Important things I wish I knew before leaving...

Important things I wish I knew before leaving...

Picking up my M3 soon. The appointment supposedly allows for 10 minutes of instruction from the delivery specialist. I've read the manual but what are the most important things that I should make sure that I know how to do/operate before I leave the lot. Anything so obscure that I should be aware of before I get on the interstate.

slingshot18 | December 19, 2019

It's a pretty simple car. Just get in and drive. I didn't have any instructions.

tew ms us | December 19, 2019

When driving away with my new M3 I thought the tires were out of alignment. Turns out I was changing lanes without signaling; the steering wheel warning shimmy felt like misaligment.

twizzler | December 19, 2019

Give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the car before you try the fancy features. Ask them to demo the Autopilot engage/disengage icons and beeps, that is important to know.

Techy James | December 19, 2019

Watch some of the other uTube Videos on delivery and what to expect. Two accessories to get would be 1) Vinyl wrap for the center console, its very reflective and shows finger prints without the wrap. 2) A Mat Screen protector for the touchscreen. That will help with glare when sun hits it and also reduces the smudges from finger prints.

wiscy67 | December 19, 2019

When you are picking up your car make sure:
they set your phone to remotely operate the car using the Tesla app
you verify you have the model with options that you've purchased (review the monroney)
do an inspection and note any problems (any misaligned panels or paint issues like scratches or dust in paint, or any other visible defects) some they will be able to address there. Some items they may not be able to address there so make sure those items are written down on a Due Bill and emailed to you for repair later.
my rep walked me through creating and customizing a driver profile.

I think that's all I did. It was fast and easy and I've heard the build quality is even better now. Enjoy!

gparrot | December 19, 2019

Ask your rep to show you how to put the car in neutral. Some people have a hard time with that...

carlos | December 19, 2019

Autopilot won't work initially because it needs to calibrate but after 10 minutes on the road home, everything is perfect.

Syed.Hosain | December 19, 2019

The regen braking needs getting used to, will take time! Please do learn about how it functions during driving.

My early days experience with it almost caused me to have two very similar accidents - once in a parking lot and once in my garage.

I had *just* lifted my foot off the accelerator, the car started slowing, and my ICE mental assumptions said it was the regular brakes slowing the car ... and that my foot was on that pedal.

So, when I needed to slow further (to come to a stop), I pressed down without remembering that my foot had *just* come off the accelerator! Eek!

Barely caught the error at the last moment. The acceleration was high (was expecting brake pedal pressure, not the accelerator!) and I almost hit the object in front (car and garage wall in the two cases).

rehutton777 | December 19, 2019

I concur about the regen braking. That was the one thing that was hardest to initially get used to (you'll love it when you get used to it). Just know that your brake lights do come on when you let off the accelerator and the regen kicks in - - my concern initially was getting rear-ended.

mk4ce | December 19, 2019

Besides checking for dents/dings/scratches on the interior and exterior of the cars, make sure to check UNDERNEATH the vehicle for the same. Mine was delivered with a large 4X6" scratch on the front bumper/undercarriage. Tesla did replace the undercarriage (twice due to SC miscommunication) and the bumper (once), but took numerous trips to multiple SCs, 9th months time and good amount of headache.

For anyone curious as to why I did not turn away the delivery, the delivery team assured me "they would take care of me" in regards to fixing the scratch leading me not to think negatively of the situation.

EVRider | December 19, 2019

Make sure your free Slacker and TuneIn accounts work.

Frank99 | December 19, 2019

If you have any friends with a Model S or Model 3, ask them if they'll let you drive it for an hour or so. If you don't have any friends with one, post your location here and maybe you can find a friend who'll take you out. If you were in Phoenix, I'd take you on a familiarization drive no problem.

