I'm still going through with my purchase

I'm still going through with my purchase

Well technically I'm waiting excitedly for it, but I still have a question - how far up does the middle seat in the second row move up?

1 - as much as the other two seats? or
2 - just a foot up?

Slightly confused...

pvetesla | March 22, 2016

Correct me if I'm wrong but at my test drive I was pretty sure the middle seat is attached to the right seat and they move together.

I got the 6 seat option so I don't really focus on it.

elguapo | March 22, 2016

All seats can move independently. Middle appears to move with outside moving seat as they are supposed to move in tandem if someone is getting in third row, but you can move middle seat by itself. How far, I don't know.

sra | March 22, 2016

I just came from the Tesla X show in Oslo, Norway and asked if the middle seat on second row could be moved seperately. Very clear answer, it followes the left seat.

IZSMM | March 22, 2016

Thank you @pvetesla @elguapo @svein.

My personal experience with the middle seat (at the meet the X event) was with using the "4-way button" under said seat. And, even with the Tesla rep, we still couldn't get it to move more than a foot or so forward (from "sitting position") while the outside second row seats moved all the way forward, spooning the driver/passenger seats. The rep played it off like that was normal and we moved onto the other X features/etc.

That said, moving with the left/right seat and/or independently, it's all good. I've made my 5-seat choice and will live with it. And hopefully be very happy.

jlutz | March 22, 2016

@IZSMM, at the "Meet Model X" that I attended in New England, the middle seat only moved up a foot or so, while the outboard seats moved up further (although not as much as I had expected). I was pretty disappointed in how little the seats moved to accommodate cargo (I'm hoping this gets fixed with a "cargo mode" S/W update).

IZSMM | March 22, 2016


Yep. I had the same Meet experience. I've heard these cars get better w/updates (heheh).

Hopefully it's just that and not a hardware issue.

Any cargo mode would rock.