I'm sorry, but that roof is going to have to go ....

I'm sorry, but that roof is going to have to go ....

I was loving the look of the M3 - enjoyed the livestream - watched the first drive videos ( )

right up until I got to timestamp 3:29 in the video, and they opened the trunk ... I can't put my dogs in the trunk if it's not a hatch! (and I'm certainly not putting them in the frunk). More to the point, lots of folks will want a more accessible loading area.

... I'm sorry, but for my money an affordable practical family car has to be a hatchback. The all-in-one glass roof is a lovely idea, but it's not compatible with a hatchback. A split roof, front 2/3 one piece of glass, back 1/3 hatch would be preferable. The all-in-one moonroof should go back on the drawing board until it's time to launch the Roadster2 (it would be amazing in a 2 seater sports EV).

I would suggest that Tesla urgently do some research on whether the 2/3: 1/3 split would be preferred by some of those 180,000 folks who have preordered ... I suspect they'll find most people will prefer to have a proper hatch, so the all-in-one roof will end up as the less used option.

There's a danger here that having promised not to overdesign, the allure of building the M3 with a single sheet glass roof will prove irrestistible, and this design own goal won't be fixed. The M3 will end up an impractical vehicle, and those who can't afford a MS or MX will sit it out in the hope Model Y solves the problem ... which isn't something Tesla can afford. Need to shift M3 by the shedload, and without a proper hatch ... folks will buy a Chevy Volt instead.

Iowa92x | April 1, 2016

Nope, not going to happen and there are a half million others that will be happy to take your trunk.

jordanrichard | April 1, 2016

How many 4 door hatchbacks do you know of, in that size of a car? Also, the Model ≡ was/is being designed for ease of manufacture. Hatchbacks are not as cheap to make as a standard sedan.

Jay M | April 1, 2016

In the video I saw, they did say the production trunk will be bigger. Maybe it will be a bit better. It appears in the video is as bad as the Camaro trunk.


BoRidge | April 1, 2016

Yup, agree to disagree.

SUN 2 DRV | April 1, 2016

Jordan: The Prius hatchback was one of its best features. I agree with the OP that the M3 would be a LOT more useful as a hatchback.

Orion | April 1, 2016

I don't want an ugly hatchback On average, cars are used mainly for transporting people... sit your dogs on the seats and let them shed there but the world does not want a hatchback so your dog hair can be in the hatch area and off your seats for your convenience.I do value your opinion, and I do appreciate you voicing it. I'm just keeping my comments short and don't mean to sound rude.

jordanrichard | April 1, 2016

Got it. However, initially the Model ≡ is not going to be a hatchback. Perhaps when they come up with the CUV version that will be of more use.

VicF | April 1, 2016

Hatchback would provide more practicality for daily use.

qvtruong09 | April 1, 2016

Nah I like the M3 as it is now. I don't want a hatchback. That's just my opinion.

Ankit Mishra | April 1, 2016

Model S is already there for people who want hatchback.

jordanrichard | April 1, 2016

VicF, agreed, a hatchback would provide more functionality, however their aim with the interior of the car was to make it as roomy as possible, so that adults could fit in the back. If you made it a hatchback, you ended up with the situation we have with the MS.

raodyssey | April 1, 2016

No Hatch!!! You're welcome to buy a nice used model S or X down the road near 3 delivery which both have very nice hatch designs. A hatch would ruin the design elegance of the 3. The all glass roof is an awesome and unique feature. Your dogs will just have to get over it ;-)

gwolnik | April 1, 2016

I prefer a hatchback, but I'd rather have one of the first M3s as is. My household will always have a 2nd vehicle and that will probably be a plugin hybrid, so that can be the hatchback or mini station wagon. As for your dog, spread a beach towel or blanket over the back seats and make sure your next dog is a poodle or other breed that does not shed!

gwolnik | April 1, 2016

I prefer a hatchback, but I'd rather have one of the first M3s as is. My household will always have a 2nd vehicle and that will probably be a plugin hybrid, so that can be the hatchback or mini station wagon. As for your dog, spread a beach towel or blanket over the back seats and make sure your next dog is a poodle or other breed that does not shed!

huy.nguyen.d | April 1, 2016

No hatchback!!! Hatches are fugly :)

IflyI95 | April 1, 2016

I used to sell used cars. For hybrid buyers, the reason people always wanted the Prius and practically never wanted a Civic hybrid, was that the Prius was a hatchback. We eventually stopped buying Civic hybrids at the auctions. Just a fact.

danCE | April 1, 2016

When I first saw the design, I figured a hatchback with the hinge at the cross member in the middle of the roof. Could still be one piece of glass in a steel/body frame. Perhaps they will make this configuration available as an option.

