If standard batter power and capacity increase greatly in the next 6 years, can one easily upgrade to one of those then?

If standard batter power and capacity increase greatly in the next 6 years, can one easily upgrade to one of those then?

Or am i limited the 85kwh forever that came manufactured with my vehicle today?

How about the screen resulotion or dimension? Upgradable? Underlying computer processer for the car brains?

These three factors weigh in VERY heavy for in deciding to go with MS or ICE for my next car

Kaboom | September 5, 2013

Sorry about the speeling error, typed that in a hurry ;)

Carefree | September 5, 2013

There are no definite answers for your questions. If those two criteria are show stoppers, then buy an ICE.

redacted | September 5, 2013

no problem w/speeling.

Nobody knows.

i don't know how Tesla would put a bigger screen or higher resulotion into an existing 85, nor have I known of a car company to upgrade a processor in an existing vehicle, so both seem unlikely. The bigger battery is conceivable but i wouldn't bet the farm on it if i were you.

RZippel | September 5, 2013

No one can answer that with a solid foundation here. Even if Elon would reply that could change over time. You will only get all sorts of speculation. There could be Tesla provided new batteries (unlikely I think), aftermarket if there is enough demand and the interface is open, nothing (buy a new car please), etc.

AmpedRealtor | September 5, 2013

@ Kaboom,

I would proceed as follows: Buy the car today assuming that you will never be able to upgrade or change anything. That is the safest assumption. If the car meets your needs, great! If not, I suggest you wait.

exPGAhacker | September 5, 2013

If you go ICE, you'll forever think twice!

You can have the same worries about any ICE vehicle you buy. When's the next latest and greatest version of that car coming out with a "wow" upgrade? At least with MS, you have the wow now!

soma | September 5, 2013

That is also an uncertainty I would like to know more about. If they could tell me that they would be open to allowing owners to upgrade the battery over time, that would be really helpful.

But the only report I heard was that they were not considering that strongly, and that people should "buy the version they need" now. Which makes me feel that I'll tend to be paying for the privilege of being an early adopter without much helpful options later.

Brian H | September 5, 2013

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