Infotainment Upgrade - no AM/FM/XM? - Unacceptable

Infotainment Upgrade - no AM/FM/XM? - Unacceptable

Since MCU2 doesn't support AM radio, upgrading from MCU1 to MCU2 was likely going to lose AM radio - and because many AM stations now have HD Radio channels on FM, that's OK.

But if the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade also loses FM and XM, that is unacceptable, because using the apps provided by Tesla there isn't a replacement for accessing live sports and news using streaming apps (at least not so far).

If this upgrade is going to be required in order for MCU1/AP2/FSD vehicles to get access to the new FSD functionality, then this is completely unacceptable - unless Tesla provides an alternative to FM/XM that provides comparable access to local and national live sports and news (equivalent streaming app or screen mirroring access to equivalent smartphone apps).

If MCU2 provides FM/XM - why can't MCU1 vehicles continue to get those radios?

If not, Tesla should provide an alternative to those owners unwilling to lose FM/XM radio.

Providing a refund of the FSD purchase isn't sufficient, because the decision purchase was likely influenced by Tesla's claim at that time that all vehicles had hardware capable of FSD.

We might be willing to consider trading in our 2017 S 100D for a new S/X with MCU2, the latest AP hardware and FM/XM radio - if Tesla transferred FSD/FUSC/extended warranty to the new vehicle, and because they are saving resources and costs by not performing the MCU2/AP3 hardware upgrade on a 3 year old vehicle, they should also include a $5000-$10000 trade-in credit.

How could Tesla believe dropping all radio from vehicles would be acceptable right now (without any alternative)?


andy.connor.e | March 3, 2020

Im confused if you're complaining about radio, or FSD. Or is this spam?

andy.connor.e | March 3, 2020

I see it now. Why complain about the $2500 infotainment upgrade. If you dont like it, dont get it. The future is internet, and radio is quickly becoming obsolete.

adamrico | March 3, 2020

I think FSD 3.0 integration requires MCU2 (needed for FSD visualization) and this is a way Tesla can help cover the cost by charging for this infotainment upgrade. I have a feeling if you wait it out, Tesla may update those on MCU1 who paid for FSD to this infotainment upgrade for free. IMO.

RickD | March 3, 2020

Radio might be becoming obsolete quickly in the US... Here in Europe it unfortunately is not...

EVRider | March 3, 2020

I agree with @adamrico. If Tesla can’t make HW3 work with MCU1, they’re obligated to provide free MCU upgrades to FSD purchasers. Tesla has been saying all along that people who paid for FSD would get whatever hardware is required to implement it at no additional cost. That should also include required camera upgrades.

If you have FSD and pay for the MCU upgrade now, there’s no guarantee Tesla will refund your cost if they have to provide free MCU upgrades later.

TranzNDance | March 3, 2020

Tesla wrote "Note that the enhanced Driving Visualization requires the latest Infotainment system."

Visualization seems to be an FYI for the driver and not needed for the car to drive itself.

It doesn't seem like MCU 2 is required for FSD. I'm willing to wait it out to see if that's the case or not.

jimglas | March 3, 2020

I drive in rural areas without ell coverage quite a bit. Streaming from your phone obviously doesn't work. I rely in SXM, unless I am listening to a "book on tape"

andy.connor.e | March 3, 2020

Satellite internet is coming soon™

jimglas | March 3, 2020

do our cars have satellite internet receivers?

andy.connor.e | March 3, 2020

Im not predicting how it will be integrated. Its foreshadowing the future.

reed_lewis | March 3, 2020

The current cars have no capability to connect to satellite based internet. It would need additional radios to be installed.

reed_lewis | March 3, 2020

The interesting thing that I remember is that the FM/XM receiver for MCU2 is a separate box that connects to the MCU itself. Tesla could have included that box with this upgrade and even perhaps added XM capability (by installing the antenna also).

