I'm not so sure....

I'm not so sure....

Okay, we have a deposit on the performance model S. After a few weeks - I'm not so sure.

With all the options - we are looking at $95K. My daily driver is a 10 BMW M5 - so I thought finally an American car worth looking at. But at $95K, they are missing the mark. Sure the biggest difference is gas or no gas. However, I can buy a brand new fully loaded M5 for the same amount of cash. I'm sure some of you will point out that the Telsa performance S model beat my M5 in a 1/4 mile. But, most americans think in straight lines. I am more design/performance oriented type of driver, thats why I have been driving a "driver's car" since 1984 - BMWs. Also my wife and I own several Porsches - so we thought that the Tesla might be a cool alternative. But..........for the same amount of money it buys the following additional items in a new M5
1) Heads up display
2) Infrared sensors (night vision)
3) Voice control
4) Heated rear seats
5) Vented front and rear seats
6) More leather choices for the interior
7) Black alcantara head liner
8) Full leather (and I mean full leather)
9) Full climate controls for the rear
10) Electric folding mirrors
11) Lighted vanity sunvisors (really, not in the Tesla?)
12) Radar controlled Cruise control
13) Front and rear parking sensors
14) Auto dimming mirrors
15) Directional front headlights (when you turn the lights move)
16) Side bolsters that inflate when in M mode to keep you in the seats when in hard turns (or manually selected)
17) Full high end audio (no comparison to the Tesla)
18) Wide tires (this is a major issue for me - especially in a sport sedan)
19) Electric sun shades for the rear window
20) Another BMW to drive when the car needs anykind of maintainance
and there are a few more

So - I'm not so sure anymore


wbrown01 | December 18, 2012

No I never drove the M5, but I did push the MS on a hair pin turn and I never felt so much in control doing 55 on an off ramp and could not see around the corner. Nervous and about halfway though I realized "I got this" and floored it even more, never using the brakes. The car stayed flat the whole time while everyone was being pressed to one side. Too bad you did not get a chance to drive the MS hard.

Yes, the M5 exhaust sounds like a sixties muscle car, not exactly for everybody. There is something very cool about a smooth silent car that can kick ass.

So far as waiting for the kinks to be work out. I am an engineer and agree with that but the design has such a reduction in moving parts it is inherently more sound in that respect to anything on the road. If I were you I would not get out of line, I think you will regret it.

Brian H | December 18, 2012

ICE is like throwing a spear.
EV is like shooting an arrow.

robkal007 | December 18, 2012

Have driven #1307, a very stock std. performance Model S, for 12 days and five hundred miles. What a rush. Silky smooth, quick, responsive to voice, nearly flat in high speed turns and turns heads at most corners. Agree it is missing the creature comforts of cars with older pedigrees, but this much joy driving carbon free (solar panels provide for 12,000 miles a year) is a dream come true. Compare and waiting or buying the ICE only delays the pleasure that is close at hand. Go for it, enjoy it, do a little for the revolution that will help a very stressed planet.

araida60 | December 19, 2012

What is your desire car or furniture?

cmadsen | December 20, 2012

I need reactions/opinions on the rear AC/Heating set-up. When we test drove the MS in Miami, it was probably 85º - my wife was in the back and commented that she could not control and air flow other than move the vent direction around. No temp controls or fan speed. So all functions are from the main console. She wasn't very comfortable and stated that the lack of adequate air flow may be an issue.

Anyone that has drive one it the heat or cold, if you could chime in - I would appreciate it.