Illinois IPass Users

Illinois IPass Users

Have any Illinois IPass users been able to obtain a license plate transponder due to the Tesla's metal in the windshield?

Longhorn92 | July 21, 2013

Yes, I use a license plate transponder and have mounted it under the nose cone. Works perfectly and no ugly transponder showing.

teslamonkey | July 21, 2013

How do I get the LPT? Do the IPass people recognize Tesla as an exception?

mkh1437 | July 21, 2013

My iPass works fine in the windshield. You should be able to mount it directly to the right of the rearview mirror in the small spotted area. I mounted mine butting up against the mirror, and it works fine. I get the blue light when going through toll booths, so it is not using the v-toll method (license plate check). I did read on some other forum thread that some windshields were manufactured without this "gap" in the shielding on the windshield, so if yours does not work there, maybe that is the case.

David Trushin | July 21, 2013

Just ask for one. You don't need an exception. Not every office has one so you should call ahead. I got my "battering ram" at the main office at i88 and i355 in lisle. If you ask nice, they will also go out to the car and help you place one on the windshield.

Eletrek | July 22, 2013

My Illinois iPass transponder was properly placed but working only about 60%-70% of time with the remaining being via photo and labeled as VTOLL on website. I needed the info daily for charging clients and since VTOLL posting to the website was delayed several days to weeks I got a license plate transponder which works great.

#Longhorn92, the LPT is ugly so did you mount behind nose cone yourself or have service center tech do it for you?