I'm renting from Hertz!

I'm renting from Hertz!

Tesla Motors Inc. climbed 1% after Hertz announced Wednesday that Tesla Model S sport sedans have been added to its high-end rental fleets in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

GDH | September 26, 2013

Hertz's is awesome, dont settle for their advertised price. When renting always ask to speak to the on duty manger to see if they can give you a better price, that has always worked for me. Got an E350 for $19.95 a day last year.

MandL | September 26, 2013

five cars total, and they expect them to go for $500/day. ouch.

Anonymous | September 26, 2013

$500 a day makes my car worth $182,500 a year! I knew I got a bargain when I bought this car!

BYT | September 26, 2013

Ouch, didn't read the $500 a day part... are they P85+?

LV2SF99999 | September 26, 2013

PLUS 0.49 per mile over 75 miles AND $93.10 if you push the range. According to Digital Trends, they are Model S 85s only and not P or P+.

Still might be fun if you can't own one or have a long wait IMHO.

Rheumboy | September 26, 2013

Do they give you the option to prepurchase gas?

mortgagebruce | September 26, 2013

Can you imagine how hard these cars will be driven? I'm sure Tesla doesn't warranty a car used for a rental fleet the same as an individual owner and people aren't going to rent these and not drive them. The $500 a day is probably justified when you consider that aspect.

diegoPasadena | September 26, 2013

@mortgagebruce: I'm not sure it will be any worse than their Ferraris or other exotic cars. I'd never buy a rental car, but if I had to, I'd take a Model S, because - unlike an ICE with valves and gearboxes etc. - there is very little you can mess up without it actually showing.

Thomas N. | September 26, 2013

Ouch! My trip today with my wife would have cost over $540!

Brian H | September 27, 2013

Now you no what to charge on !

Nexxus | September 27, 2013

@Brian H

No? Know? Now that's a no-no.

Gizmotoy | September 27, 2013

@wdazew: That cracked me up, considering Brian's propensity for corrections.

J.T. | September 27, 2013

He does that all the time . . . Just baiting us.

BYT | September 27, 2013

"He does that all the time . . . Just baiting us." He's the master bai....wiat!

thranx | September 27, 2013

Great news. Hertz will rent to the well-off curious, and Tesla will have a bunch of new customers as a result.

Brian H | September 27, 2013

No baiting. That was a falling asleep slip. Got me.