I upgraded 2016 Model X to the latest. Here are the differences

I upgraded 2016 Model X to the latest. Here are the differences

Few days I traded in my 2016 75D for the 2019 100D. I thought I'd point out some differences:

+Same 300 Wh rated, although 33% heavier battery, well done Tesla
+Second row seats can be folded flat
+12v connector in trunk is a nice touch

-48A charging vs 72A (50% slower charging at home, I went through all the hassle to get higher amp, really not sure why this downgrade)
-Second row seats (I have 7 seat configuration) are less kid-friendly (can not recline for sleep, cables underneath exposed, less space general, not as easy to move
-Front seats do not have protective hard-cover on the back (for kid shoes)
-Autopilot feels choppier than my old autopilot (and the innacuracy/flickering of rendering surroundings is astonishing, would never trust the FSD in this state)

The biggest reason I did the trade-in is for increased range. Other than that it feels the car itself did not advance much in three years.

evaandmarty | October 8, 2019

Were you not able to feel the new suspension

hoffenberg | October 8, 2019

How much is the range improvement?

Passion2Fly | October 8, 2019

Did you get the Raven?
Don't forget the better suspension, better efficiency, 150kW supercharger vs 100kW, MCU2 instead of MCU1, AP2.5, etc... and a brand new 4 years warranty!

There are quite a few pros here! You're being too critical!

CatTrax | October 8, 2019

Not to neglect mentioning LIFETIME super charging once again . . . . at least for those Raven's purchased since late July of 2019!!! Ya gotta love 'em if you're doing any number of road trips throughout the year.

sunsinstudios | October 8, 2019

I saw the amp setting under the energy window (electricity bolt on top or apps button on bottom and energy if I remember correctly).

Does changing amp setting do anything?

vprelovac | October 8, 2019

What is Raven?

No the suspension feels the same.
Range is +100mi roughly.
Had free supercharging before so no change.
Yes supercharger is faster, good catch.
AI liked the feel of Ap1 better than what I have now.

avesraggiana | October 9, 2019

BAD: The MODEL X stamp on the centre crossbar between the falcon wing doors is gone, a victim of misguided production cost cutting.

CatTrax | October 10, 2019

@vprelovac Raven = latest iteration drivetrain incorporates the use of permanent magnet motors found on the M3 as opposed to the use of AC induction motors used previously. Result is an increased range to 325 miles on the MX. Additionally, there is a new fully adaptive air suspension designed to improve the car's ride on the highway. I never owned an older MX so I can't better qualify the differences in models.

avesraggiana | October 10, 2019

BAD: The MODEL X stamp on the centre crossbar between the falcon wing doors is gone, a victim of misguided production cost cutting.

Uncle Paul | October 11, 2019

Upgraded my 2017 to a 2019 Raven.
Love the new suspension. Road noises muffled and jolts softened.
100+ more miles of range.
V3 Computer (noticed no difference here)
Car is better built. Solid, like a Rock.
Seats more comfy.
Stereo is better.
Air conditioning seems stronger.
Feels faster, especially on low setting.
Glides easier. Seems more efficient going down the road.
Premium package now standard with cornering lights, LED interior accent lighting, metalic trim in rear hatch latch, alcantara headliner, etc.

All is a better car.

Bonus is that the price has come down so much, the New Raven costs about the same as my 75X. Great value.

avesraggiana | October 11, 2019

Another unwelcome change that just came to mind: the leather wrapped steering wheel of old is gone. Our mid-2018 has that faux-leather, vegan wrapped, down-market-feeling steering wheel. Tactile quality just isn't up to par with the old, original leather steering wheel cover.

CatTrax | October 12, 2019

Hmmmmmm . . . for some folks the battery in their MX if half-way charged while for others . . . it's half-way de-charged! WE LUV OUR NEW MX RAVEN . . . Dual Motor rear badge and all (which, incidental was removed).

Another welcomed change in the Raven that is new this year is that the MX (and, MS) both have battery heaters. It was 34° here this morning in Michigan's UP ,and the plan calls for heading down to Memphis for a couple of months on Monday. Learned about this new feature while checking Internet on how to pre-condition a cold battery in a Tesla in order to mitigate the negative impact of cooler temperatures on range.

Passion2Fly | October 12, 2019

MX/MS always had battery heaters. Only the M3 doesn’t...

CatTrax | October 12, 2019

@Passion - Amazing what we can learn each and every day, eh? I was referencing an April 26, 2019 Teslarati article that said, in part, "Tesla’s two flagship vehicles, the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV, have received their latest improvements from the electric car maker. In a recent announcement, a Tesla spokesperson has stated that all Model S and Model X globally will now have On-Route Battery Warmup, a feature that warms a vehicle’s battery pack while it’s en-route to a Supercharger. The inclusion of On-Route Battery Warmup is a welcome update for the Model S and Model X. With the feature in place, the vehicles will be able to take a Supercharger’s peak charge rate for the longest time possible . . ." That said . . . thanks for the feedback!!

Passion2Fly | October 12, 2019

They’re referring to a new software feature including in route planning. It’s not a new piece of hardware.

Passion2Fly | October 12, 2019
Bighorn | October 16, 2019

OP mentioned getting a 100D which is not the nomenclature of the Raven. That would be Long Range.

Uncle Paul | October 17, 2019

Full name...Long Range Dual Motor