I did manage a slight concession from Jerome ...

I did manage a slight concession from Jerome ...

.... as a result of my complaint over being forced to reconfigure my car and pay more to get the new options.
He emailed me back and had Miki Sofer squeeze my production into the week of 8/19. That move up by a week should ensure I get the car before the end of the month in time for wife's birthday and less than 4 weeks from the day I confirmed my order.

Not exactly the resolution I was hoping for, but oh well, had I kept my old configuration I would be waiting who knows how long for the parking sensor retrofit and it would likely cost $2k-$3k. The $4200 increase isn't all that bad (especially cuz I got the cold weather package too).

hshoumer | August 8, 2013

I am running in to this same issue. I want to add the parking sensor to my configuration and they are telling it will reset all the pricing. Seems not very customer friendly especially since I want to spend more money with them. I was looking to spend over $100,000 for a Performance model with all of the original options included. I will not be purchasing the car without this option included. I just think they need to be more flexile with a minor paperwork change for such a young company.

earlyretirement | August 8, 2013

Yep. I ran into the same thing. I did ask them to please keep my original delivery date and not lose my place in line. I paid about $5,000 more to add the parking sensors. Ultimately, they said my delivery date should be just 4 days after my original date which I'm happy about.

Initially I spoke to someone that said I'd have to wait 3-4 WEEKS if I reconfigured but hopefully it does come when they said. My Delivery Specialist confirmed that it would.

One thing I'm nervous about is when I click on the My Tesla page, my car still doesn't match up with what I agreed on with them. They said it would update in 24-48 hours but it's still not matching up with what I reconfigured it to.

I emailed my DS and he said he will check but needless to say with all these things, it makes me a bit nervous. It would be nice if the page matched up with what I reconfigured to.

hshoumer | August 8, 2013

So they changed your pricing structure to the new model in order to get the parking sensor added? Seems very unreasonable. It makes me nervous about what they would do if there are any issues later with the car. In my opinion they should bend over backwards in order attract more customers at this stage of their evolution. I have not confirmed my purchase yet, so it is just matter of a little extra paperwork to make this happen.

NKYTA | August 8, 2013

@hshoumer "bend over backwards in order attract more customers"
They are demand constrained and can't make cars fast enough right now.
They are also a publicly traded company that needs to please their shareholders wrt margins.

earlyretirement | August 8, 2013


Yes, read all the past posts. There are TONS of posts from angry buyers that were caught in the transition where we ordered the tech package but our cars didn't enter production yet. I agree it would be fair to pay more than $500 but repricing the entire car just to add parking sensors I didn't think was fair. But it doesn't sound like Tesla cares too much what we think about the matter.

I'm just glad I could have ordered the Parking sensors. Many people that recently got their cars or their cars that have already entered production didn't get that choice.

But the frustrating part is that each day the car is still listing incorrectly on the "My Tesla" page. They say it's ok but I'm not sure what the difficulty is simply making sure it matches up with what I reconfigured it to. This doesn't seem like rocket science making sure they match up.

It makes me nervous because the LAST thing I want is for them to start production and have something wrong and then it's delivered wrong and then they tell me, "sorry for the mistake" and then it takes weeks/MONTHS to make a new one.

This is part of this business model that I don't like. If they had a long track record and history of GREAT communications, and treating their customers really valuable then I wouldn't worry. But I can't say that is always the case.

I realize there will be growing pains but frustrating nonetheless.

hshoumer | August 8, 2013

That's funny. Their sister company seems to have no problem with the Rocket Science part. You would think these guys can deal with fixing their web site so it shows the correct configuration.

I will be getting a call from one of the managers at the Palo Alto office about this tomorrow. I am sure they will tell me it is not possible to add the sensor. I will walk away if they don't accommodate this. Think of it this way. The pricing will be coming down in a few years when their production line is more efficient and more competition in the market.

earlyretirement | August 9, 2013


Yeah. I think it's kind of funny these guys can build an amazing car like the Model S but can't implement a simple search function on their website. Or send a rocket into outer space but can't configure the website so that orders are accurate.

