Ideas for Heads up Display

Ideas for Heads up Display


IF Model S was to have a HUD (Heads up Display), what would you want to see on the HUD ?
other than date and time, current speed

borodinj | May 26, 2013

Before I decided to get the MS, I drove the 5 Series and A6, both of which had HUDs. In those cars, the HUD proved very useful because they showed information differently and placed better than the regular analog gauges. Had I gotten either car, I would have definitely gotten the HUD option.

When I made my reservation to get the MS, I was initially disappointed that the HUD was not available. Now that I have my car, I really don't miss it. The regular gauges are great...nice speedometer with the digital speed showing -- and nav maps showing in the same cluster when a destination is set makes it totally redundant to display the same info in a HUD. So, I really don't think it's necessary.

I would like adaptive cruise, lane departure warning and parking sensors, but that's a story for another post!

ajamison | May 26, 2013

Would a HUD not increase the cost of replacing a windshield if it got damaged? I assume the HUD would show up on the windshield

JAFIC | May 26, 2013

@ajamison I intend to do it differently to get around their patents.

What would you like to see on the HUD ?

Battery percentage ?

GPS overlay on the windscreen (the screen overlaying actual lane telling the driver which lane to turn into ? )

ajamison | May 26, 2013

I have never really thought about the benefits of a HUD other then the cool factor but i really like your GPS idea that sounds like it would be extremely useful.

christurbeville | May 26, 2013

I have the E60 M5 HUD and after seven years it really isn't that useful. As a shift light it's decent but in my seat position the wheel obscures the gauges I still crane to look at them as the HUD has minimal info. However the MS gauges are so crisp and clear the numbers are readable to me while looking out the windshield. Overall I have better gauge contact in the MS without the HUD than in the M5 with it.

Oliver in Seattle | May 26, 2013

I would love to see FLIR in a heads up display (although FLIR in the right or left side of the instrument cluster would be a reasonable compromise). Seeing pedestrians, animals, and many types of debris in the road is much easier with FLIR, but the display would need to be somewhere in the field of view.

HUD would not increase the cost of the windshield. It's a display on the top side of the dash, reflected on the windshield. This is something that could potentially be retrofit, but would require cutting into the dash most likely.

jeroens | May 26, 2013

I have a HUD in my BMW5 and do use/look at it a lot.
Mainly speed and navigation are the key things. Nav with Arrows, counting down to the exit in m. and such…

With the MS, range would be great. I would expect you could define yourself like the other display.

jaycee | May 26, 2013

I don't own a Model S or a car with a HUD on it, but my guess is that having a HUD would increase the cost of the windshield. By law, windshields must be laminated glass since regular tempered glass would shatter on impact. And with laminated glass, when you try to project an image on the windshield, you'll most likely see double. A good test you can try yourself is to put your cell phone or tablet on your own dash and then look at the double-vision of your cell phone/tablet reflected on the windshield.

I think cars supporting a HUD have a special section on the windshield where the HUD is displayed to handle the image correctly. Thus, the cost of such windshields would probably have an additional expense.

There's also a possibility that some tints will affect HUD visibility.

Again, these are all just guess on my part.

The Model S oozes with simple and clean, (i.e. empty center console, no buttons; a giant touch screen for everything, auto-presenting door handles, auto-lock/shutoff when you walk away, etc). It reminds me of when the iPhone came out and made Nokia and Motorola phones looks like cluttered junk. If Tesla does provide a HUD option to the Model S, I hope they revolutionize the HUD interface with something much gentler and cleaner than what I've seen with BMW's clunky-looking HUD.

Andre-nl | May 26, 2013

I have a HUD in my Prius and love it. The advantage is the image is projected a few meters in front of you, meaning your eyes don't have to accomodate as much each time you want to check your speed. This reducces eye fatigue.

Oh, and btw it is a 'head up display'.

Brian H | May 26, 2013

Opthamologists recommend shifting focus near-far frequently to maintain lens flexibility, I think. "Eye exercises" used to be popular for that reason. So, HUD makes you need bifocals sooner. ;)

JonathanL | May 27, 2013

I have HUD in both my BMW 550 and X5. In each case the image is projected onto the windshield from a projector inside the dashboard. The HUD is helpful in both of these cars because I find the instrument cluster difficult to read. Of course it adds at least a $1k to the cost of the car. I find the cluster in my MS very easy to read so I would not get a HUD even if they offered it. Better to have a great cluster so you don't need a HUD, because it can be slightly distracting/annoying.

jazshinn | July 20, 2014

I have a camaro, and did the DIY HUD addition (with alot of help). So I have a HUD with a non-HUD windshield. It is fine. A HUD windshield is slightly more expensive, but it is not necessary at all.

It is REALLY nice - regardless of how easy it is to look down at the cluster, you are still looking down. Having the info projected right onto the road is amazing.

This + adaptive cruise is what's holding me back from the model s. If they announced those two features I'd order right away.

flyfr8 | July 20, 2014

HUD displays enhance safety by keeping your eyes on the road....
used and proven in aviation exhaustively.......would be a welcome addition

pilotSteve | July 20, 2014

Coming Fromm a BMW 550i with HUD, this was the only gadget I missed... but only for the first month or so. Other posters are correct that the MS instrument display is so clear and visible that I had forgotten my initial angst until now.

When Tesla offers a HUD will I buy it? Yes. Until then no worries, and it better be a REALLY COOL display to improve on what's already there.

Remnant | July 20, 2014

Since I expect rear-view mirrors to be replaced by cameras, I would welcome a 180 degree panoramic rear-view on the HUD, either as a toggle or as a blend with the vehicle data.