Model S reservation holders deserve the more regular delivery of information concerning production rates and other relevant issues (not less than weekly). Each reservation holder deserves the best estimate that can be given concerning that reservation holder's delivery date. I am faced with the planning of varfious activities during the month of November, when my delivery has been vaguely predicted. I neither want to hold other activities in abeyance nor miss the earliest possible delivery date. But Tesla is giving us virtually nothing to go on. If production rates are not meeting expectations and delivery delays may be expected, we deserve to know that. Keeping this information close to the vest may juice the stock price, but it is not consistent with the vaunted customer service Tesla claims to deliver.

Wayne Partridge

Crow | September 22, 2012

One month out, you get a delivery window of 2 weeks. They ask you to tell them which days within that window won't work for you. Then 2 weeks prior to your delivery, you are notified of your date. You have a November delivery estimate, which should give you and Tesla plenty of time to plan. Be patient.

TikiMan | September 22, 2012

If it matters, I was told when I signed the contract back in late June, that my estimated delivery would be in October, 2012.

Based on last weeks delivery notice, it didn't changed (Oct 14-28th, 2012)

So if they told you November, and you really want it ASAP, I wouldn't plan on anything that month.

BYT | September 22, 2012

When I got my e-mail to keep October 14 to the 28th open, I said no problem, and also said, "but I would like it ASAP!" :)

I'll be picking it up at the Tesla Motor's Fremont Factory and will opt in for the factory tour as well.