My sister picks up her Model 3 before the end of the year, so I drove out to SoCal a couple of weeks ago and took her for a nice two hour drive. Let her navigate to an SC, plug in the car, get used to regen and one-pedal driving, get on the freeway and turn on AP, demonstrated when it could, and couldn't, be relied on, basically gave her a good solid understanding of what all the features were and how they worked. She made the intelligent decision that, when she picked up her car, she was driving it home manually and would be learning to use AP/NOAP as she got more comfortable with the car.

As far as a direct answer to your question:
1. Make sure you know how to link your phone and the car. They should help you out such that it's already done by the time you leave, but it's probably the most important thing to make sure you understand.
2. Like any new car, take a couple of minutes to walk around it, and make sure everything looks good - no dings, scratches or dents. Also, check on the displayed range and make sure you'll have enough charge to get home with a good cushion.
3. Once you get into it to drive away, realize that it drives just like any other car - push on the "go" pedal to make it go, push on the "stop" pedal to make it stop faster than it already is, turn the wheel left or right to turn. The major change is that regen will cause the car to slow down faster when you take your foot off the "go" pedal than you're used to. You'll learn to use your right foot on the accelerator to modulate how fast you slow down, rather than using your braking foot. All the other changes are more subtle and aren't going to cause any issues.
4. That's really about it. There's a lot to learn about the entertainment system, and the air conditioning/heating system, and personalizing various controls, but none of them are really necessary for the first drive home - the default setup in the car work just fine.

Sarah R | December 19, 2019

Be sure that the charge plug and J1772 adapter are in the trunk. Don't forget to buy floor mats.

Big_Ed | December 19, 2019

LOL, biggest thing I fumbled with was how to unlock the passenger doors from the inside. The answer is to put it in park.

rwgallah | December 19, 2019

@OP- list your location and you will have plenty of current owners willing to show you their car/tips/tricks.

FISHEV | December 19, 2019

Be careful on turns so you don’t scape the wheels. Many of us have scraped the rear wheels ($100 fix) due to the geometry of car. Take the turns a bit wide.

Lonestar10_1999 | December 19, 2019

After you park the car, check that the windows didn’t inadvertently roll down before you walk away.

lbowroom | December 19, 2019

or that you didn't bump the window buttons on the way out. The buttons stay live after the door is open.

Encore1More | December 19, 2019

This is all great information. I have watched a bunch of youtube videos on the "delivery experience" and while learning a lot, I am amazed at how different that they all were, ranging from a "your Tesla is out in the lot. It's the black one. Let me know if you have any questions?" to a very detailed review of most of the features available. Not one of them covered the issues detailed in the responses, so thank you very much

Joe M | December 19, 2019

If it’s near dusk or there is any chance of rain make sure the headlights and wipers are in auto. After a time flipping thru the menus is easy but on day one you will have enough of a distraction.

kevin_rf | December 19, 2019

Make sure they properly center your front license plate, mine is severely of center.

Scrannel | December 19, 2019

I was so involved with getting the car, I forgot to do any basic research. I wanted a Performance with all options and that seems to have quickened the delivery. So when I got in it, had zero clue, and sorted on the fly with my wife laughing all the way. So, yes, an imbecile can get into this car and drive off. The only thing I needed (and got at delivery time) was the 14-50 adapter. Oh, yeah, put plate adapter on myself -- it's perfect.

jebinc | December 19, 2019

Put HVAC in auto mode - just set the temp and forget that for a while.

andy | December 20, 2019

Make sure you know how to open the doors. Everybody ends up hunting for the door opening button and it’s now part of my standard briefing for anybody getting into the car so they don’t cause trim damage with the emergency lever.

