I wish I could blame EAP, but All I can blame is my lack of caffeine

I wish I could blame EAP, but All I can blame is my lack of caffeine

BlackVue Video -

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Anyone experienced similar and have an idea on cost & time to repair.

Yes, I will turn over to my insurance, just curious about cost estimates though for my own education.

Damage appears limited to the bumper (Heavy scrapes) and the fender (bent in several areas and 1 one scrape where it joins the bumper) and the "yellow" ding on the rim.

All parking sensors work as normal. Frunk and passenger front door open and close as normal. Headlight still properly aimed. Car has always pulled slightly right and Tesla has said that is normal. Post accident the pull is no better or worse. No shakes or odd noises at low or high speeds. EAP and all cameras funtioning as normal.

I hope that it is just a replace the bumper and tweak the finder back into shape and maybe some touch up paint. Maybe some clips in the wheel well. I can live with the rim rash and the rim is not compromised as far as I can tell.

Magic 8 Ball | November 18, 2019

Sux, merely a flesh wound. Every wreck is different and so are estimates. It will be tough to crowd source expectations and if it is going to insurance, just pay the deductible and they pay the rest no matter what.

hokiegir1 | November 18, 2019

When the wrecker hit mine, it was those 2 panels, plus the frunk/hood and the headlight and it was about 6k. If you have a Service Center near you that includes a body shop, both of those panels are swappable, I think, so it may be something they can handle quickly.

vmulla | November 18, 2019

You're going through insurance for this? Bumper is $800, painting it is $400. I'm not sure there's a reason for fender replacement. - I'm basing this info from my own car's damage.

It's going to cost less than 1K if it's just repair instead of replace.

charles.a.braun | November 18, 2019

@vmulla - If it is under $1000 (my deductible BTW) I would have no reason to go through insurance. Probably if it were under 2K I would just pay for it myself.

@hokiegir1 - I have reached out to the Tesla Body Shop in Pomona to try to get an appointment.

rxlawdude | November 18, 2019

@charles, that Service Center ("off the books") is in a strange industrial area, but the one time I went there for a 12v battery on my S, they were amazingly fast and provided a Mercedes rental (yech).

charles.a.braun | November 18, 2019

@rxlawdude - Almost sounds like Agoura Hills when the first few months after they opened and nobody seemed to know that they existed. Burbank or Van Nuys would have lines as far as the eye could see and those of us that knew about AH could just pull right up and get instant service.

PS Sorry about the Benz :-(

rxlawdude | November 18, 2019

Agoura Hills is a different universe from Pomona. :-)

andy.connor.e | November 18, 2019

Why Tesla does not have built in Coffee maker?

mrburke | November 18, 2019

@Charles - The video was painful to watch. What happened ? Where you driving or was it a "summons oops" ?

charles.a.braun | November 18, 2019

@mrburke - The time/Date stamps on the video are not correct. This event actually took place at about 7:30 yesterday morning. I had been working most of the night on a network upgrade at work and was pretty exhausted.

About 7AM my grandson woke up and asked for a "Dutch Baby" and bacon for breakfast. We had no bacon so off to the store I went.

When I came out to the car after buying the bacon, I saw the empty spot in front of me. I also saw the light post but did not see the large concrete base. The BlackVue sees the base because it is mounted higher and more forward from my line of sight.

I knew I had enough room to clear the light post so I opted to just pull forward out of my spot instead of reversing out. I didn't count on the concrete base being there.

seattlemag | November 18, 2019

@charles, I feel for you buddy.... been there done that :(. I've just been too cheap (and the damage is so minor) to fix mine yet.

Accidents happen and it's good no one or no other cars were hurt!

Sarah R | November 18, 2019

I feel your pain on the accident, but I've hit to tell you, it would be hard to top that soundtrack!

(Sorry, I'll shut up now.)

moabchick | November 18, 2019

Bummer! I can just give you pricing info. My red M3 was backed into while parked this summer. The Tesla SC was booked out too far and they had a list of recommended body shops so I used one of those. My whole front bumper was replaced and the cost was about $1000. It took 6 weeks for them to get the bumper in from when they ordered it, and took them 3 days to get it all done. This was in Denver.

charles.a.braun | November 20, 2019

Initial estimate is in from Tesla Collision Center in Pomona. Quote is based on the same photos in my original post and mostly the same description of the damage.

They say "damages are not severe and looks that both fender and bumper will be replaced. Cost can roughly start around $3000, subject to disassembly."

Then they offered my a repair date for about 2 weeks out.

charles.a.braun | November 20, 2019

I also just got a much more thorough and detailed estimate from Tesla Collision Center in Vegas. Just a little over half the price of the Pomona estimate.

With the money I will save I could get a nice room and have a week of fun (If I didn't already have a place to stay there for a week).

Vegas here I come!

charles.a.braun | December 5, 2019

Just an update, I dropped my car off at Tesla Collision Repair (Las Vegas) last Friday afternoon. The appointment to start work on it was for Monday the 4th and the estimate timeline was 10 days.

On Monday they tore down the car and determine that the bumper should be replaced, not just repaired. They also determined that the right headlight housing was cracked and should be replaced.

I approved of both.

On Wednesday I was told that the repairs we done and the car was going into paint.

Today I was told my car is ready for pick up. So just 4 days to do what they originally estimated to take 10 days.

I will pick up the car tomorrow morning but from the picture they sent it looks excellent.

FYI, a new headlight on a Model 3 is over $900. I don't know what it is for an X but I know an S is $1600 or so.

rob | December 5, 2019

You said earlier that you will go through your insurance. Are you sticking w/ that? Just curious.

charles.a.braun | December 5, 2019

When I got the quote from Vegas and it was just a few hundred more than my deductible I changed my mind and decided I would just go out of pocket. When I got the revised estimate adding the bumper, headlight and an alignment I considered passing it off to my insurance but opted to just eat the cost myself as the problems were 100% my responsibility / fault.

FISHEV | December 5, 2019

Got backed into on Thanksgiving with a small scratch but shop says it went through the paint. Other driver took off after backing into the person in front of me also. Cops and Progressive said don't worry about it, they'd track him down via license plate.

Body shop is looking at it next week. Detail shop looked at it to give estimate to Progressive to redo the PPF and Ceramic on front bumper if they end up replacing the whole thing or painting the whole thing. $800 for that.

I'm hoping they can just fix the scrape and then have detail redo the bumper for the $800.

Cop was on it, knew all about hidden damage on front bumpers with sensors. Don't think I have any of that as everything works "within normal parameters" as Tesla would say.

spuzzz123 | December 5, 2019

Disclaimer: FISHEV is a known propaganda agent and has been on a disinformation campaign on these forums for several years. He poses as an EV enthusiast and unhappy Tesla owner. Often truth is mIxed in with exaggerations and flat out lies to cast doubt and uncertainty about the viability of Tesla’s and EVs in general.