To me if Tesla is going to upgrade my MCU, they should at least give me the same functionality I had before.

neofelis | March 25, 2020

I'm on XM all the time listening to Foxnews and I'm really going to miss it. Streaming has other news but not Fox. Any suggestions? (Changing my right/left inclinations isn't going to happen this late in life so no need to suggest that, thanks). At least I still have my sunroof. That's not even an option nowadays.

bp | March 26, 2020

After the Infotainment Upgrade, if you convert your XM subscription to internet streaming only, you can still listen to XM stations over bluetooth from a smartphone. And, when we get live sports back, you actually end up getting more live sports stations (including your choice of the home and away broadcasts).

The major downside of this solution is interactions with the XM app require using the smartphone display instead of the console display, which creates a larger distraction while driving and is illegal in many areas.

If Tesla would offer the MCU2 radio upgrade as an option, we'd consider the Infotainment Upgrade, otherwise, we won't spend $2500+ to upgrade a 3 year old vehicle and lose the radio.

Geico | March 26, 2020

Yeah, BP, this is the problem with Tesla vehicles. They are never packaged as well as other vehicles, with the small creature comforts we start to come accustomed to.

Ford's Mach E will have XM radio support. Otherwise just stick with what you have.

FISHEV | March 26, 2020

Do we have actual FM radio in the cars or is it via the internet via the cell connection?

jordanrichard | March 26, 2020

Geico, until the Mach-e is actually in production, nothing can be said for certain about features for that vehicle. Just as nothing can be said about exactly what the Cybrtrk, Roadster 2.0 or the Semi.

andy.connor.e | March 26, 2020


we've been saying that to mabuck for over 2 months and he still spews the same thing. there is no hope for him. | March 26, 2020

I wrote a detailed article on the MCU2 upgrade and AM/FM/XM issues:

It includes a number of ways to make this work.

The main issue is MCU2 does not have analog input. The FM/XM radio in an MCU2 car only provides a digital signal - a more up-to-date system than the old MCU1 analog audio. So there is no way for the old analog radio installed in MCU1 cars to work with MCU2.

I've been working on seeing how a digital radio might be connected up to the MCU2 retrofit and will include more details as we learn them on that page. A work in progress!

rxlawdude | March 26, 2020

Hey @TTap, here's a thought: what about some creating an A-D converter taking the output of the old tuner module and turning it into a compatible output for use with MCU2?

bp | March 27, 2020

Geico - Tesla vehicles have FM/HD radio/XM. AM was dropped when MCU2 was introduced - and since most AM stations also transmit HD radio, coupled with TuneIn, losing AM wasn't a problem.

The issue is with the Infotainment "Upgrade" - while it adds features that have been present only for MCU2 vehicles (mostly game/video apps that can be used only while the vehicle is parked), since upgrading the analog radio to digital isn't included in the upgrade, those vehicles lose radio - which is a problem for some Tesla owners, and could be an issue when trying to sell those vehicles.

As for doing a non-Tesla upgrade for the radio, we'd only do that if Tesla does the upgrade or Tesla accepts the 3rd party upgrade and that it won't impact our initial 4 year and additional 4 year extended warranty. | March 27, 2020

@rxlawdude - I thought about that, but with a totally different radio/manufacturer, the CAN bus controls are very likely completely different. Ok, you could use a processor to translate the CAN bus controls, but both the radio and the car are undocumented. I've done some CAN-bus analysis, and it's no fun. It would be a lot of work, many many hours to reverse engineer the CAN bus for the radios. Still, it could be done, and perhaps someone will go to the trouble. Then you have to code up a processor to do the conversions. Not a huge project, but I'd guess at least a month of full-time work.

You still have to figure out the A/D and encoding too, as none of that is documented either. Likely they are using some standard, but again, some reverse engineering is needed. Then you need to build the electronics, likely with a PCB.

You'll also need some custom cables to connect to the MCU2 and to the analog radio to this processor and A/D converter.

I think a better solution is to buy the new digital radio and make the needed wiring connections. It will be a lot easier from a development standpoint.

DonS | March 27, 2020

If Tesla is going to makes vehicles that survive an apocalypse and have bioweapon defense air filtration, broadcast radio is a must have. In the current COVID-19 crisis, people should be more mindful than ever that conveniences like internet require a lot of infrastructure to keep running. Broadcast over the air is a much more efficient way to reach the masses after the next hurricane, earthquake, or zombie apocalypse.

rxlawdude | March 27, 2020

@DonS +10^6