I Won at Chess! Now in 2019.28.1

I Won at Chess! Now in 2019.28.1

OK, it wasn't such a big deal even though I haven't played in 20 years. I got the update to 2019.28.1 tonight, which has chess as one of the arcade games. You can play against the car, so I tried level 1 and beat the car! I think I will quit while I'm ahead, especially since I cannot see myself sitting in the car for long periods looking for something to do. On the other hand, it is pretty nifty. Go Tesla.

Triggerplz | August 2, 2019


Tropopause | August 3, 2019

I only managed a Draw and was happy with that!

jimglas | August 3, 2019

I am waiting for checkers

jjgunn | August 3, 2019

Chinese checkers or chutes and ladders

jimglas | August 3, 2019

Both would be fun

Triggerplz | August 3, 2019

Hold em Poker anybody