I can't wait until a dual-motor AWD S is in my garage

I can't wait until a dual-motor AWD S is in my garage

I know there has been no announcement of this version of an S, but it makes sense that one is coming. Elon has stated that people are going to be very surprised how well the X handles. The dual motors can communicate and send torque to each of the 4 wheels within 30 milliseconds. This is far quicker than a mechanical system used in other AWD cars.

So imagine the benefits of adding a front motor to the S. First of all it will fit nicely in the "tunnel" part of the frunk. It will dramatically improve handling. Could it have the best skidpad rating of any sedan on the road? Rivaling some of the best sports cars? Also acceleration would seem to be much quicker. Could we see 0-60 below 3.5 seconds? Seems plausible. That is a car I would love to get on the track.

Auto P85 | October 13, 2014

Congratulations! You are a poster boy for patience.

You definitely earned a P85D and show everyone that the D was not some out of the blue surprise that no one could have predicted, as you would think if you read some/many of the posts.

JZ13 | December 23, 2014

Happy to report I finally have the P85D in my garage. Waited for 1 1/2 years from when I first posted this. It is obviously quicker than I first speculated yet the handling isn't quite as crisp as I was imagining back in the spring of 2013. Thank you Elon and Tesla for making the greatest car ever even better!

sbeggs | December 24, 2014


You were right back in June of 2013, foreseeing a Dual Drive Model S. Good to see your dream came true. Enjoy the beast! What did you name it?

Red Sage ca us | December 25, 2014