I will never buy another ICE car ever again....

I will never buy another ICE car ever again....

even though I am not yet a Tesla owner I decided that I have my last purchase of an ICE car behind me.
And I thing therein lies the problem of traditional car companies. From what I read on these forums it feels as if I am not alone. Once one has experienced the beauty of an electric car one is hopelessly lost for the ICE business model. This is why tesla is a disruptive business to traditional car companies.

If my hypothesis holds true then every buyer of a MS will mean several $100k in future revenue loss to ICE car manufacturers.

I think there might be the odd MS owner that will think about owning another ICE car for investment purposes, for historic or novelty value or as race cars but no longer are ICE cars an option for daily use.

Anybody out there that owns a MS and will ever buy another ICE car for daily use? Or are you in the same camp?

tobi_ger | July 25, 2013

This thread will become quite similar to the "buyers remorse" thread. :)
For both practical or financial reasons, however, family households may still need to have a secondary ICE car, at least until Gen III is around.

It's great to see so many owners even having multiple MS or at least a hybrid as secondary car.

pebell | July 25, 2013

Totally convinced I will never own/lease another ICE car again. But a Harley - I just might.. :)

diegoPasadena | July 25, 2013

When I test drove an EV1 back in the 90s, I couldn't afford it, but I immediately knew that this is where I was headed, and all subsequent cars would be just interim solutions. Then the EV1 disappeared, and there was nothing for over a decade. In 2008 I bought a 350 Z, with the full intention that it would be my last ICE, so I might as well have some fun with its throaty exhaust note. I was going to keep it until the first practical EV was available. Whether it was going to be two years or ten - it would be my last ICE car.
Little did I know that, while it was a fun toy, that car is so completely eclipsed by my Model S in every respect, that after 5 months, it is but a faint memory. An ICE in my future? That idea started dying back in the 90s. It was finally laid to rest two minutes into my Model S test drive.

Mark K | July 25, 2013

Is anyone planning to give up their smartphone for a nice leather day-planner?

Technology has an inexorable ratchet effect. We never go back once we know better.

This is an epic, historic opportunity.

There are are a lot of gas cars to replace.

jjs | July 25, 2013

+1 Mark K

July10Models | July 25, 2013

Six plus months into ownership and almost 10K miles the morning commute has change into a mini time trial for me. Can't wait to leave the house at the crack of dawn and teslaport to work. Going around a wide sweeper the other morning, there was a blur in the rear view display as a vehicle passed on the inside, normally leaving the traffic far behind, my concern that it was another high performing ICE spewing crap into the perfect morning air was elevated when I noticed the red P85 badge. Although I was being overtaken in my favorite sweeper, everything seem right with the world. As the P85 quietly disappeared into the sunrise I could only say, go Tesla, go!

Bob W | July 25, 2013

@July10Models, you have coined a wonderful new word:

teslaportv., Take or carry (people or goods) silently and comfortably from one place to another by means of a Tesla vehicle.

tobi_ger | July 25, 2013

I've always wanted to go on vacation to Teslapotamia, nice Tesloids there, I heard.

Vevans2 | July 25, 2013

Teslaport is a great word just had the experience this morning when I wisked past a mustang gt. Of course the driver of the mustang tried to catch up engine howling I slowed down to hear the roar of the engine pass by. But I decided to accelerate and wisk past again silence is deadly lol

Darmok | July 25, 2013

I don't plan on ever owning another ICE car. The Acura will be replaced with an X as soon as ours is ready. If we have to go somewhere that is out of range, we'll rent or borrow something.

ItsNotAboutTheMoney | July 25, 2013

It'd be nice.

Path of least resistance
ICEV (Wife's car, I moved over here)
ICEV+ICEV (Civic: wanted a Prius but didn't have job over here yet)
HEV+ICEV (Prius: old wagon became driveway car)
Into the future...???
EREV+HEV (Volt: wife doesn't like range anxiety)
BEV+EREV (Gen 3/Leaf:I'm not range anxious. I hope Tesla can actually hit a price target and make Gen 3 affordable for me.)
BEV+BEV (Gen 3/Gen >=3: Oh God, oh God, oh God, Tesla, please succeed)

sp | July 25, 2013

For sure will never buy another ICE. My wife currently drives a Toyota which we'll keep, as a back up after we buy her an EV.

RedShift | July 25, 2013

Gen3 is my next car. Sport, fully loaded etc etc.
Or, may be the Model X.

Brian H | July 25, 2013


hsadler | July 25, 2013

My garage door is now my Teslaportal.

Just might be a Harley EH
(Electric HOG)
Of course, you would have to opt for the attachable Vrooom engine from the 70's.

Skotty | July 26, 2013

I have to agree that it is unlikely I will ever buy another ICE vehicle. My last straight ICE was a 2011 Mustang GT. I currently drive a 2012 Volt. I really miss the style and performance of the Mustang and am incredibly happy that Tesla is there to fill that void some day. I can't afford a Tesla yet, but it's only a matter of time now until I have enough money or a cheaper model comes out (or both).

I am also in the 10% (or less) that need longer range on a regular basis, which makes it more difficult for me to go full electric. Again, Tesla has the goods and the plans to solve that problem.

The only hard part will be deciding between S, X, or Gen 3. I really want time to pass by fast to get me to that day.

Our other car is a Ford Escape Hybrid.