Yesterday, like many, I received an email that my delivery was delayed until June. I configured 04/18.

Today I was shocked to receive an email that my car now has a VIN!!! They want me to confirm order and registration details and they'll contact me for delivery.

Registered: 04/01/16
Configured: 04/18/18
Black, 19" Rims, EAP
Los Angeles


petertdh | May 21, 2018

@arciniega.jerardo, congrats

Alex_SD | May 21, 2018

Just like mine. It's a beauty!

rjadams72 | May 21, 2018

Damn, another big WTF slap in the face! I reserved 9am 3/31 in person, stood in line, configured 4/10....still no car or vin. Congrats to you but really hard to keep reading about people reserving after the reveal are getting or already have their cars. F@CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy for you though!

arciniega.jerardo | May 21, 2018

lol. No worries. Sorry to those still waiting. I think since I've mentally prepared myself to wait years for this car.... and I still have a car (for now) as my daily commuter, I was okay with waiting.

Don't lose hope. Once you have it... you'll forget about how long it took to get it (easy for me to say) :)

Bated Breath | May 21, 2018

@rjadams72 - I feel your pain. I was a line waiter and configured April 6th. I am encouraged that 19" wheels are on their way. It's been a while.

Congrats arciniega.jerardo! Enjoy!

Bated Breath | May 21, 2018

Oh yeah. I have NOT received a VIN.

jjgunn | May 21, 2018

#199,999 - Delivered 23:59:59 June 30 2018

jsoldo | May 21, 2018

@rjadams72 and @Bated Breath agreed. WTF!? Same here. Line waiter, configured 4/6 (Red, 19, EAP) in New York.

NO VIN. Pushed to "June" yesterday.

Really upset with Tesla. This is messed up...

CST | May 21, 2018

We all hope we have similar results :)

doelcm | May 21, 2018

Maybe they’re doing a batch of black M3s. I configured 4/13. Blue. No VIN yet. June email.

Ragde | May 21, 2018

Same here. Last night I received an email the car to be ready in June. Today, email from advisor to complete payment in order to have a delivery date. Woah. She said that my car has a vin, but still cannot see the vin even when I refresh the site. Still hoping to see the light. Midnight silver, 19 inch wheel, EAP. Configured 4/13.

rjadams72 | May 21, 2018

AAAAGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! As I pound my head into the wall

arciniega.jerardo | May 21, 2018

@Ragde Same with me. The VIN is not showing up on the site. All I have so far is the email confirming that a vin was issued to my car. Congrats to you!

Ragde | May 21, 2018

Same to you arciniega. Congrats to you. Some will receive the same email this week. I am sure. Rjadams, you are close. Yes the wait is unbearable, but we know that since 3/31/16 . I am praying for all of us specially for those whose states like WA and CA are closing loop in June. I hope they will get their state credit. By the way, I am in West Palm Beach, Fl.

ReD eXiLe ms us | May 21, 2018

arciniega.jerardo: Congratulations! Best wishes for a speedy and joyful Delivery.

jjgunn: Cute. I certainly expect that more than 199,999 eligible vehicles will have been built by Tesla prior th the end of day on June 30, 2018.

I would be very surprised if the actual number of Deliveries to Customers in the U.S. were to be more than about 195,000-to-199,900 buyers, though, prior to July 1, 2018. Best to get close, but not TOO close, with some cars listed purposely as 'In Transit' as Q2 2018 comes to an end... Just in case there is a 'BREWSTER'S MILLIONS' (1985) style 'accounting error' at the Witching Hour.

Tesla will instead 'hit the ground running' with U.S. Deliveries made the first week of July across all their automotive products in order to make Q3 2018 their biggest Sales success yet.

There will be a whole lot of Doubters, Deniers, ANALysts, $#0r+s, FUDsters, and Bears with gallons of egg (liquid chicken) on their faces come October 1, 2018.

smin73 | May 21, 2018

If the VIN isn't showing up, you can do the VIN trick of adding the wall charger to your cart and clicking checkout. Once on the checkout page, there is a pulldown menu next to the picture of the charger. If you have a VIN, it should show up there (the last 5 digits I believe). If you don't (like myself) the reservation number shows up.

arciniega.jerardo | May 21, 2018

@smin73... THANKS! That worked! Now I know what my VIN is.

pierpont | May 21, 2018

right on bro

badaman | May 21, 2018

Congrats. Yikes, another Black M3 in LA :)

CASEMAN | May 21, 2018

Congrats on the VIN's!! A little jealous but happy for you and happy to see some activity!

fskott | May 21, 2018

@SMIN73 - I just tried the add-the-wall-charger-to-your-account trick, and . . . . . VIN! 0261xx! Yay!

Or, rather, Yay? Because . . . . . still no word from Tesla, though. It's only through this trick that I was able to see it.

So what's not clear is just how long a wait one has left when the VIN appears only in your wall charger check-out, but nowhere else in the world.

And I also got the Delay email yesterday, it said June for me.

And yet, this VIN shows up via the wall-charger trick. Confusing/encouraging/confusing . . . . .

aaron_desai | May 21, 2018

Congratulations arciniega.jerardo & Ragde ! Enjoy!

ebmcs03 | May 21, 2018

Buy the wall charger and Tesla will deliver your car faster? LoL they want money right?

Ctinn | May 21, 2018

I'm glad I didn't buy the mats and the wall connector yet. I almost did last week.

Now that I'll miss my incentives It's not in my budget anymore.

It's bad enough I sold our house so I can afford the car payment. I was hoping my husband would be so happy with the Model 3 he wouldn't notice.

Anyway, if I don't laugh I will cry.

sathya.sayee | May 21, 2018

@smin73 Thanks. I got the email yesterday about delayed delivery and today got an email from ISA. No vin in my account. Used your trick and found the VIN number: 22XXXX . Red/Aero/PUP/EAP. AZ Phx location. Ordered online 3/31/2016, Invited and configured 04/18/2018

arciniega.jerardo | May 21, 2018

@ebmcs03 - That's hilarious. I wonder how many people would buy it to speed up delivery. I would... But I was on the fence about it anyway.

@fskott - Congrats on the VIN! I'm sure they'll reach out soon. I had no idea that my VIN could be found there. Check alternate emails. My email from tesla about the VIN being assigned didn't go to me directly. It was sent to an alternate email I had entered over a year ago.

Thanks everyone for the congrats! I'll be sure to post updates about the experience.

smin73 | May 21, 2018

No Problem, glad it helped some of you!!

I can't take credit for the trick though. Saw it posted on another forum.

Glad folks are getting VINs even with getting the delay email.

pulsar2612 | May 21, 2018

I mean, if it takes 2 weeks from VIN to delivery you're looking at June so the email wasn't wrong....

Either way, congrats!