JeffreyR | April 1, 2016

My last two cars were sedans, MB E350 and VW Passat. My car before that was an original Integra hatchback, and my ex drove a Prius for a while. They both have their pros and cons. For me the big draw of the current Model ≡ design is the headroom provided by roofline while keeping a very low Cd.

Sounds like you'd best wait for the Model Y or get a used Model S/X like mentioned above. Who knows maybe they'll change the design due to feedback. They've stated they are willing to do that.

mos6507 | April 1, 2016

The OP is correct. Lots of people are going to come forward to say they wanted a hatch. A hatch with a high tail on it is almost a de facto wagon. With the seats folded on my old Mazda 3 it's like having a small pickup truck.

bcld | April 2, 2016

Hatch Goooooood. Small trunk opening Baaaaaad. Someone should take a poll.

HenryT2 | April 2, 2016

I like a hatchback as well. I'm constantly shocked by how much I get into my Model S. HOWEVER, if that's what it takes to put in that ginormous glass roof, I'll live with it.

frmercado | April 2, 2016

I agree with the OP 100% and for the same reasons. I have a dog!!! An 80 pound yellow lab that I take with me everywhere I go. I've always owed hatchbacks and they are the most practical vehicles, even when they are on the smaller size. I can't believe that my Leaf is more functional that the Model III?! Let's hope common sense prevails over "styling" this time around.

HenryT2 | April 2, 2016

I don't think it's about the styling, unless you consider the virtually all glass roof styling. I'd give up the hatch to have what is virtually an enclosed convertible.

ciscovj | April 2, 2016

There are many families with dogs.. All of these families will cancel their orders for model3..

ciscovj | April 2, 2016

is model3 a family car?

bj | April 2, 2016

@ciscovj - if they cancel their reservations, everyone behind them in the queue will cheer!

Ross1 | April 2, 2016

doggone it. not dog gone in it. going to the dogs. dog of a design for dogs.

kwoo4424 | April 2, 2016

... do rear seats fold down?

ciscovj | April 2, 2016

@bj if they cancel reservations, it will mean model 3 is not a mass market car

huy.nguyen.d | April 2, 2016

Let the dog sit in the roomy car and bring along a vacuum for the shedding ;)

proven | April 2, 2016

This car is competing with the BMW 3, Audi A4 and Mercedes C class... which all have trunks, not hatch backs. I do understand the desire for a hatch back though, but the car is not going to appeal to everyone. Just like the X doesn't appeal to everyone (some people don't like the doors or need folding seats) and just like the S doesn't appeal to everyone (it's too low and difficult to get in/out). Etc., etc.

Tstolz | April 2, 2016

Funny how we expect one car to fit all of our wants and needs. A quick scan of the highest volume cars shows a mix of sedans and hatchbacks. M3 can't be perfect for all people. That said ... I'd far prefer a hatch too :)

dnland | April 2, 2016

Elon has you hatchback fans covered. It's called the Model Y cuv. For now, I'm sure they'd rather wow buyers with the fully glass roof.

Chunky Jr. | April 2, 2016

This version of Model3 is more about form than function. Wow the world with the vision, and then cut a few corners on the way to production. That roof must be significantly more to manufacture than a multi part roof, and replacement costs will be huge.

KP in NPT | April 2, 2016

Perhaps the model Y will be shown before model 3 production starts and so those who must have a hatch will transfer their reservations.

martinmitchell | April 2, 2016

Cars with trunks are usually 3-box design like the BMWs and Audis people cite. The T3 is a 2-box design, just like the MS, and a hatch is more appropriate.

The Jag E-Type had a hatch, so, in my mind, those who say hatches are ugly are wrong.
I want a hatch for bicycles, Costco toilet paper, even the folding ladder that I can get into my Spark Ev but into the M3.

eddiemoy | April 2, 2016

the model S has a sports back, it isn't a hatchback. the M3 in its current form appeals to more of the general public. it competes with the bmw 3 series and the audi a4, you don't see those with hatchbacks because they don't sell. if you want the ugly hatchback, go get the bolt, it has no waiting list. lol

Tersalita | April 2, 2016

My dogs are in the car with me. If it were a hatchback, I still wouldn't put them in the back. I would buy the car even if it were a hatchback but I like it the way it is.

Also, I love the roof! I was hoping that the panoramic roof would be available as an option so I'm thrilled I don't have to pay extra.

redacted | April 2, 2016

Who puts a dog in the rear where there's too much heat from the sun and low circulation? That's the exact problem that MS has with children in the rear.