As far as walking away..... don't hold your breath. I know several people in the same situation and Tesla's attitude was bye bye and someone else will buy your car. The truth is that I wasn't willing to walk away even having to pay THOUSANDS of dollars more for the car. And ultimately you probably won't either. LOL.

Yes, the pricing will come down but it could be a few years. And the truth is that most people that are seriously considering the car probably won't be willing to wait years.

Bob-wi | August 9, 2013

It is crazy that they did not allow those in transition to order the parking sensors for the $500 or a bit of a premium. It is not like they made a big announcement about the price change or option changes. It was a total suprise so why not br reasonable and give great customer service that they say they want to give and offer this saftey option. I understand that they would not want to give you the new mix and match items at the old price.

By reading the website they did seemed to make a mistake and hope the would reconsider.

lolachampcar | August 9, 2013

yes, and posting about it should pretty much guarantee no such consideration in the future. Tesla shows flexibility and the customer creates an avalanche of other customers expecting the same treatment.....

Avoiding this type of problem is one the biggest reasons Tesla wants to force the buying process through store personal with little business knowledge and a web page that only allows you to check boxes.

ralsagoff | August 9, 2013

I just added the parking sensors to an existing order and had to pay more for:
1. Wood trim $650 instead of included.
2. Sound System $2,500 instead of $950. This is the biggest increase of all options!
3. Tech Package -$250 It is now $3,500 instead of $3,750.
4. Tan Leather interior ins now called Nappa Leather Seats with no price change. Wonder if that means they have cut back on the leather interior?

It's time we all realized that this is just another profit-hungry publicly listed company that is going to extract as much as they can from their customers for their shareholder. It just so happens that FOR NOW they have a hot product which we covet. So hold your nose and pay if you want to play. It won't always be like this. Detriot is not going to sit by and watch some upstart kit them in behind. I truly feel wounded by the repricing for those of us who would like to add parking sensors. One consolation, one visit to a body shop to fix a couple of parking dings will pay for the additional cost!

KennyB@US-FL | August 9, 2013

@earlyretirement I too am with you about the configuration changing. Unlike you though, I'm still on hold as I can't get my MS until next year.

I went into the store this past Monday after resigning to the fact we have to reconfigure in order to get the latest options :( (Still very unhappy over this!!!). In my case I want the parking sensors and cyclone wheels as well as fog lights. My rep said she e-mailed Inside Sales and that they usually contact you within 24 hours to go over your changes and reconfigure on My Tesla account. Well 3-4 emails later I finally got the phone call at 8:00PM last night. The rep was very apologetic for the delay and went over "the rules" that if I want newer options the car had to go into the new pricing structure, and he would have to unlock my configuration in order to allow me to change it. After agreeing to the pricing changes he said I should be able to make the changes on My Tesla. Well, needless to say, my old configuration is still up and I cannot access the new options. I've called the rep and left a message, and my sales rep here locally told me she e-mailed and called the rep in CA as well. We'll see how long this goes on.

I hope they build your car correctly! Keep us posted.


PaceyWhitter | August 9, 2013

I think it is hilarious that some people think Tesla "owes" them anything.

They ordered a product and agreed to pay a price. Tesla did not change that product nor did they change that price.

Tesla did begin to offer a new product at a different price. Now these people want to get the best of both worlds. They want to get the cheaper pricing structure that no one ordering after them will get(group A), but they also want to get the options that no one before them could get (group B). My question is why do you think you are so special? Just because you ordered at the exact time the change took place?

In fact, you are getting a special benefit that no one else will get. Tesla is offering to allow you to choose whether you want to stay in group B or move to group A. No one else will ever have this choice. What Tesla is not doing is creating a special group C in which you get all the benefits of both A and B, and you are complaining?

Talk about entitled.

earlyretirement | August 9, 2013


I'll keep you posted how it goes. I hope someone gets back to me today. All I want to see is my car correctly configured on their website. Sure, they are emailing me assuring me that it will be done ok but considering some other communication difficulties, I'd prefer to have everything on the same page. I don't think that is much to ask.

@Pacey - It's not a matter of being "entitled" like you and some others keep trying to portray. And I think that many people are trying to get lumped into this argument. I DO think that the few people that fell within an unfortunate window of just ordering shortly before the parking sensors was announced and not having their cars enter production yet do have a legitimate complaint.

