I think The Model X discription narrative on the X page has changed

I think The Model X discription narrative on the X page has changed

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Model X is designed from the ground up to combine the space and functionality of a sport utility vehicle with seating for seven adults and the uncompromised performance of a Tesla. It is an automobile above category.

Offered with multiple battery and performance options, every Model X comes standard with Dual Motor All Wheel Drive and brilliantly functional Falcon Wing Doors. These doors fold up and out of the way allowing easy access to the third row seat, even from the narrowest of parking spaces | January 31, 2015

Yes, I believe elsewhere on the internet this came up. Basically they removed the specific call outs for 60 and 85 battery packs and changed it to simply read "multiple"

modelx2015 | January 31, 2015

Why would they do that? Bigger pack maybe. More options?

Red Sage ca us | January 31, 2015

At this point, I believe the 60 kWh battery pack for Model X will surely go the way of the 40 kWh battery pack for Model S, and for the same reason.

cliffmccormick | January 31, 2015

Makes no sense to market an EV with towing capability...AND offer a 60kWH pack.

Because at that point you'd be looking at something like 100 miles of "practical range" (whatever that means given all the variables)...with any appreciable object "in tow." You know?

So yeah, 60kWh just doesn't make alot of sense given the target market, the intended functionality, and battery capability in 24 months.

Or so I speculate aloud.

Cheers! | January 31, 2015

I predict that this will trigger another round of endless posts speculating about new, longer-lived, more capacious, lighter, cheaper battery packs. Run, everyone. I think @Teo is coming. The thing is. He may be right.

Iowa92x | January 31, 2015

85 base pack, 100+ optional on the X.

jjs | February 1, 2015

+1 Iowa92x From a marketing perspective this makes the most sense. If you come up with a battery that is clearly superior to the S and don't make it an option, you are going to have a lot of unhappy campers. However if you make a larger pack optional, at a cost of course, then you help solve the range issue of the X AND you can offer the same to S owners. Should fit in just fine as the skateboard platform of S and X are identical.

Engineers are happy, marketing is happy, customers are happy. Of course McClary is not happy but that is a different story.

aljjr2 | February 1, 2015

The prior site specified 60 and 85KW... Two. Changed to "multiple". That is not "two", "couple" or "few". Multiple seems more than two. A likely scenario would be a larger battery as part of the towing package. No issue with the Model S owners, an option for the X towing. Could be offered as a Model S option at a later time -- keeping "there will not hardware changes for the Model S" statement true for the near term.

One point of view... chime in, and in, and in. Stirred, not shaken.

grega | February 1, 2015

Aljjr2, did tesla say no hardware changes to model s for some time period? Wouldn't that be against their normal operating model?

aljjr2 | February 1, 2015

Yep.. @Greg... read the last sentence... Option for the X with towing... no change the Model S.

Sreehari | February 2, 2015

@graga, yep Elon tweeted so, although he said no 'major' hardware changes.

ian | February 2, 2015

In the D introduction on the blog he says "no further significant platform changes to Model S for about a year."

That could mean they could offer the larger pack (if indeed there is one) a few months after the release of the X.

Cebe | February 13, 2015

Multiple "battery and performance" to me means 60kWh, 85kWh, 85kWh+P, rather than a larger battery. It would mean X gets 60kWh four wheel drive, where S doesn't, but that makes sense I guess...

aljjr2 | February 15, 2015

I would imagine since Model S doesn't have 60KW dual motor, the Model X will not. Why build a separate base undercarriage which not in production currently. The prior site had 60 and 85/85 Performance, but no Performance + with Dual Motor Standard. It seems Tesla is aligning the two platforms and validating the 60KW will not be offered in the dual motor Model X just as no 60KW dual Model S.

In the latest Roadster Blog (Feb 13), Tesla again reinforces there is no planned Battery Upgrade to the Model S in the near term. It seems they are deliberately countering the battery theorists.

PMadFlyer | February 15, 2015

I agree with you wholly, except for the part of the description that says, "offered with multiple battery...options." It could also be argued that the comment about the battery options not changing for a few years for the Model S is only that, for the Model S. I still think the only way for Tesla to pull off the Model X without being attacked for range is with a more energy dense battery. Gains from weight and aerodynamic optimization will be largely lost during towing. Since the factory is already able to insert two different battery packs, the idea of a third with similar weight and external dimensions isn't unthinkable.

Iowa92x | February 15, 2015


vandacca | March 25, 2015

Looks like the China Model X page has now been changed as well. It has been reduced to the same basics as the North American page. :(

What does this all mean?

ian | March 25, 2015

I have no idea. I don't bother looking at the China site. I don't read Chinese. ;-)

carlgo2 | March 25, 2015

"Multiple" just gives them options and perhaps they aren't sure about the availability of one of them from the git go. Otherwise they would just list the Kwh options and be done with it. | March 25, 2015

Who knows what surprises lurk in the land of Tesla?

james.nicklin | March 25, 2015

A 1.21JWh battery with Flux Capacitor and hover wheels? Available Mr. Fusion to really make the car green?