WW_spb | December 20, 2019

make sure not to listen To FishEV aka Village Troll.

ddorbuck | December 20, 2019

Encore1More, it may of been mentioned already but when in the lot after you pick up the car make sure you are comfortable with the navigation system if you are driving a long distance home. Set the display to your liking and adjust the volume of the navigation voice. Also make sure you can work the wipers manually if you have rain on your commute home. I picked up my model 3 in the dark and on a rainy new england night last November so i had to do all the above while driving off the lot. I learned fast but i thought i would share. Oh and dont mess with autopilot until you get the feel for the car on your first couple of drives. You will have plenty of time to enjoy all the magic the car has to offer. Congrats on your purchase.

rdh37 | December 20, 2019

+ many on checking for damage before taking delivery. Check the rocker panels thoroughly for damage from the delivery truck. Fortunately Tesla repainted mine when I discovered a long deep scratch on the lower part of the driver's side panel a couple of days after delivery. Look at the bottom of the car! Other than that, make sure the phone(s) are paired to the car and working correctly. Make sure the phones are also paired to your profile(s) for multiple drivers. Understand turning AP on and off and make sure the headlights are on auto. Set a good seating position, including the lumbar support. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy.

AWDTesla | December 20, 2019

race at every red light.

CST | December 20, 2019

I thought only owners were allowed to post...

jimglas | December 20, 2019

Make sure they show you how to turn off the engine when you get home

SalisburySam | December 20, 2019

@Sarah R, I’ve read that the J1772 adapter is no longer included with the car. So...

@Encore1More, if you want or need one, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Sarah R | December 20, 2019

@SalisburySam that's ... extraordinary. I got one included. I'm glad I did, too because it lets me use my Clipper Creek charger that I've had for 4 years

Scrannel | December 20, 2019

Adapter still included, I believe. I took delivery and it was in my car, Sept 30 2019.

-TheJohn- | December 20, 2019

I suggest reading the manual. Really. Not kidding.
Unlike every other car manual I've ever glanced at this one is full of really handy stuff from where things are located to letting you know it's capabilities and lack of said.

Welcome! Ignore fishev and wantmy btw. They are trolls and full of lies.

alextt00 | December 20, 2019

If you notice the B pillars have a matte or hazy appearance - it's because they haven't taken off the protection film. A finger nail on the edge will lift the plastic off and allow you to peel it away. My delivery center forgot to remove mine and it took a week or so for them to degrade in the weather to the point that it was obvious it was something that could be removed. Not to mention the cameras will work better.

Ross1 | December 21, 2019

Take out insurance

Pg3ibew | December 21, 2019

Have fun!!!

hokiegir1 | December 21, 2019

You won't have AP features immediately. The car takes 50-250 miles to calibrate, so don't expect to use that if you live close to your delivery center.

Others noted the lane departure "rumbling" of the steering wheel. This is a setting that can be turned on/off, but I think it's on by default. Just be aware if you are taking curves or changing lanes without a blinker and your steering wheel feels like you are on a rumble strip, this is likely the cause.

Wilber | December 21, 2019

OK - I cant add much, I would just reiterate a few suggestions: 1. make sure they link your phone to the car for you. 2. make sure you know how to operate windshield wipers (since the controls are very different from a standard car), and 3. avoid scraping your wheels. take turns wide, and when parallel parking pay attention to the curb. you should set the mirrors so they autoadjust downwards in reverse.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | December 23, 2019

I read the entire manual (180 pages at the time) before I took delivery. If the delivery “specialist “ rushes the process, don’t be shy. Make him/ her take the time to answer all your questions. Write down all your questions so you won’t forget any.

95dawg | December 23, 2019

At the first highway on ramp, uncork it. Feel the rush. No break-in required.

Syed.Hosain | December 23, 2019

@haywood.ed "LOL, biggest thing I fumbled with was how to unlock the passenger doors from the inside. The answer is to put it in park."

Or touch the "lock" icon on the screen (at the top - just left of center) ... it unlocks the car doors without going into Park.

Syed.Hosain | December 23, 2019

@rehutton777 "I concur about the regen braking. That was the one thing that was hardest to initially get used to (you'll love it when you get used to it)."

Oh, yeah! I love it now, but my two experiences were unnerving till I figured out what I had done wrong ... my wife thought my senility had come into full force! :)