Absolutely I think you are entitled to your opinion so we can agree to disagree. I've owned several successful companies and like Elon, I'm an entrepreneur. When things happen in life, I try to base it on solid objectivity and what I'd fairly do under any given situation.

Also, confusing the matter was my Delivery Specialist gave me wrong information and price expectations on adding the Parking Sensors, which confused the situation. He did apologize for giving out wrong information but that's part of the big problem here. Communications issues.

I don't think that people in my situation was saying that Tesla "owed" them something. We weren't asking for this upgrade for free. I was more than willing to pay what I deemed was fair for the opportunity to upgrade. I just didn't think repricing the entire car being in that unique window was fair.

We can agree to disagree but this isn't a case of "entitlement" as you try to portray.

earlyretirement | August 9, 2013

Ok.. Hunter Carlson (Inside Sales Advisor) just got back to me and they finally corrected my order on their website. :)

He is actually someone that has been GREAT with communications. I'm looking forward to receiving the car at the end of the month.

Hey, do any of you guys know once a car enters production how many days exactly does it take to finish the car? I was always curious how many days the cycle is from start of the production line once they start actually making it to end time is?

I'm not speaking about sourcing parts but I'm talking about once they actually have all the parts and start making it? Inquiring minds want to know.

lolachampcar | August 9, 2013

I've heard Tesla say from two to five days.

KennyB@US-FL | August 9, 2013

@earlyretirement I believe it takes between 4-5 days start to rolling off the line.

AmpedRealtor | August 9, 2013

@ hshoumer,

I don't understand, you would wake away from a $100,000 vehicle over a $500 option? That seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Parking sensors were not available when you reserved your vehicle, so obviously not having them was not a deciding factor in your order - you went ahead and ordered one without the sensors before the new pricing/options were announced. Now that's not good enough?

So you are still getting the car you ordered and at the price Tesla promised. You are just not happy because Tesla won't add the parking sensors for $500 above your old pricing. Well my friend, welcome to the club! We've all had to deal with this, and all of us have decided to either stick with our previous orders or update to the new pricing in order to get a new option that we wanted and were willing to pay the price.

I don't understand how the parking sensors were not a factor before, but now have become the penultimate deciding factor on whether you are going to get this vehicle? Wow.

carlk | August 9, 2013

Op, That seems to be the only thing they will do. The performance model which has subjected to the most price increase has one month delivery time instead 2~3 for other models. I'm sure the top priority of the company right now is to improve the margin, which of course has nothing wrong with it.

@hshoumer@la-net... "I will not be purchasing the car without this option included." Didn't you finalize your configuration without such option?

earlyretirement | August 9, 2013

Thanks Kenny and lola. Ok...that's not bad at all.

I agree with Amped that it's not worth it to walk away from the car purchase. It's not like you can go out and take your business to another company with a comparable product. LOL. So I think it's one of those things now that Tesla issued their stance on it, you can either accept it and move on with life or just walk away.

No amount of complaining will change it. I just can't see too many people walking away.

KennyB@US-FL | August 9, 2013

I agree most won't walk away, but some may end up getting price out of the market or have to reconfigure to something less than they originally wanted. That truly is the most disappointing situation to be put in.

KennyB@US-FL | August 9, 2013

I agree most won't walk away, but some may end up getting priced out of the market or have to reconfigure to something less than they originally wanted. That truly is the most disappointing situation to be put in.

eAdopter | August 9, 2013

@AmpedRealtor. Where are you? This is a good example of an issue where TM could improve. Instead of "changing the rules" for a few people stuck between the old and new pricing structures, TM doesn't give an inch - and in my opinion - doesn't give a damn. That's what I meant when I said "TM has all the power and abuses it".

For a few people currently stuck in the middle, TM has an opportunity to make this right. TM has the power to do so, and refuse to. The cost to TM would be minimal and result in great customer satisfaction. The world would be reading about how well TM treated their customers. Instead, we're reading about various customer frustrations. We're reading about how TM doesn't appreciate early customers who are taking a significant(!) risk to purchase an expensive(!) new product with no long-term track record. Sure, each case is a little different, but TM could handle it if they tried. THAT would be World Class.

