I just can't wait!!!

I just can't wait!!!

I take delivery of my new Model S on August 5. I only have to finish this amazing Europian vacation I am on.
I won't tell my wife but I can't wait to get home to prepare for my new baby.

Shhhhh. Don't tell her!!

toby_wan_kenoby | July 15, 2013

Hi mfrey...
I can understand. I am working to buy a used MS and still I cant wait.

Be careful with your user name being your email address visible to the whole world, unless you like the emails from Nigeria and sorts.

Sailor | July 15, 2013

Hey mfrey,
so you have a delivery for August 5th.....if you don't mind, when did you confirm the order? did you get the date from a delivery specialist or from an update on your status of the My Tesla page?
lastly, if you bought the twin supercharger, has that already shipped to you or do you have a date for that too?

Sorry so many questions, but as you can tell, I JUST CAN'T WAIT either.

Tacket | July 15, 2013

Same thing happened to me - I was in Hawaii on vacation and took delivery the day I got back. First vacation that I wasn't bummed to be over!

lolachampcar | July 15, 2013

Saturday for my new baby :)

mfrey | July 15, 2013

@salior. I ordered mine in June 8. I live in the Boston area. Don't know if that adds to the wait. I got notification of delivery from the local service center. I did not order the twin chargers. Sorry.

Reilly McHugh | July 15, 2013

I took delivery on July 3rd in Seattle and on July 4th a Bus turned into me....Now i am going to have to wait longer than the initial waiting period to get my car back :( I feel your pain

cloroxbb | July 15, 2013


Twin super chargers? You are talking about the HPWC right?

Sailor | July 15, 2013 are right of course...sorry

Brian H | July 15, 2013

"twin supercharger" doesn't mean anything. All enabled 60s and all 85s can use the superchargers. Cars with twin chargers can take 80A or 40kW AC feeds. Not related to each other in any way.

lolachampcar | July 16, 2013

four days and counting......

Colasec | July 17, 2013

@lola, Capriena skipped over us from 7/23 to 7/19! :) Maybe ours will show up early too.

Colasec | July 17, 2013

This morning my status page said "Your Model S in in production". Now it says "Production Complete
Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery."


nickjhowe | July 17, 2013

Congrats! Don't forget the Model S delivery checklist

NomoDinos | July 17, 2013


Colasec | July 17, 2013

Thanks, @nickjhowe. I'm so glad you put it together - I'm sure it's been invaluable for so many people.

Thanks, @NoMoDinos. Yours will be here soon!

lolachampcar | July 18, 2013

Yep, now that the DS tells me (as of Tuesday 6 AM) that my car is on a truck in New Mexico my status has changed from sourcing parts to Production Complete. I was beginning to thing MS #2 was going to be delivered with a due bill like MS #1 given the ongoing need to source parts. With luck, this means that all the parts are on the truck :)

As far as the race goes, I do not have anywhere near as much confidence in my new DS as I did in my previous one. The first guy was at least as excited as me to get the car delivered. It is more of an imposition when I call the new guy so I have taken to leaving him be. Chances are good my delivery will get pushed leaving me number three in this race.

Oh well, at least I can take comfort that those that beat me have the Tesla Grin.

Teslanto | July 18, 2013


When is your original delivery date? Mine got updated to "in production" today (vin 16116) and my delivery date is July 29.

mikeah007 | July 18, 2013

My MS85 was also updated yesterday "in production". I call Tesla and they said the car was finished waiting for the transport. Very excited. Vin 15561. Pickup date Jul. 24th.

Colasec | July 20, 2013

@lola Yeah, the delivery hasn't been as "let's get you your car ASAP" as I thought it might be. I visited my car at the service center on Thursday, but am still scheduled to pick it up on Tuesday (it'll just sit there over the weekend). The DS said there are no openings for me to take delivery.

@Teslanto My window was 7/18 - 8/1 and my scheduled delivery date is 7/23. The car arrived at my local service center on Thursday (7/18) and is there waiting. VIN 1550x.

Captain_Zap | July 21, 2013


It sounds like you have first hand experience with some of the growing pains. Stellar employees are getting moved around and promoted. Their positions are getting backfilled with staff that is green when it comes to the Tesla experience. We just have to let Tesla know how things are going as they continue to grow.

lolachampcar | July 21, 2013

I'm afraid I knew more about the car and the process than the people I was dealing with. That being said, they are all polite, pleasant and bright kids (showing my age, not being condescending) and trying hard to do a good job. They'll get there.