ICE Lifetime Maintenance Cost?

ICE Lifetime Maintenance Cost?

I've found lots of Total Cost of Ownership calculations on the internet for both the MS and comparable ICEs. However, almost all of them look at a relatively short time frame. I drive all my cars until they die, and I can't imagine selling my MS, so depreciation is meaningless to me. All I care about is purchase price (with interest if financed), maintenance, repairs, insurance, and fuel. I'm working on a detailed TCO spreadsheet that I'll share with the group soon, including the increasing price of gas and the fact that owning a MS is going to change your driving habits!

However, my biggest hangup is I really don't have a good idea of the lifetime (~15 year) maintenance & repair costs of an ICE or Tesla:
1) What's a realistic normalized annual maintenance cost of a comparable ICE? Prefer to comparable to something super reliable, like a Lexus.
2) Should I assume that maintenance on the MS is just $3800 for 8 years, plus tires every 20k-30k miles? How much are the MS tires? Are there additional maintenance costs? How mucha after the 8 years are up?
3) How about repairs? Assume no accidents, just if something "breaks". Is this rolled into the ICE maintenance from (1), and if not, what's a typical allocation? How about for the MS, after the warranty expires?

I typically say that "maintenance & repairs" for an ICE is around $1k/yr. How realistic is this?

Brian H | June 19, 2013

If you're assuming a 15-yr lifetime, you are de facto assuming depreciation (to $0) over that time span. Simplest: just divide the sticker price by 15. Say, $6,000/yr, (including battery; you may want to treat that separately).

justineet | June 21, 2013 u I don't have all the numbers for ICE life time maintenance cost ....but I know ICE has millions of parts which many of them fail during 15 years. Model S on the other hand has a couple of oil filter to change, no alternator to replace, no spark plugs to replace, no timing belt to fix, no oil leak to stop....on and on and on.... the best indication how much ICE car maintenance cost is the fact that car dealers make significant of their money through their maintenance service in addition to selling cars........

justineet | June 21, 2013

@nickniketown@gm....rarely do ICE cars go beyond 180 or 200,000 miles w/o major repair work such as engine or transmission won't face such repair cost with 100% electric cars even if you drive them 300,000 miles.....

TFMethane | June 21, 2013

Don't try to crunch the numbers here and decide if the ModelS is going to be a better deal in the long run as compared to an ICE. It's unpredictable, and you are holding the MS up to a higher standard than you even probably hold ICE cars to.

Let's say you are considering a Lexus vs. a Benz. You crunch all the numbers, you figure out how much each one will cost over the lifetime of the vehicle down to the penny. Then you ignore the numbers and buy the one you like better.

Then you crash it 5 years later and never realize all those savings or lack of savings, anyway.

If you like the MS and you can afford it: Buy it. You won't regret it, I guarantee. If you are short on cash, don't buy it. Don't buy a lexus or a Benz, either.