@PaceyWhitter. Yes, you are correct. But what's wrong with expecting more? TM can choose to make these changes at a very low cost (if any) and create an excellent experience for the customer. The positive impression (and press) would be worth every penny.

It's this persistent attitude by TM that has me worried. Today, we're all benefiting from warranty service. Based on what we've observed over the past eight months, I'm not convinced TM will be fair when the warranty expires. At the price of an MS, I expect better. Not just for selfish reasons, but because I want TM to succeed in a huge(!) way. Everyone is watching, especially the competition. I think TM must improve.

KennyB@US-FL | August 9, 2013

Sorry for the double post...hate that we can't edit! Anyway, Inside Sales just called me back. I am able to do my modifications now! My Tesla now reflects the car as I want it.

PaceyWhitter | August 9, 2013


I apologize if I was a bit flippant in my response, and it sucks that you were given bad info by your delivery specialist, but it doesn't seem that that bad info hurt you at all.(unless he told you it would be cheap to add sensors after you received your car)

You have the ability to purchase a MS with sensors, you would just be forced to pay the same amount of money as everyone else that got a MS with sensors paid.

You still haven't explained why, by pure chance of the date of your purchase, you (and others in your situation) deserve special treatment.

You say you were willing to pay what you deemed was a fair upgrade price, but why do you (and people in you situation) get to decide what is a fair price. No one else does, they either pay what Tesla decides, or they don't get the car.

The way Tesla is handling it seems fair to me. You shouldn't be forced to pay more than what you agreed to pay, but you shouldn't get more than what you agreed to receive. If you want more than you originally agreed to, you have to pay the same price that anyone else would.

lolachampcar | August 9, 2013

I think the difficulty here (speaking from actual experience) is that Tesla has said PDC is worth $500. Ok, that is reasonable. Then they go on to tell people that had faith in the company and have placed an order that their special price for PDC will be $3000.

The reality is as posters have pointed out. You checked the boxes in design studio and agreed to buy the car you configured. Tesla will deliver that car. Everyone is doing as they said they will do.

The perception is that Tesla does not give a rat's rear about you after you place your order. The reality is that kinda do in that you have the option to add the new features but they are going to extract margin for you to do so.

The argument to me seems to be -
Why would Tesla take a chance of creating any ill will over $2500-$5000 per order on a limited number of cars (say, those that would take their delivery within 6 weeks of the change in pricing)?

For some, the answer is clear cut. It's $2500-$5000 is pure margin.
For others, the answer is equally clear cut. Why rock the boat at the beginning of the journey for $2500-$5000 on a few orders.

Tesla has made their decision and you can bet they knew there would be blow back.

Lastly, My wife's S85 order confirmed at the end of July is scheduled for delivery 9/6 so it seems Tesla is doing at least one non-performance car in the same five to six weeks that they took to deliver my P85+.

lolachampcar | August 9, 2013

is they kinda
margin from you
in pure margin

PaceyWhitter | August 9, 2013


Of course Tesla could decide to give a benefit to a few, but couldn't that create just as much animosity from others as goodwill from the few that benefit?

An example would be the 40's. It would cost Tesla zero to convert all of them to 60's (they would lose the potential for future money from upgrades)

However, people would be upset that they had to pay extra for their 60 and that would create a dissatisfyer. The way Tesla handled it limited that feeling of "getting cheated."

In this case, people are already upset about the price increase, but at least they can say that they have access to certain options that were not previously available. Creating a class of people got those upgrades but didn't pay, could enhance that dissatisfaction.

I know that what someone else has should not create dissatisfaction with what you have, but that is human nature.

lolachampcar | August 9, 2013

You know what I am dissatisfied with?

Tesla raised the price of the P85 with 21s by $7000 at the end of 2012. That meant that I sold my Feb. delivery P85 on the retail market for enough to buy a P85+ and still come in under the field retrofit (which is still not yet available) costs. I also got to put 5,500 miles on my first MS.

Now Tesla has raised prices again and new customers will have to pay $15,000 more than I did for the EXACT SAME CAR.

Those lousy people at Tesla keep increasing the residual value of the things I buy from them! Can you imagine!