David Trushin | March 26, 2015

By removing the descriptive information, Tesla is giving themselves room to rebrand the model X. I suspect that some things will change in the descriptions that they eventually put out there. Especially where it relates to range. My guess, and i don't have agood guessing record, is that they will get the unloaded range to above 250, but the loaded range (7 passengers and/or reasonable towing load) will be disappointing. So it will be marketed more like a traditional minivan. | March 27, 2015

@David Trushin: your guesses are as good as, well, mine anyway.

How does a company market a battery powered, 7 passenger crossover? Let's see:

1. Have a big reveal of a prototype with Tesla execs piling out of falcon wing doors along with gobs of luggage.
2. Put an animated page on the website with rotating photos, working doors, and many details about the car.
3. Collect over $100M in reservation fees from over 20,000 gullible people (like me), assigning numbers gaily.
4. Slip the schedule by a lot.
5. Don't tell anyone what the options will be other than battery pack capacity and third row seats.
6. Don't tell anyone what the price will be.
7. Edit the website to remove amost everything about the vehicle except a photo of a long since abandoned prototype with side view cameras instead of mirrors.
8. Further edit the website removing battery specifics in favor of "options".
9. Estimate availability within a quarter of a year a third of a year in advance.
10. Expose clumsily disguised test mules to the public

Classic marketing, I'd say. Textbook, if you are a person thinking about going to Mars...

Every now and then I begin to think that I have some sort of genetic mental defect.
Then, I go to the garage to find Whitey, my Model S, happily full of Lithium ions, having recently let me know that charging is complete and I may remove the cord in preparation for another day of blissful driving around.

Then it all kind of makes sense, sort of.

jjs | March 27, 2015

This one is for you george (and the MANY MANY others of you out there that fade in and out of reality :) )


"Beware the Jabbermark, old man!
The words that snare, the deeds that vex!
Beware the HubBub tweet, and pan
The enchantrious Markyhex!"

'Lon took his worpal pad in hand:
Long time the verbsome web he weaved --
Urged on by Mars his muse, he planned,
And words upon the nerdious hoard he heaved.

And, as in salesish thought he stood,
The Jabbermark, with siren whispers,
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One, two! Ten, Eleven! Words flew OTA
The worpal pad went buyme-mac!
He left them dazed, with nothing left to say,
Jabbermark attack attack!

"And, has thou gazed upon the Jabbermark?"
Come to my queue, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day, Saburg! Sabark!
He chargtled in his joy.

vandacca | March 27, 2015

@jjs, I ran that in and it wasn't able to translate it. Where did you find this, in a rabbit hole? What does it mean? ;)

jjs | March 27, 2015

@vandacca Alas, only true believers understand the nuances of language shared in the Jabbermarky.

You obviously are not yet a true believer. Find your nearest rabbit hole and descend!

vandacca | March 27, 2015

@jjs, how deep does this rabbit hole go?

jjs | March 27, 2015


In Nevada did Elon Musk

A mega-factory decree:

Where long ago a river ran

Through caverns measureless to man

Thus is seems there is no end to this rabbit hole.

cliffmccormick | March 27, 2015

Yea though you travel farther than wide
In Nevadan deserts these batteries hyde
In susurrant keening along for the ride
Models like X's provide alibis




jjs | March 27, 2015

@cliffm - NICE!

ian | March 27, 2015

Hmmm, perhaps one of my local THC dispensaries can help me translate. Although I fear something stronger may be needed. | March 27, 2015

Geez, @jjs has flipped out online or, maybe has produced a Tesla Carroll in a Martian dialect.
Either way, I am overawed but " enchantrious" Really?

jjs | March 27, 2015

@ian Wrong girl. It's Alice not Mary Jane

@george Some interesting "facts":
- An anthology of Tesla Carrolls would be a Tesla Coil.
- The most common Martian name? Lewis of course.

ian | March 27, 2015

Something stronger it is then.

Red Sage ca us | March 28, 2015

From The Hoddysey or le Priiad they come
To wait, and wait, and hope, and hope
To whisper, cry, guess, and hope some more
That someday... SOON... They just might
Be among those whose inalienable rights
Include possession of the awesome sight
And when the day long delayed arrives
Those will find enthusiasm survives
In spite of Naysayers who may not give
The slightest respect to accomplishments made
Who cares what they say as believers wade
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Held the life giving ambrosia
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Tesla Kool-Aid to cure all paranoimia
Rest easy and know through all that is said
Model X will be worth all that was paid
And beyond every doubt that may have been laid
You learn to believe only what Elon had told
A visionary presence thought to somehow mold
A realm of the future bringing more to the fold

finished | March 28, 2015

OK, it is official. Shut this side of the forum down because there is absolutely nothing more to add until the MX design studio is open.

jjs | March 28, 2015

+1 Rauv
Yes, the waiting seems to have made us all stir crazy. :) | March 28, 2015

Sorry but I'm enjoying the funny posts.
This is more fun than a design studio where the limits of choice are clearly set forth.

Meanwhile, I am stirring my Kool-aid in preparation for a quaff to cure "Paranoimia".:-))

Red Sage ca us | March 28, 2015


"Paranoimia" is a song by English synthpop group Art of Noise released in 1986, from their album In Visible Silence. -- Wikipedia

YouTube -- Paranoimia, The Art of Noise

Brian H | March 29, 2015

Who knew? (Besides RS, that is.)