the slow decline in overall quality on several areas (some critical). Even the hardline Tesla enthusiasts on this forum have to admit that sacrificing quality of common safety features such as AEB and lane change warning (mine is useless) in a car that has the technology to lead the segment is irresponsible. The Model S scored lower than a Chevy Volt and a Prius Prime in crash testing by IIHS recently. I don't necessarily care if the car goes to a complete stop, as long as I am alerted that the car is coming up on someone too quickly and the braking sequence is started quickly.

I would also rather have excellent level 3 features to start and slowly progress to level 5 autonomy than have a bumpy ride to Level 5 autonomy and "issues" all along the way.

Before someone tells me to "just go buy a Ford or a Leaf," I must say I am fully committed to Tesla and want to see the company continue to do well. That is why I bought the car. I love the drive as much as the other enthusiasts on this board and always look forward to getting in my car. However, even Saturn owners loved their cars right up until the manufacturing plant doors were shut. I wonder if the same folks that poo-pooed the Consumer Reports statement also poo-pooed their statement that the Tesla was the highest rated car they've ever tested, or when the car broke the Roof-Crush test machine.

Maybe that's comparing apples to oranges, but since the other automakers are gaining ground on autonomy and EV production, I would hate to see Tesla lose significant market share due to issues they could have resolved by now. I'd also rather not test the Tesla's ability to withstand a high speed collision.

croman | May 1, 2017

I'm still waiting for 17.11.45. I'm on 17.11.3. they've stopped updating people. I'm hoping a bigger update is in the offing.

spatters805 | May 1, 2017

I hope 17.11.45 is a start and maybe they have increased the speed max for AEB in an upcoming update. Thank goodness for Tesla and the ongoing updates!!!!

gleyfman | May 1, 2017

Didn't get this update either. Still on 17.11.3