Oh, and don't you forget for a minute that they are doing the exact same thing to their stock. I'm seeing a pattern here.

AmpedRealtor | August 9, 2013

@ eAdopter,

You are sounding far too bitter to be taken seriously. I'll end it there.

Epley | August 9, 2013


Seems like you don't really want this car if you are willing to walk away from a $100k purchase over parking sensors. I have a Model S without parking sensors, and it's still an awesome car.

@lots of the rest of you

If you were buying a BMW, you'd better believe that they would charge you more for adding options. What makes you hold Tesla to a higher standard?

I waited 2 years to get my car, so I don't really have much sympathy for complaints of having to wait another 3-4 weeks. If you want the parking sensors or [insert any feature here], reconfigure, pay the difference, and get an amazing car a few weeks later that you originially anticipated.

As pointed out earlier, it's not rocket science. But there is a science behind production, and I don't know of any other car company that lets you pick and choose your options to the same level of detail as Tesla and get the car within a couple months.

The title of this thread should be changed to "Let's complain about pricing, options, and a bunch of other stuff."

lolachampcar | August 9, 2013

My poor attempt at humor. I could not be happier with the way my Tesla interactions are working out.

AmpedRealtor | August 9, 2013

@ lolachampcar,


Out of all my interactions with Tesla, my only disappointment was when Jerome told me that I couldn't add the parking sensors for $500 at 9am on Saturday. What VP of any car company emails a customer at 9am on a weekend? But after reading other opinions about it and looking at it from Tesla's perspective, the choices they offered made the most sense. Some people are not happy with having choices, they want the only available choices to be decided by them. Unfortunately life doesn't work that way, and at the end of the day we need to be adults.

I am with you about the rise in resale value. Tesla is the first car company in my life where my car is rolling off the assembly line worth more than it was when I ordered it. People like eAdopter, if they own this vehicle, should be happy that their vehicle resale values have gone up. Yet they seem to only want to dwell on the negative and hold Tesla responsible for absolutely everything and call them names. Pfft. I have bigger fish to fry.

earlyretirement | August 9, 2013

Lolachampcar explained it perfectly. I can't improve on the explanation.

All I can say is that I am glad I was at least given the chance to add it in. It's worth it to me but my feeling has changed on the warm and fuzzy feelings I had about Tesla and their business model.

I no longer think that it's necessarily better vs. the traditional dealer model. And as Lola mentioned, I know other people that no longer have the warm and fuzzies now. Of course that might change after I get the car.

The thing of it is that I would ask Elon how he would feel if he was in the same exact situation as an end user. I don't think he would have appreciated it and would be a bit bitter as well. That's all I'm saying.

I certainly wouldn't have cancelled my order if I couldn't have added in the Parking sensors.

Brian H | August 9, 2013

The entire stream of complaints rests on the assumption that adding PDS is a minor tweak to the production line. Get a hint, a clue, from the 1-2 week delays in delivery to reconfigure it. You have no idea how far upstream the changes involved must be made, or how extensive they are.

NKYTA | August 8, 2013
They are demand constrained and can't make cars fast enough right now.

You have it bezakly ackwards. Demand constrained would mean they are limited in their deliveries by how many orders they get, like Nissan or GM. They are production constrained, meaning they can deliver as many as they can produce.

Don't let the door ...

Mathew98 | August 9, 2013

How many would be would be owners actually left the production queue because they're offended by the choice to add newly available options and pay more for repricing (due to other options packaging)?

No one is forcing them to buy the newer options. They could simply keep their old configuration in which TM would honor.

There not a chance another other ICE producer would allow any buyers to change from a 2013 to 2014 model year car without charging them more.

I once inquired a Honda dealer if I could bypass the 3 months wait for a 4 cylinder Accord coupe (brand new design, first year model revision). It was a rather high demand model for its inaugural year with low initial supply. The dealer replied "Sure, you can get a V6 next week, but we'll charge you $4,000 more". The posted invoice difference between an I4 and a V6 was $1000. Needless to say, I asked the stealer to go fly a kite...

That is what a typical stealership would gouge you folks. At least TM will give you standard pricing for all its cars and options.