I cant find anything on Tesla's view on induction charging

I cant find anything on Tesla's view on induction charging

Does any one know what Tesla's vision is on induction charging and driving? I know that there are already some companies that have made it possible to keep a fully loaded bus running 24/7 without ever to need to plug it in or to have a range extender (Bombadier for instance) The buses simply drive over an induction track and only need a really small battery pack to drive on the places where there isn't a induction part in the road.

Car t man | April 13, 2014

The infrastructure is really expensive and buses keep constant routes...

Red Sage ca us | April 13, 2014

Yeah. I think that is a long term goal for public transportation and publicly owned 'city cars'. It will come to fruition most likely after autonomously driving vehicles have been perfected. Think in terms of the cars shown in movies like 'Minority Report' and 'I, Robot'.

negarholger | April 13, 2014

Tesla has a patent on a dual system - inductive plus connector. I think that will be the future e.g. go to work and charge slowly with the inductive system and plug in at the supercharger or at home.
Teslas public view (Elon, JB ) is that the inductive technology in not mature at this point, but they are not opposed to it. Tesla is focussed on fast charging enabling you to go long distances.

Red Sage ca us | April 13, 2014

Inductive charging in public parking spaces, without cables, for 'trickle charging', may well have its place for city driving. If it can safely exceed the rate of a regular 120v outlet, it may diminish some of the need for quick charging.

grega | April 13, 2014

For mobile phones, there's an argument that it's easy just to plug them in, which would apply equally to cars. But there's a recognition that just putting your phone down somewhere you normally lay it will be much more natural for people. I'm not sure they're right, but they're pursuing that.

I imagine just parking in your garage without plugging in will appeal to lots of people - though you want to minimise power loss first of course.

I don't think induction charging while you drive has much of a future, not for a long time anyway. Perhaps booster induction charging at taxi stands, so taxis can operate full time, and charging at major bus stops.

B744Mike | April 13, 2014

Elon has also said the induction plates need to be really close to work well.

cmaster2014 | April 14, 2014

The Volt and Leas has vendors that lets you do induction charging.

This is level 2 power. It would've been very nice for Tesla to allow it.

Brian H | April 14, 2014

I believe S Korea is experimenting with charger-roadways, but of course the area and population density are more suited than the US or even Europe.

nikolateslas88 | April 15, 2014

there was a interview in either norway or germany where elon and jb talk about the impractical point of induction charging.

bevguy | April 16, 2014

Induction charging requires precise placement of the vehicle and the charge plate. That's easy with a cell phone, less so with a bulky car where you can't see the actual plate.
Also it's energy inefficient and thus less "green" and your electrical charge will cost more.